What color jewelry goes with a green dress and headband

Successful Style Discussion 1: What Color Jewelry Goes with a Green Dress

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This week will be a fun style discussion regarding accessories and the colors to go with certain color dresses. Of course, I’d like to point out that you could pair these combinations with tops or sweaters too, not just dresses.
Cathie is starting by showcasing what color jewelry goes with a green dress.

Quote of the day: Truth is never to be found in simplicity.” Isaac Newton

What color jewelry goes with a green dress
1-More about the dress
2-Pearl necklace
3-Silver necklace
4-Gold necklace
5-Pink floral statement necklace
6-Black long necklace
7-Crew neck options for accessories

I know many articles will promote simplicity in an outfit without accessories or jewelry. Yet that’s the best part about personal style and fashion, it’s P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L. Therefore, everyone is allowed to make it fit their personality instead of following any rule, article or other person’s opinion.

In fact, even though Cathie is only showing 5 different options for what color jewelry goes with a green dress, I’m sure we can all agree that there are many more. In fact, I would say that the only color that I wouldn’t suggest is one that matches the color of the dress because then it’s hidden.

Insider tip: Even though we think to “match” our jewelry to our dress, if the necklace overlaps the material and is the same color, it will be camouflaged. Unless the matching necklace has some other colors or metal on it to make it pop.
I always think it’s silly to put the time and energy into wearing any accessory if no one is going to notice it.

So join Cathie as she went through her accessory stash to find what color jewelry goes with a green dress. You will see how not only different colors, but different lengths and other accessories can change up the look.
And if you are looking for other color clothing options, see what color jewelry we styled with a navy blue dress, yellow dress, and red dress.

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Dress: Walmart~~Shoes: K Swiss-thrifted at Goodwill

Green Dress Style

There is a reason for the adage that a dress is “One and Done”. You don’t have to fiddle around with another clothing item to coordinate with it, and once you settle on a pair of shoes, you can be dressed to go out the door.
Granted I would be adding in accessories, but we are talking clothing items here! One and done.

Cathie is wearing an olive green t-shirt dress that she picked up at Walmart. T-shirt dresses are super versatile and can be worn for a multitude of occasions. It’s the perfect backdrop of what color jewelry goes with a green dress.

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What Color Jewelry Goes with a Green Dress

So let’s look at the examples of just 5 options of what color jewelry goes with a green dress. And don’t be hoodwinked into thinking these are the only options.
Even different shades of green would work for this prompt!!

When I asked Cathie which option she showcased was her favorite, she said “all of them.” Now that’s my kind of woman!! We both believe that variety is the spice of life.
In Cathie’s words, “I love wearing necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings to dress up any outfit. A long time ago, my best friend said that when you’re feeling down, put on a pretty necklace, some earrings, and some lipgloss and you will feel better. I truly believe it.”

Insider tip: Don’t believe the adage that you should take off an accessory before you leave the house.

Initial jewelry and hat
Necklace: Amazon here

Pearls with a Green Dress

You don’t have to choose your pearls per se, but any white necklace would contrast wonderfully against a colorful dress like this.
Yet, there are many reasons to pull out your strand of pearls if you already have them. For one reason, they aren’t doing any good just sitting in your jewelry box. And two, it’s a great dichotomy to pair a pearl necklace that is considered “dressy” with a dress that is considered “casual”.

The other element in this styling option is the pearl earrings, the chunky pearl bracelet PLUS the rancher’s hat.

Insider tip: A hat is more than just a head covering. It can add a lot of personality to a look. Here’s the beginner’s guide to making them work for you.
And right now ranchers’ hats are all the rage!! I found many that are budget-oriented in the widget below.

Silver option of what color jewelry goes with a green dress
Necklace: Charming Charlies

Silver and Green

Silver is a metallic that has been popular for many, many years now. Since it’s a light color, (as opposed to a bronze) it will pop wonderfully against your green background.

Insider tip: If you’re thinking about updating your necklace collection, right now the chain links are all the rage.

Adding headband and purse to the accessory mix
Necklace: Amazon (found here in all initials)

Another Metallic-Gold

Some women like silver and some like gold. Personally, I’m an equal opportunity metallic lover and so is Cathie. While one may look better with your complexion than the other, it’s still possible to wear each of them and look great.
The overall color vibe of the outfit can be swayed by the color of the dress. Either that or mix your metals together.

For this example, Cathie is wearing a rhinestone gold initial necklace but then paired it with the silver watch band.
She also included a tan headband and a black bracelet to give some variety to the outfit.

Bring focus to the face with statement jewelry
Necklace: gifted from a friend (similar here on Amazon)

Pink Floral Statement Necklace

Another great option of what color jewelry goes with a green dress is a colorful one! I would say any color would work, and I love how Cathie showcased a floral statement necklace.

You’ll read articles from time to time stating how statement necklaces are in or out. Don’t let that alter what you wear. Wear what you have and like!!
The only time I won’t wear the bigger necklaces is when it’s over 100 degrees here in Arizona because they can be too hot!

What color jewelry goes with a green dress to accessorize
Necklace: not sure where it’s from (similar here on Amazon)~~Purse: Goodwill

Black Long Necklace

Another great neutral with this green dress is black. Cathie chose a black and silver-stranded necklace that is much longer than her other examples.
I love how this gives you a great comparison of short vs long necklaces with the same dress.

This is also a great example of how you can tie the idea of the color of jewelry with your other accessories. In this case, Cathie is carrying a black purse and wearing a black bracelet too.

How to Accessorize a Crew Neck

Whether it’s color or the neckline you are focused on accessorizing, don’t let it be stressful. It’s all about having fun with your style and feeling good.

If you’d like to see other options for accessorizing with a crew neck, here are a couple:
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What color jewelry goes with a green dress

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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