Options for sleeves to cover upper arms

Stylish Sleeves to Cover Upper Arms: What’s New at Halftee

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I love the idea of the brand, Halftees and was excited to see the new styles this spring. The two new styles I chose were perfect for options of sleeves to cover our upper arms.
Even though I believe that as older women, we don’t HAVE to cover the parts of our bodies that have changed over the years, I do like to share stylish ideas for those women that feel more comfortable covered.

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6 Options of Sleeves to Cover Upper Arms
What is a Halftee & History
Waterfall Sleeved Halftee
1-With overalls
2-Under spaghetti strap dress
3-Over a tank top
Puff Sleeved Halftee
1-Under a camisole
2-With a sleeveless blouse
3-Paired with a blazer

The quote above has been my motto my entire life. That’s why I concentrate on how to style pieces you already have in your closet or find ways to wear the things that don’t seem to work.
Sure, we can always go out and buy new things, but half the time, we buy the same things we already have in our closets. So why not find different ways to wear what we already own?

What is a Halftee & My History

I’ve been loving these Halftees ever since we moved out to Arizona 3 years ago. The idea that you can have a layering tee that doesn’t add bulk or extra material to your midsection is brilliant.

Basically, they are a cropped top that has a special band that sits right under the girls. Sure, you could cut off a top to make your own if you like to DIY, but you might also try to incorporate elastic or a banding strategically placed so the shorter shirt doesn’t move.

Insider tip: Sizing is true to size. You want that band under the girls to be snug so the top doesn’t ride up.

Because I fell in love with the idea of these tops, I became an ambassador. This means that I have a discount code (Jtouch20) you can use and I do receive a small commission if you purchase through my link.
These halftees are something that can come in handy with certain clothing issues. Maybe not something you wear every day, but they can save the day and I’m learning to style them in even more ways.

When you check over their site, you’ll see they have many variations of Halftees available. For summer, there are sleeveless options that cover cleavage issues. There are short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, and even ones made for kids.
At times, the site offers other clothing for sale, so make sure to check their page often.

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Today I want to talk about 2 new styles that work fabulously as sleeves to cover your upper arms. Let me give you a quick review of the two styles and then onto ways to incorporate them into your spring outfits.

Review of These Sleeves to Cover Upper Arms

I’ve worn both of these styles many times and have washed them both. Here’s what I thought.
These styles may or may not be available later in the season, and some sizes are limited.

Insider tip: ALL halftees can be worn forward and backward to give you options of how low you want the neckline to be. In fact, they place the label on the side seam so it’s not an issue.

The Waterfall Sleeved Halftee

This is my absolute FAVORITE halftee ever!! E.V.E.R. If you want a little fun and statement this summer, this should be the one you try!!
The sleeves have a sheer quality which you notice more with the white and ebony. They are very lightweight and are the perfect length. Some statement sleeves are known to get in the way, especially when eating, but these do not.

If you worry about wearing a jacket or cardigan over them, (I’m talking to you Donna), it’s not impossible, because they aren’t stiff. In fact, I did wear a jacket over outfit #2, and it was a non-issue.

Insider tip: Donna and I had this discussion on how to get the sleeves from bulking up when you wear a jacket over them. I have this bracelet buddy that would help. Now they just need to come up with an item like this that is a tad longer.


Colors: Comes in white and ebony as well as the floral I’m wearing.
Sizes: From XS to 6X. Some sizes sold out in certain colors.

Puff Sleeve Halftee

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this is my least favorite halftee.
The sleeves droop too much for my liking and the armband is too loose (I tried to tighten it, but it still is too loose).

I am surprised at how the white version is sold out in so many sizes, so maybe it’s just me who isn’t a fan. I loved it on the site, but not in person.
However, because I hate to waste clothes, I may try to DIY the sleeves somehow.


Colors: It’s available in white and black
Sizes: From XS to 5X. Except the white is sold out in MANY sizes.

