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Stylish Clothes for an 80 Year Old Woman

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Finding stylish clothes for an 80-year-old woman is not particularly hard if you are willing to try new things. I think most of us tend to shop at the same stores and buy the same brands because it’s familiar to us. Yet while this is easy, it can lead to always looking the same. And isn’t variety the spice of life?

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So Lesley came up with the idea to showcase some outfits that include an item from Old Navy. Old Navy?? Do you mean that young kid’s store?? LOL!! It may be a place you shop for your kids or grandkids, but have you really looked around for yourself?

I REALIZE that part of the problem is the company always shows clothing items to young girls. Therefore, you think it’s not for you. That concept holds true for many, many companies. This is why I am trying to showcase that these brands can work as stylish clothes for an 80-year-old woman too!

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Clothes for an 80 year old from Old Navy

Pants: Old Navy~~ Top: Lilly Pulitzer~~ Shoes: Dream Pairs-thrifted~~ Scarf worn as kimono: c/o~~ Necklace: thrifted~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: thrifted~~ Purse: Tommy Hilfiger-thrifted

Charlotte’s Old Navy Pants

Does my mom really shop Old Navy much? I wouldn’t say it’s her go-to shopping place, but she was pleasantly surprised the first time I dragged her into the store. Dragged?? Well, I’m sure you can imagine the eye roll I got when I said, “Let’s go into Old Navy”, haha! We had just come out of a movie in Denver, and we were walking by the store. I asked my mom if she had ever shopped there, and she responded “No, it’s a young girl’s store.”
Well, if you know me at all, then you realize that saying it’s a young girl’s store is a challenge. I mean, I’ve NEVER seen a clothing item with a label that read, “Only for women under 30.”

So in we went, and after perusing around a bit, my mom found these lilac pants for a steal on the sale rack. She tried them on and they fit perfectly.

In my mom’s words: “I was quite impressed. I know they (Old Navy) are geared to the younger set but they carry a variety that can be appropriate for any age group. Especially for basics to fill in spaces of your wardrobe.”

The secret? I think it helps to stop only seeing the pieces on the models and to push yourself to try them for yourself. Just like Lesley, Charlotte, and I are doing this week with pieces from Old Navy.

Using your scarf in summer

Sleeveless for Older Women

You’ll notice that Charlotte never wears sleeveless tops or dresses. I do think it’s a shame that we feel the need to cover up our bodies due to the changes as birthdays accumulate. Yet Charlotte is adamant about not showing her arms in public.
In fact, she wouldn’t normally have purchased this white sleeveless top except we were on our cruise and she thought she had forgotten a white top. Since it wasn’t inexpensive, I’m glad to see she is wearing it somehow.

One of the ways to cover the arms is with a “kimono” like this. My mom’s kimono is actually a large square scarf where she has tied the ends together to create armholes. The advantage of wearing your scarf this way is you can actually see the beautiful print on the scarf. Too many times, we fold and roll the scarf so much that you can’t appreciate the overall look of it.

Beautiful print scarf as kimono

Insider tip: You can see Lesley showcasing this same idea in our video. Fast forward to 40 seconds if you only want to see this trick.

Adding Color Accessories

Incorporating color in our outfits doesn’t have to be hard or scary. Just as we talked about recently, starting small with accessories are the baby steps you might need.
You can see that most of these accessories have been thrifted by Charlotte. Even the footwear!

And personally, I love the larger cuff bracelets since they really stand out more than a delicate bracelet. Of course, you can always add a couple of delicate bracelets together to create your arm party.

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Colorful clothes for an 80 year old

Old Navy Clothes for an 80-Year-Old Woman

This is not the only pair of Old Navy pants that Charlotte owns. During the pandemic, she ordered a pink pair online that you saw in our embroidery series. They are not the same style of pants. I know Old Navy has many different silhouettes and it is hard to know exactly how they will fit until you try them on.

In fact, when my mom ordered the other pink pair online, she didn’t even realize they had the small embroidery on them until they came in the mail. And she was worried they were too tight for her. Yet I think one of the secrets of having stylish clothes for an 80-year-old woman is to embrace different styles.
Sure, skinny jeans seem tight compared to looser jeans, but they can also look modern and chic.

Insider tip: Online shopping can be very advantageous if you know the tricks and tips. If you signed up for my emails then you were privy to a document to help with shopping online. It’s not unlike my blog post here, but it includes more details. I am happy to share it with you again if you can’t find it. Just email me at

Old Navy pants for older women
Old Navy pants as clothes for an 80 year old

Is Old Navy Right For You?

It’s a good question, don’t you think? Hopefully, you will be open to shopping in all the stores in the future. Especially knowing that it’s never too late to look great!

Stylish clothes for an 80 year old woman

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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