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Successful Stylish Discussion 3: What Color Jewelry Goes with a Yellow Dress

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Our style discussion continues with what color jewelry goes with a yellow dress. I bet you are starting to see a pattern here, that the possibilities are endless.
Yet many times the best way to find these options is first to see how others style it to tickle our brain about the opportunity and then to go scour your own jewelry selections.

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Quote of the day: “Innovation is not primarily about coming up with new ideas. It’s about connecting good ideas to human needs.” Wendy Kopp

What color jewelry to wear with a yellow dress
1-Yellow dress details
4-Warm hues
5-Cool hues
6-All the colors
7-Other related posts

Our jewelry can be such a powerful addition to any outfit. Not only does it add some sparkle and shine to a look, but it can change the overall vibe and even take your eye away from things you don’t want to showcase.
We have been showing all kinds of different options for what color jewelry goes with our clothing items.

The important thing to remember is this concept works just as well with your tops and sweaters as well as dresses. And that your options may look a little different. We are here to give you inspiration but the idea isn’t that you have to copy the idea exactly.

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Dress: Banana Republic ~~Shoes: Steve Madden ~~ Purse: Unique Vintage-won in a giveaway

Yellow Dress

I have quite a few yellow dresses because the color is what I consider a happy color. This is a lightweight sweater dress with slits up on both sides for ease of walking.
Even if you aren’t a huge fan of yellow, these styles of dresses can be very versatile and fun.

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And if you worry about the dress being too form-fitting, then that’s exactly why you want to add in these options of jewelry because it will act as your focal point.
I also wrote about hacks if your dress seems too small.

Insider tip: A straight dress like this is one that is perfect to layer another longer skirt over too. Don’t forget that dresses can be super versatile this way (this same dress is worn as a top in this post).
For many other options of this concept, I showed 5 different ideas here.

What Color Jewelry Goes with a Yellow Dress

Now let’s explore 5 different options of what color jewelry goes with a yellow dress.
Of course, there are more options depending on what you already own. Don’t forget, you don’t necessarily need to run out and buy more to make new looks. Many times you already have all the ingredients at your fingertips.

Large metallic necklace
Necklace: from a local boutique given to me by my mother ~~ Hat: Amazon

Metallic Jewelry with a Yellow Dress

While I usually say that any metallic jewelry works with any color, you also have to evaluate the jewelry on the clothing item you want to wear.
Yellow can be tricky since in all reality it is very close to gold.

If I had worn my long gold necklace, it would not have shown up at all. And that seems like a waste of energy to me.
Therefore, I found a large gold pendant necklace that has a black cord.
The other elements are the rose gold earrings, multi metallic bracelet, and ivory hat.

It’s hard to give rules on some of these tips because everything has its own special details. So make sure you try out everything you have to see how it would work.

Insider tip: With the color yellow, you might try either darker metallics like bronze or a mix of different metallics so they will contrast and pop.

Black jewelry to contrast a yellow dress
Necklace: Coruu ~~Belt: Garnet Hill

Black Jewelry

I’ve had this silicone necklace ever since I reached out to the company years ago (featured here). The fabulous detail about it is how lightweight it is. When you live in the desert, the last thing you want is a heavy necklace on the hundred-degree days.
The silicone ones like this are so light that you don’t even realize you’re wearing a necklace.

Even though I don’t wear a lot of black clothing, it’s a great color for accessories because it pops so well against the brighter and lighter colors.
I even added a zebra print belt to the mix with my black bracelet and black and white earrings.

Red necklace with yellow dress
Necklace: Jianhui London from VnV~~Earrings: AskNHave

Warm Hues of Jewelry-Red

For this option of what color jewelry goes with a yellow dress, I’m focusing on the warm colors as defined by the color wheel. That would include red, orange, or yellow. And since the dress is yellow, I wouldn’t choose that option because it wouldn’t stand out.

I chose this red wooden square necklace made by one of the designers I was introduced to in my Alembika group, Jianhui London. He is selling some of his designs on the new site called VnV which caters to women like us.
Not only is the necklace lightweight because it’s wood, but it’s also made of recycled wood so it is also sustainable.

The other details for my jewelry are red bracelets (layered) and then clear earrings with a black post from another small jewelry designer who I’ve met in person.

What color jewelry goes with a yellow dress
Necklace and earrings: Vintage gave to me by Lesley~~Belt: Self belt from the skirt worn on Saturday

Cool Color Jewelry-Blue

When I say cool color, I don’t mean groovy or far out!! I mean the cool colors on the color wheel like purple, blue, and green. In fact, I mixed both blue and green accessories in this outfit and they contrast beautifully against the yellow dress.

The green necklace and matching earrings used to be Lesley’s mother’s jewelry, but since she doesn’t like or wear green, she gave them to me.
I added a fabric belt that came on the denim skirt I wore recently.

Insider tip: It’s advisable to remove all self belts from dresses, skirts, and pants and hang them with the rest of your belts. This way you can see and wear them with other clothing. And when you do choose the matching clothing item to wear, you will remember it had a self-belt. Then again, you don’t HAVE to wear it with the piece it was made to go with.
BTW, the advantage of a fabric belt is it’s more breathable and not as hot in the summer.

How to accessorize a yellow dress
Necklace: Sally Hoffman Designs~~Earrings: Target

All the Colors

I think my favorite color of jewelry to wear with this yellow dress is all the colors. Adding a large variety of colors with my accessories gives off a whimsical vibe and definitely fits in with my personality.

The necklace is from my friend, Sally, who is a jewelry designer. The mix of all the colors is proof of how there are so many options of what color goes with a yellow dress. Turquoise really stands out in the necklace, but you can also see reds, blues, whites, and browns.
Since it was a longer necklace I left off a belt and incorporated multi-colored earrings, bracelet, and ring instead.

Other Jewelry Related Posts

Even though I like to say that these options should work with any color dress you own, it’s always easier to actually see it with your own eyes.
That’s because we are visual animals, which is why I think it’s important to get dressed and show up every day!

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What color jewelry goes with a yellow dress

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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