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Successful Stylish Discussion 4: What Color Jewelry Goes with a Red Dress

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Onto the question of what color jewelry goes with a red dress. If you’ve been following along with the series, then you’ll know that there is more than just one right answer. In fact, we could safely assume that the combinations are limitless.
But for the sake of visual inspiration, Lesley is giving you 5 different options.

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Quote of the day: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. To find your gift is happiness.” Terry Pratchett

What color jewelry goes with a red dress
1-Red dress
2-Wood jewelry
4-Black & Silver
7-More Inspiration

The quote reminds me that showcasing all different kinds of styles and options is a gift that we love to share on this site. There’s never only one way to dress or only one way to look nice. There are options galore, and the more open we are to other styles, the less judgemental we will be.

What does that have to do with what color jewelry goes with a red dress? Just the fact that even though Lesley is showcasing 5 different options styled from her collection, there could be many more combinations that would be just as beautiful.

Insider tip: When you pick up something at the store and ask “what would I wear with this,” think about my color recipe (post here, here, and here). The same works with colors for accessories and even footwear.

I think the answer to most of our queries about color pairings is that ANY of them will work. You just have to try them and see how YOU like them. Remember our style is for us and us alone. You don’t put together a look so others will like it.

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Dress: Jostar~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Conway” (not available now) c/o

Red Dress

This is a workhorse of a dress in Lesley’s closet. Why? Because it’s a fabulous color on her and a simple design that can be worn for most seasons.
In fact, you can see how she layered over it for the winter here and then used it as a backdrop for styling a scarf here.

If you worry that a red dress would be too bright for your daily life, I would hope you might reconsider that idea. Our goal is not to blend in and be invisible. Each and every woman deserves to stand out and be noticed.

Insider tip: Red is a powerful color. If you need to take baby steps to start wearing it, try burgundy instead as Nancy wore here.

I’d also like to point out that Lesley is wearing a matching belt with the dress. If you need to make your dress more fitted, a matching belt can do the trick without being a focal point.

What Color Jewelry Goes with a Red Dress

Lesley got very creative to showcase her options for what color jewelry goes with a red dress. She has a wonderful collection of accessories (as most fashionistas do), and shops equally at craft fairs, markets, retail stores, as well as thrift stores.
In fact, when she was writing the details out for me, she told me that she really misses Steinmart for its baubles. Granted, the brand is online now, but it’s not the same as perusing the shop in person.

Wooden accessories with a red dress
Necklace: estate sale~~Beaded bracelet: Steinmart~~Earrings: Steinmart

Wooden Jewelry

Lesley started off the fashion show with her wood jewelry. Her necklace is made up of different shades of wooden beads and then she had wooden bracelets and brown earrings to coordinate.

Insider tip: If you like the subtle contrast of the wood color with the red, but don’t have any wooden jewelry, metallics in bronze would give you the same look.

Tribal influence
Necklace: thrifted~~Bracelet: thrifted

Pastels or Lighter Jewelry

For this example of what color jewelry goes with a red dress, Lesley showed off a lighter pairing than the wood. There could be many variations of this. Just think that you would want pieces that are lighter in brightness than the red dress.
For example, white or ivory jewelry would be perfect too.

Black and white accessories
Necklace: estate sale~~Bracelet: Sedona boutique

Black and Silver

Now the opposite of the lighter jewelry would be a darker option that really contrasts against the red. And for Lesley’s choice, that would be black and silver.
Notice how this example is with a shorter necklace as opposed to the longer ones she had been showing. Both look great, and there is no right or wrong.

Turquoise and red
Necklace: Macys~~Bracelet: Sedona boutique~~Tote: thrifted


The combination of red and turquoise is stunning and one that I had never considered before I started blogging. Yet it makes sense when you think of all of the amazing Indian jewelry that combines both of these colors together.

Lesley has worn this necklace with other kinds of baubles on it in the past. It’s the perfect example of how even our accessories can wear accessories, haha!
But for this example, she just added a pendant necklace to layer with the turquoise bead necklace.

Insider tip: Notice how the color of the tote bag ties it all together so well. Don’t underestimate the power of your purse as part of the outfit.

What color jewelry goes with a red dress question
Necklace: Steinmart~~Bangle bracelet: Macys~~Cuff bracelet: Audra Style~Earrings: Sante Fe market


For Lesley’s last look with her red dress, she is wearing a multi-colored necklace and bracelet. In addition to those, she pulled out yellow earrings and a bright pink bracelet, both colors which can be seen in the bracelet and necklace.

Insider tip: You do not need to match your earrings to your necklace either in color, style, or metals.

More Inspiration

If it’s one thing we have learned as fashionistas, it is how the accessories of the outfit can make a look pop and appear interesting. Need more examples?
1- White top with a pop of color
2-Accessories with a crew neck top
3Layer a scarf and necklace together

As for finding out what color jewelry goes with the dresses, we’ve showcased, you can find all of the answers here.
Navy Blue

What color jewelry goes with a red dress

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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