Styling a Summer Dress and White Flats Outfit

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Styling a Summer Dress and White Flats Outfit

Summer is the perfect time for casual dresses with white flats outfits. Since most people love white pants in the warmer weather, why not white footwear too?

Quote of the day: “O Lord, grant that we may always be right, for Thou knowest we will never change our minds.” Scottish Prayer

This quote really made me giggle because it’s not always easy to change our minds. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, that we tend to get into ruts even with our clothes. And I say that because you’ll see Nancy’s response below to a couple of my queries!

The three of us our showcasing 3 different kinds of white shoes with our summer dresses this week. I started with sneakers, and now Nancy is wearing ballet flats. My mom wore her white pumps, and then I shared secrets of keeping all whites white.

How to style a dress and white flats outfit

Nancy’s Wearing

Dress: BaBa~~Shoes: Merona ~~Necklace: from Jude ~~Earrings: ~~Purse: Nicole ~~Sunglasses:

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Nancy’s Summer Dress with White Flats Outfit

Even though Nancy will tell you below that she’s not a huge summer dress girl, I think these photos would tell a different story. Especially with her new haircut that you read about last week.

I’m not the only one that thinks summer is a perfect time for embracing dresses. One of my readers, Donna, told me that she’s been wearing dresses in the summer more and more, and really loving it. For those of you who always put on jeans or capris in the summer, I’d challenge you to give it a whirl.

Turquoise accessories

The Dress

Nancy just bought this dress when she was in Hawaii (just call her jetsetter). I consider it such a great, casual summer dress. It’s flowy for the hot weather, and a wonderful color!

This is exactly the type of dress that could really be versatile for other situations too. You could use it as a swim suit cover up. Or how about for covering up a workout outfit if you want to run errands like we talked about a couple of weeks ago?

Summer dress outfit

Turquoise Accessories

We were talking about the fact that Nancy was looking for a long necklace to go with this dress a couple of weeks ago. I suggested turquoise because my friend Laurel, always says that a pop of turquoise is your best bet. Whether for a room or an outfit.

And this turquoise necklace pendant was so generously given to Nancy by our blog reader, Jude, who we met in Seattle a couple of years ago. Nancy has certainly worn it MANY times because it’s one of those pendants that looks good with almost everything.

Accessories for older women


Nancy was looking for a white purse for the summer and happened to find this one. While she still thinks it’s too big, it really goes with so much in her closet since she tends to wear a lot of black.

If you have a purse that seems too big, maybe it’d work other ways. Like as a tote bag instead? You could carry it to the beach or pool with your towel, sunscreen and water. Or it’d be good for schlepping around your book/kindle reader if you are going to jury duty!!

Casual dress for summer with white flats

Nancy’s Thoughts on White Shoes

Nancy likes white shoes for summer because it seems light and airy. The only problem she finds is they are harder to keep clean. (Don’t worry, I have some tips for this soon, so keep your eyes peeled.) Yet white footwear goes with most everything.

She’s been searching for just the “right” pair….the perfect height heel, nothing between her toes and cute. I almost think it’s too hard to find an item when you already have imagined it like this!! At least that’s the problem for me.

White ballet flats

Nancy’s Thoughts on Summer Dresses

Nancy has never been one for wearing summer dresses much because her thighs rub together too much. (There is a term for this now and it’s called Chub Rub. And if you’re interested, that’s what this product is for.)

She does wear dresses mostly for church and dressier events, but I’m hoping that may change now that she bought this dress.

Summer dress and white flats outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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