Styling Spring Fashion Accessories with Pink and Floral

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Including spring fashion accessories in an outfit

Styling Spring Fashion Accessories with Pink and Floral

As a self proclaimed Pollyanna, I do think it’s always good to look at both sides of the coin. While we may curse the crazy weather that comes with spring, it’s great to realize how wonderful life really is.

Quote of the day: “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.” Anne Bradstreet

Since I come from a woman who is an accessory junkie, I do believe in the magic of these details. My mom is rocking the pink and floral for this post, while I will showcase statement earrings, and even let Rob show off later this week. Along with some great photos from this wonderful Denver museum.

Pink fashion accessories

Charlotte’s Wearing

Skirt:NY Collection~~Top: Mom made it ~~ Shoes: Alfani~~Necklace: thrifted ~~Earrings: ~~Purse: Kelly & Katie

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Charlotte’s Spring Fashion Accessories

My mom remembers when she first started wearing earrings. It was her first year teaching, and she did it in order to look older. She remembers being mistaken as a student before that. Of course at the time she wore clip earrings. She didn’t get her ears pieced until I did when I was 13.

It always made her happy to be able to match what she was wearing to her extras in the outfit. That’s why I used to buy her interchangeable jewelry when I was a kid. Or as many of you have noticed, when you can see her watch, that she has changeable bezels on it that she switches out to go with the outfit.

Older woman with accessories


This skirt is a relatively recent purchase. Before my mom moved out to Denver, she worked at Hudson’s doing alterations. Because Hudson’s got bought out by Macy’s, she gets a permanent discount at Macy’s. And trust me, she uses that discount.

While she may already have a ton of skirts in her closet, she was drawn to this one for 2 reasons. One because it was on sale. And two because she loves blue and the dark floral prints that you see more of now.

Spring accessories with flowers


My mom was vacillating on whether to wear the top above or her other pink top for these photos. She decided on this one because at least she made it. Especially since she hadn’t made anything else in this outfit.

But I pointed out that she had changed up her other pink top. It was a little too long, so she had created ruching on the sides, front and back to give it some shaping.

Floral spring fashion accessories


While wearing a pink necklace on a pink shirt can make it get lost, I think this one works because there is also a brighter pink throughout it.

For those of you who always tend to match your jewelry to what your wearing, it’s good to consider how it really shows up too. Like the time we experimented with the same necklace against different colors. If your necklace blends too well with your top, then I always wonder what’s the point of wearing it?

Wearing spring fashion accessories for woman over 80

Shoes and Purse as Spring Fashion Accessories

I just have to point out the fact that my mom is fabulously mixing three floral prints here with the skirt, shoes and purse. And because they all have some of the same colors in them, I think it looks great.

This purse is one my mom just bought. If you missed the email where I pointed out how you can get points at DSW for donating old shoes, then here’s the information on it. So because my mom had donated some shoes, she was able to get this purse for only $15.

When floral is the accessory of choice

Why She Loves Accessories

There are so many reasons for my mom’s love of any kind of accessory. We always joke that these things will always fit! You can gain or lose any amount of weight and your jewelry, scarf and purse still can be worn!!

Another reason is how these extras can add so much interest to any outfit. Just take the time we added different accessories to our graphic t-shirt.

And then there’s the fact, that accessories can be an inexpensive way to update many outfits. For example, when tassels and fringe started becoming more popular, we didn’t have to spend a lot of money, to have them as part of our looks.

How to style spring fashion accessories

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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