Styling Sun Protection Items with Anthony’s

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How to wear sun protection items on the golf course

Styling Sun Protection Items with Anthony’s

Quote of the day: “When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.” Unknown

Don’t let these photos fool you, I don’t golf. But I figured this would be the perfect time to show off the idea of sun protection with items like sun shirts from Anthony’s. The three of us have worked with Anthony’s last spring showcasing some pieces. At that time I was intrigued when I saw the sun shirts on their site.

Maybe you all know about this kind of sun protection, but I’d never tried it.

Since Charlotte and Nancy didn’t join us on this trip, I grabbed my friend, JoAnne, who we were staying with in Phoenix, to be my other model for this post. JoAnne actually has a bunch of these shirts in her closet and knows all the pros and cons about them.



How to wear sun protection items and keep cool

In fact, I’m going to start with her photos first. JoAnne and her husband, Jean are our neighbors in Denver in the summer. In the winter, they have their “snowbird” place in Phoenix. They are extremely generous to ask us to visit every spring and stay with them. The golf course and pool are part of their community and they take advantage of both all the time.

And of course, there is a discount code to use on Anthony’s site. Use touchofstyle to get 15% off your first purchase. And while that doesn’t sound like much, it’s in addition to any other sales or promotions they are having at the time. And it’s off anything on their site. So get a new swim suit too, if you need one.

JoAnne’s Sun Protection Top

JoAnne chose the Casey Tropical UPF50 Sun shirt. It’s a great print with which to have so many options of pants to coordinate. She ended up wearing the bright blue pants she already had in her closet, but she could have also worn her navy ones, lime green ones or white ones to match.

How to wear sun protection items for ladies over 70

I was asking JoAnne about these sun shirts. She wears them all the time for her golf games because of the sun protection. Needless to say, JoAnne and I struggle with skin cancer and we even see the same dermatologist in Denver.

As much as you can put on your sunscreen too, there are pros and cons. At least with these shirts, the sunscreen doesn’t rub off and you don’t miss places when applying it.

How to wear sun protection items for older women

Since JoAnne has many of these, I asked her if there was a difference in quality. She said this one from Anthony’s was especially good because it had the mesh insert on the inside of the sleeves. You can’t really tell in the photos because it’s the same print. But it’s a mesh material and allows the air to flow through to keep cooler.

How to wear sun protection items and look stylish

Jodie’s Sun Protection Shirt

I chose the Ariel Watercolor UPF50 Sun shirt from Anthony’s. They have the same design in a blue print and lavender too. I am such a sucker for the orange and bright pink combination. Although I will admit that it was hard to choose just one shirt. They have such great colors and designs with all of their sun protection clothing.

How to wear sun protection items for women over 50

Anthony’s doesn’t only have these kinds of sun shirts. They also have dresses, skirts and other types of shirts as well as solids and prints. Then again, not all of their items are UPF 50 protection either. They have swimwear, jeans, capris and all kinds of tops to peruse.

How to wear sun protection items as women over 40

On a funny note, when I wore this “skirt” to walk over to the pool, my husband asked “when did you get that skirt?”. And I laughed because it’s my scarf. I always pack a large scarf when I travel to keep warm and act as my neck pillow on the plane. The scarf can then become my cover up for the beach or pool. Or a wrap for when we go out to restaurants.

How to wear sun protection items over your swim suit

I also think these sun shirts are great at the pool. When I was growing up, my mom used to put a t-shirt over my swim suit so I wouldn’t burn but I’ve learned that a white tee only has a UPF of 5-8. These Ibkul sun shirts have a UPF of 50.

Sun Shirts

While I’m more of an indoor girl, there really are times it’s nice to be out and about. The last time we visited Hawaii, it was almost depressing to not spend time in the sun and be out enjoying the scenery.

Reader’s Digest had an article on whether sun protective clothing really work from a dermatologist’s view. And after reading this, I’m positive I should have a couple of these sun shirts in my arsenal.

How to wear sun protection items in the Arizona sun

In case you’re thinking that a long sleeve shirt would be too hot in the sun and summer. These Ibkul sun shirts  are “made with their signature, patented material, ICEFIL fabric. ICEFIL is a flat weave, anti-microbial, stretch fabric featuring a textured interior. It is ultra-soft and comfortable, and has been specifically engineered to dry quickly and wick away moisture with two-way circulation to control moisture and sweat. It also reduces thermal radiation and converts sweat to a cooling refrigerant.”

Now these shirts aren’t inexpensive. Yet, it’s good to keep an eye out on Anthony’s site because many times some are on sale. Besides, there’s my discount code, touchofstyle for you to use too. Of course you don’t have to use my code on only the sun shirts. You can splurge on many things with that deal added discount.

How to wear sun protection items to stay outside

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

The Facts

This is a sponsored post with Anthony’s. I only work with companies that I think will appeal to you (and us) but also are relatively budget friendly. That’s why I also like to request a discount code so that you can be rewarded for being a part of this blog. Make sure to use the code touchofstyle to get an EXTRA 15% off your first purchase. After you get on their mailing list, then you’ll also be notified of all the other wonderful sales they have coming up. Needless to say, getting 15% off the sun shirts is a great deal, because they aren’t usually included in their promotions. 

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