Tunic sweater for apple shaped women

Successful Daytime Inspiration: Black Turtleneck Sweater Outfit

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A turtleneck sweater outfit is an obvious choice for the cooler weather and since most women love having black in their closet, here is a great outfit to copy for a casual day.

Quote of the day: “If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror.” Shane Koyczan

Our beauty is not dependant on the clothing we wear, yet just as importantly, what we wear does make us feel a certain way. Therefore, I do love the idea of creating an outfit that does more than just “cover our nakedness.”

Most of us strive to wear things that are “us” and feel good in what we wear. So here is Lesley’s styling a daytime casual look with her black turtleneck sweater outfit.

There are other options of turtlenecks that you might prefer. Charlotte wore a looser turtleneck blouse, and I styled a turtleneck dress.

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Old fashionistas wearing turtleneck sweater outift

Jeans: INC Jeggings cut~~ Turtleneck Sweater: J.Jill ~~Boots: Impo~~ Scarf (on the purse): Gibby’s c/o Use Jodie20 for a discount~~ Purse: no label from Steinmart

Turtleneck Sweater Outfit

Lesley will tell you that she is “fluffy” (her words, not mine) yet I appreciate that she will wear a variety of different looks. You may read articles that tell apple-shaped women to only wear this or that. (BTW, Lesley calls her shape zucchini, haha).

This turtleneck sweater outfit is one that is tighter on the bottom half and looser on the top half. It’s a recipe for outfit combinations that are promoted by many stylists.

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You can also see how this recipe for an outfit is one of Lesley’s favorites. She basically showcased the same idea with her red sweater and boots here.

What I love is how Lesley went the extra mile and added in some extras that make a more interesting ensemble. I’ll talk about those extras below.

Woman over 70 wearing turtleneck sweater outfit

Turtlenecks For Short Necks

First let’s concentrate on the turtleneck. Many times I hear women say they can’t wear a turtleneck because their neck is too short. In this day and age, I feel like we can find so many options of any kind of style, especially with online shopping.

But if you do have a shorter neck, then there are 4 options:
1-Look for the mock turtlenecks that don’t have as much material at the neckline.
2-Search for the thinner turtlenecks so when you fold them a couple of extra times, they aren’t as bulky.
3-Have you thought about removing the turtleneck portion of the sweater? Here is a post (someone else’s, not mine) about that idea.
4-Or find a turtleneck that has a zipper in the front so you can have an opening. If you are a DIY person, you could add the zipper yourself.

Insider tip: Think about tucking the turtleneck portion to the inside instead of the outside. Then you have a neat line of cloth. This is also smart if you happen to get makeup on it when putting it on. Tuck it to the inside, and you won’t see it.

Pearl Necklace with a Casual Outfit

Many of us could easily put together a black turtleneck sweater outfit with jeans and black boots and call it a day. Yet, so many times, it’s the extras that set a look apart from being boring or expected.

I think the two extras that make this outfit shine are the pearls and her red purse.

Let’s talk about our pearls. I bet most of us have a set. And we tend to save them for those “special events”. Now, in all honesty, this strand of pearls that Lesley is wearing aren’t real pearls. In fact, they are two different strands. The longer strand she has tied in a knot and layered with the other strand.

Now even if your pearl necklace is a smaller one, don’t forget you can layer it with other similar necklaces.

1-I had fun experimenting with 5 different options of wearing pearl necklaces.
2-The three of us all wore pearl necklaces for a casual day here.

The white pearls are a fabulous contrast to the black turtleneck sweater outfit and adding the pearl bracelets really ties the accessories together. Lesley is also wearing small pearl stud earrings to finish it off.

Insider tip: A long-stranded pearl necklace is something perfect to look for at the secondhand store.

Pop of Color with a Purse

Adding a red purse to this black turtleneck sweater outfit really adds a bright spot to the outfit. Not all of us think of our purse as part of our outfit. I know I never did until after a couple of years of blogging. Yet now I can see how it can really give the overall look some fun and interest.

Granted, your purse won’t get seen in many scenarios, yet if you are walking around and exploring, it’s definitely part of your look.

That’s why we have showcased many different types of purses that work with the same outfit in the past:
1-Hands free bag options
2-Different Colored purses with the same look
3-Options for sizes and materials of purses

Lesley grabbed this red purse that was actually the inner purse in a larger tote that she purchased at Steinmart many years ago. Notice the black and white polka dot scarf tied to the purse? This is such a fabulous way to wear your smaller scarves no matter what season.

I also want to point out that Lesley wore red lipstick which ties in perfectly with the red purse. If you struggle with your lipstick bleeding into those fine lines around your lips, then may I suggest trying all-day lipsticks?

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Black tunic turtleneck sweater outfit

Let’s Talk Black and Navy

Recently we showcased outfits wearing the neutral navy. And Lesley was given the task to style black and navy together. I will admit, I had her try her hand at it because she has the most black in her wardrobe compared to Charlotte and me. Plus I knew that it would be a challenge for her (and I believe that life is better when we overcome our fashion challenges).

Lesley’s answer to feeling okay with styling navy and black together (seen in this post)?? Pairing the black item with denim, very much like she did here in her black turtleneck sweater outfit.

Remember, denim should be considered neutral since we pair it with everything under the sun.

I’d also like to point out that Lesley’s denim is denim leggings (also called jeggings). There is NO age or size limit with wearing this clothing item. In fact, you may be hearing a lot of hoopla about how other silhouettes of jeans are all the rage.

It may be true that I am seeing some wide-leg jeans and flares from time to time, however, I believe that skinny jeans will be a classic style. Just think how perfect they are for tucking into boots?

Tall black boots for older women

Black Boots

Speaking of boots, Lesley was saying that even though she doesn’t wear the tall boots quite as much here in Arizona, it is nice to have them just in case.

Just in case?? Well, we do get some cooler weather especially in the mornings here in Arizona. Plus, what if we travel to a colder area? Lesley’s daughter (who you met in this post) lives in the mountains of Colorado, so if Lesley goes to visit in the winter, she will need these boots.

RELATED POST: In fact, I talked about the fallacy of Arizona winters here.

Having a pair of basic black or navy tall boots is one of those essentials for almost every closet. The darker neutral will work with skinny jeans, leggings, and even dresses.

Turtleneck sweater outfit for older women

Black Turtleneck Sweater Outfit Issues

I know many of my friends say they are klutzy and messy and that’s why they like wearing black more than white. Yet, if you are like me (and Lesley) and live with fur babies, then you realize that sometimes the black shows pet fur very easily.

We all know about the lint rollers (found on Amazon here), but what if you don’t have one around when you need it?? I have found that dipping your fingers in water and rubbing them on your clothing will also help pull up the pet hair.

Another great option to reduce pet hair on your clothes (besides not having a pet…that doesn’t count), is leather and faux leather pieces. That material allows the pet hair to slide right off instead of sticking to it!!

1-Faux leather leggings styled 5 different ways
2-Leather jacket worn conservatively
3-Faux leather skirt not just for the young chicks

Black turtleneck sweater outfit for daytime

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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