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Stylish Clothes for Older Women with Old Navy

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The idea of shopping at Old Navy to find stylish clothes for older women continues with Lesley. In fact, it was Lesley’s idea for this blog series since she had recently spent a load of money at the store.
Old Navy has been impressive with their size inclusivity of late, although you tend to find more selection online than in the stores.

Quote of the day: “When you counsel someone, you should appear to be reminding him of something he had forgotten, not of the light he was unable to see.” Baltasar Gracian in The Art of Worldly Wisdom

In Lesley’s words: “I used to think that Old Navy was for tweens. I figured as a plump, granny type it was a waste to put it on my shopping radar. Then a new friend I worked with updated her business casual wardrobe and opened my eyes to Old Navy.
At first,
I purchased several basic t-shirt-style dresses online and was very happy with the style, quality and size. I have since made a point of dropping in from time to time to update my wardrobe for seasonal changes.”

If you are petite or tall you can find those at Old Navy. And if you are looking for items 2XL or larger, Old Navy aims to please.

We all wore Old Navy outfits and you can see the others for inspiration

Old Navy and other brands

Dress: Old Navy~~Kimono: SO-Kohls~~ Shoes: Naturalizer~~ Purse: Steinmart

Recent Old Navy Purchases

Lesley continues her story: “On a recent trip to Denver, I found a bit of time and Old Navy was closet to the other stores where I planned to shop. I found several fun and perfect sun dresses as well as a couple of tops to wear from summer into fall. Again, I was impressed with the styles, quality and sizing.
I’m short waisted and often dresses with a waist are way too blousy on the top, so I stay away from those styles. I couldn’t resist the wonderful summery color of this dress so I took a chance and tried it on. The fit surprised me. It is a bit shorter than I usually wear, but I decided to give it a go. (Of course I purchased it in black too).”

I’d love to interject with the lesson Rob and I learned from our marriage counseling. The advice was to never say “never and always” and I think that is a great lesson even for shopping. There is no sense to limit yourself to or from a style or store without experiencing it first.

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Belted dress for stylish clothes for older women

To Belt or Not to Belt

The idea of using a belt is one of those tricks that so many of us older women think won’t work for our shape anymore. And again, I’d like us to remember that “never and always” prompt, haha.
Lesley will tell you time and time again that she is short waisted and yet she has learned that a belt can be her friend.

Notice that the belt is mostly hidden. So you may think why even wear it? One reason is it adds a little extra to the overall look. And secondly if you take off the kimono, then the dress is more shaped or accessorized.

Other belt examples
How to Wear a Belt as a Short Waisted Woman
Accessory Style Challenge: When to Wear a Belt

An Old Navy dress and stylish clothes for older women


We’ve showcased kimonos as the main theme many times on this blog. Truthfully I didn’t quite understand the concept when we were still living in Denver, but the fact that they are much more lightweight than most cardigans makes them perfect for the Arizona heat.
Sure, you can buy kimonos already made, but remember, sometimes a large scarf can be transformed into one also. Charlotte just used that trick in her Old Navy post.

Why have a kimono? They are a nice topper to add color, interest or a bit of coverage. Especially for a summer trip, they can be used as a swimsuit coverup, evening cover up or pinned together to be a top. So many options, so many reasons to have a couple in your closet.

More kimono ideas
Summer Obsession: Style a Kimono
Style Hack: How to Tie a Kimono

Black sandals for summer

Straw Purses

Straw purses are the iconic summer bag, so don’t forget to pull your’s out. If you are looking for a new one, DSW always has a great selection online.

Stylish clothes for older women with a dress and kimono

Lesley’s Final Word on Old Navy as a Vintage Chick

Lesley confessed to me that she got a bit gushy with her thoughts on Old Navy, but she was really impressed with her haul. One would think this was a sponsored post, LOL!! But it’s not at all.

Her final words: “They (Old Navy) have a wide range of sizes and run true to size. The prices are also hard to beat. Old Navy is a great way to add some trend to your closet.
Yes, they target the younger women, but us vintage chicks are not left out. Lesson learned! Never judge a store until you’ve shopped it.”

Insider tip: If you feel uncomfortable in these younger girl’s stores, just pretend you are shopping for your daughter or granddaughter. No one has to know that it’s for you.

Stylish clothes for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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