Stylish ways of how to layer outfits without looking bulky

Stylish Way of How to Layer Outfits Without Looking Bulky

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Styling a neutral leather jacket

Stylish Way of How to Layer Outfits Without Looking Bulky

Charlotte is here to discuss stylish ways of how to layer outfits without looking bulky. As someone who tends to be cold most of the time, yet still wants to look her best, she is quite the expert on this idea.

Quote of the day: “Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses.” Marilyn von Savant

One of my mother’s strengths is that she still takes pride in her appearance. And with that point, she is willing (although I do have to twist her arms at times) to try some of the newer styles. This includes the leather moto jackets which are a great detail of how to layer outfits without looking bulky.

Fall and winter are definitely the seasons we think about layering for warmth. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to live in Arizona where the temperatures are a bit warmer.
Lesley’s example of how to wear layers without looking bulky included a boiled wool cardigan and of course a scarf.
I showcased using a puffer vest as an example of one that isn’t too puffy.

Why Leather Jackets Work for Warmth with Layering

Leather jackets not only look great and can be stylish for women of any age, but the right ones will add the amount of warmth you need to help with the idea of how to layer outfits without looking bulky. Here are the details you need to know:

  • Check the lining. If you want something to really keep you warm, make sure the leather coat has built in liner including in the sleeves
  • Real leather vs faux leather. Real leather is porous and thus breathable. While it’s touted that this makes them warmer, I’m suspicious. But the real test is how they work on your body. Don’t take anyone’s word for it until you try them both.
  • The style. Quilted leather may be warmer, but could also add to bulkiness.
  • The environment. The humidity can affect real leather making it feel damp and cold. That’s why the lining can be so important.
  • Sizing. Having a leather jacket that fits well is a huge proponent of how to layer outfits without looking bulky. You want the outer jacket big enough to add layers under it, yet not be overpowering.
  • Color and Print. There is differing of opinions about if color helps with warmth. I will emphasize that it really doesn’t make a difference with looking slimmer per se. However, I do know that wearing a print distracts the eye wonderfully and can camoflauge bulkiness.

Other Clothing Factors

While outerwear can be a huge determinant in if the look seems bulky, your foundational pieces help tremendously too.

  • Camisoles. These can provide a light layer against your skin which can help keep you warm because it’s covering the core of your body.

Insider tip: If you don’t want to add an extra layer, there are bras that are a bra and camisole combined. I have 2 versions from Shapeez and Ruby Ribbon. I’ve talked about both companies in my Research with Comfortable Bras Post.

  • Long underwear. If you are worried about how to layer outfits without looking bulky, then the best long underwear would be the silk versions. Not just for your top half, but also for the bottom half.
  • The thinnest yet warm sweaters. As we talked about in Lesley’s look, cashmere can be thin and warm. Wool sweaters are touted as warm too unless the itchiness bothers you.
  • Scarf. Even your silk or thinner scarves can provide warm because they are covering exposed body parts. You don’t have to look like the dough boy to stay warm.
Stylish ways of how to layer outfits without looking bulky

Pants: J’ilverwear-thriftted~~ Jacket: INC-Macys ~~ Top: St. John’s Bay~~ Shoes: Aubrey Brooke-thrifted ~~ Earrings: thrifted~~ Purse: Rosetti

Moto Jacket for Older Woman

The moto leather jackets are for young and older women alike. Charlotte found this jacket while we were shopping a couple of years ago, and I think it’s perfect for her. The fact that it’s NOT black makes it better for her lighter complexion. Then the added color blocking gives it an interesting detail.

The typical “moto” jacket is shorter with zippers and studs. You can see that this version ends at Charlotte’s upper hip area and has the diagonal zipper with the lapels.

Overall it is tan, with bands of white along the shoulders, under the arms, and around the waistband.

Insider tip: Not all leather jackets have to be “edgy”. For instance, I would classify this one as modern and chic as opposed to edgy.

My mom did have to shorten the sleeves of this jacket. Taking into account that she is a master seamstress this wasn’t hard. However, considering the leather material is thick, it might be an alteration better served by your alterations person. Luckily there was no hardware at the cuffs to make it harder.

Insider tip: If there are zippers at the wrist and the sleeves are too long, many times the sleeves can still be shortened by taking them up at the shoulder area. But if the sleeves don’t have the hardware, this is my favorite video (not mine) of how to shorten sleeves.

Older women in leather jacket

Accessories for the Outfit

Charlotte only used her earrings and purse as her major accessories for the outfit. She is also wearing a couple of rings, which aren’t noticeable unless you are up close.

She brought the blue color from the jeans up to her face with these stud earrings. Even though they are stud earrings, they are still large enough to be noticed. From my matching earring post, I would classify these as large stud earrings and you can see how they really add a nice color near the face yet aren’t overpowering.

The yellow purse is a great way to continue the yellow color from the top under the jacket. Even though you don’t see a lot of the yellow shirt, it brightens the aura near the face since it is a crew neck. Then seeing the yellow of the purse pulls it all together.

Insider tip: While we think of yellow for spring and summer, it’s a great color to lighten up the darker looks of fall and winter. If it feels too weird, then go for a mustard yellow color.

How to layer outfits without looking bulky for older women

Jean Thickness

Since denim is a universally worn material, you can certainly include it in part of the idea of how to layer outfits without looking bulky. Just as with leathers, there are different thicknesses of jeans.

However, even though you know there are different weights of denim, it’s not easy to distinguish with online buying. I have yet to see the indication that a pair of jeans is either 9 oz denim or 13 oz denim. Obviously, when you try them on, you can feel a difference between lightweight ones and heavier ones.

The heavier jeans will be warmer during the colder months, yet shouldn’t make you look bulkier as long as you have the perfect fit.

Insider tip: Saggy denim is not the goal, so I wrote about tips to prevent it.

My mom chose these lighter-weight denim-looking knit pants to wear that have a straight leg cut.

Tan flats with blue jeans

Tan Footwear

Charlotte picked a neutral, tan flat as the footwear choice for her outfit. A tan pair of shoes like this will absolutely go with everything in your closet. Since our day was still warm, Charlotte wore flats instead of ankle boots.

Insider tip: If you look closely you can see the no-show sock peeking out of the cutouts. These are the best no-show socks because they really stay put throughout the day. Charlotte is wearing the ultra-low-cut version.

Since the jacket is a lighter color, I like the idea of lighter color footwear. Any neutral would work with this example, like ivory or even grey.

Insider tip: If you did want to wear a pair of black or dark brown shoes, it would be cool to don a darker hat or scarf to bookend the look.

Using leather jacket for how to layer outfits without looking bulky

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How to layer outfits without looking bulky

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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