Waterfall Sleeve Halftee

Crop top under overralls

Overalls: Old Navy~~ Vest: Gordmans~~ Top: Waterfall Halftee~~ Boots: Mix No 6-DSW ~~ Hat: no label

1-Overalls Style

I’m seeing overalls on many women, so I wore my waterfall halftee with them. Since the tops are fitted, it’s a perfect match with the overalls. I even layered a vest over it to hide the midriff showing.

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I’ve worn this faux fur vest with jeans in the past. I also added a brooch to the front pocket of the overalls, because why not?

Sleeves to cover upper arms for spring

Dress: Arden B-preloved ~~ Top: Waterfall Halftee~~ Boots: from Amazon~~ Earrings: Mariposa Skies ~~ Purse: thrifted

2-Under a Spaghetti Strap Dress

If you aren’t comfortable with spaghetti straps and are looking for sleeves to cover your upper arms, then this waterfall halftee is perfection. The black version would have worked with this floral dress too. However, I thought the two different florals were a fun print mix.

Since there is some yellow in the waterfall halftee, I added more yellow with my booties, earrings, and purse.

I’ve worn this dress with a tweed jacket before, and in fact, you can see how I accidentally shrunk the dress if you compare the two. That black material hanging down is the unlying slip, so now I need to see if I can stretch the top layer to hang lower.

Create style with sleeves to cover upper arms

Shorts: Joe Fresh-thrifted ~~ Top: Waterfall Halftee~~Top: Express~~ Boots: Jambu c/o ~~ Necklace: thrifted

3-Over a Tank Top

While these sleeves to cover your upper arms are marketed to wear under other items, I wanted to see how they would work layered over something else. I chose this olive green tank which can be seen paired with my mustard jeans in the past. You can see how low-cut it is and sleeveless without the halftee over top.
Of course, you could still layer the halftee under this tank top, but it’s fun to try other options.

In fact, it might not be a bad idea to layer the halftee over your slip dresses. It is no different than how we have talked about layering any kind of top or sweater over a dress to make the dress look like a skirt.

Insider tip: One way to make your clothing more versatile is to remember about layering both OVER and UNDER it. It’s one of my secrets of shopping your closet which I’ve discussed in the past.

Puff Sleeve Halftee

Halftees under a camisole

Skirt: BGBGeneration-Steinmart~~ Cami: Peach (get $10 off)~~ Top: Puff Sleeve Halftee~~ Shoes: Aldos ~~ Necklace: Katia’s Designs

1-Under a Cami

Most camisoles that we own, we think of like the piece we layer over. Yet, when they are pretty, why not have them be the star of the show? That’s where a halftee can come to the rescue if you want to have sleeves that cover your upper arms.

This pink camisole is velvet which gives off a beautiful shine. I’ve worn it under things before, but this is the first time to layer it over a top.

Sleeves to cover upper arms with Halftees

Skirt: Old Navy-thrifted~~ Striped Top: Velvet Heart-thrifted~~ Top: Puff Sleeve Halftee~~ Shoes: Pashion Footwear~~ Bracelet: thrifted~~ Earrings: Ruby Graes Boutique

2-With a Sleeveless Blouse

Sleeveless is wonderful to stay cool in the summer if you aren’t out in the sun. But if you are out in the sun, it’s even better to not have the sunshine beating down on your skin. Plus, if you’ve covered your shoulders and upper arms, then you don’t have to worry about sunburn in those places.

Insider tip: So this is an easy way to turn your sleeveless blouse into a short sleeve blouse.

Crop top with a blazer

Skirt: Old Navy-thrifted~~ Jacket: Paparazzi ~~ Top: Puff Sleeve Halftee~~ Earrings: Pam Neri~~Hat: Amazon

3-Paired With a Blazer

Since a halftee is basically a crop top, you could layer over it with a jacket or blazer. If you button a blazer or zip up the jacket, you’d never know the top was cropped. And if you’re brave, then show off your midriff.

This is one of the blazers I used to wear to work. I recently added color to the embroidery with colored thread and fabric paint.
Just because you are retired, doesn’t mean you can’t casualize your blazers. Lesley showed us that recently too.

Halftees as sleeves to cover upper arms

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Remember, I have a discount code (Jtouch20) you can use and I do receive a small commission if you purchase through my link.
I love finding products that can help our closet!!

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