Summer Get-Away Style For the 70+ Model

Away Style from the past

Summer Get-Away Style For the 70+ Model

It’s that time again when Sherry from Petite Over 40 and the 3 of us pool our memories and photos to create a Fab Collab that spans the generations. Over this coming week we’ll share memories of summer-get-away styles from the past as well as ways we style them today. 

 As you may realize, each of us was born in a different decade: Charlotte is in her 70s, Nancy is in her 60s, Jodie is in her 50s, and Sherry is in her 40s. As a result, our memories offer quite a range of fashion history! We each share a photo from the past that pertains to the theme. And with that photo we then include our story and thoughts about that time or picture. Then we put on an outfit of how we’d wear it today!! Some things are similar and some are very different!!

We’ve been sharing these histories for over a year now, and it’s always amazing how certain pieces of clothing or photos can speak to us! I also love hearing stories from you my readers, about your memories of this same theme, so feel free to join in by commenting below!

Summer Getaway Styles for 4 Generations

Away Style Story from the Past from Charlotte

This was my first trip with this particular travel group. It was in May 2003 and we were traveling to Scotland. My roommate was a lady named Charlene who was nicknamed Char. It was funny because since I am Charlotte, we would both jump when the name Char was called.

The group was all women, and ironically we would all wear pants. Yet our Scottish tour guide was a man and he would wear his grandfather’s kilt!! So the joke was that his was the only skirt on the tour.

Away Style from the past

We had retail therapy almost every two hours on this trip, whenever we stopped for food or bathrooms. Since we were all women, we all liked to shop so we did!! And our bus driver and tour guide swore they were developing hernias from loading our luggage. Somehow the amount of luggage ended up doubling in quantity from the beginning to the end of the trip.

This photo was near Glasglow towards the end of the trip.

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: Even now, my mom would rather take pants to wear for her away style!

She chose this floral top because it’s a new one she just bought. I think it’s one of those pieces that really are good for travelling because it can be used as a jacket or a tunic! Besides it has many colors in it, and will add some fun to all of the solid colors that we tend to pack.

If you think that a button up tunic would be good for your away style too, then this one might be perfect for the summer trips!!

Away style for Women over 70

Then my mom added in her turquoise colored earrings and bracelet to keep with the blue theme!!  The turquoise color seems to go with almost any other color, so these accessories could be fun for any trip!

I do think taking a bunch of different colored accessories is the easy way to change it up when you’re away! These items tend to be smaller and easier to pack!! Or you can be like my mother, and buy them as souvenirs when you are travelling!

Women 70+ Away Style

These turquoise pants are a pair of ankle pants that mom & I found when we were out thrifting. She was going to lengthen them because she didn’t love the shortness. But I cajoled her into keeping them this length to add a nice variety in her closet!! I think we are getting used to the seeing the shorter lengths on everyone now, that they don’t look like “floods” as much!

Most of the time, since we travel more in the summer, you need some lightweight options for the bottom half of your body! If you aren’t comfortable with skirts or capri pants, then the ankle pants seem like the next best option! This pair comes in many different colors, or you could always opt for a print pair!

Style over 70 and away style

Pants: Talbots-thrifted (similar here)~~Tunic: Blair (similar here)~~Top: Silver One (similar here)~~Shoes: SRO (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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I thought you might enjoy a round up of other  tunics. They could be versatile for your away style if you think about wearing them as a bathing suit cover up also!!


  • This article reminds me that no matter what your age is you can rock it!

  • Such fresh looks! So happy you shared them with us at #FridayFrivolity this week!

  • I hope to make it to Scotland one day! Loved the “only skirt on the tour” story. Haha! And Charlotte’s outfit is just gorgeous. Those turquoise pants really suit her!

    • Thanks for the nice words, Lindsey!! They will certainly make my mom smile!!
      And I’m sure you’ll get to Scotland—you are so amazing in your travels!!

  • rakhshanda

    This is such a fun idea. I really love those summery pants. They look not only stylish but also are very comfortable too. The lovely Charlotte is looking gorgeous in turquoise pants 🙂 Have a great Monday girls 🙂

    • Thanks so much Rakshanda!! My mom will love to read this!

  • Lovely ladies! I love all your outfit. My fav would be the turquoise, what a fun shade to wear!

    Jessica |

  • Charlotte is very good in combining the right jewellery with her outfits. I really like this outfit. My mum also wears trousers all the time. To the extreem. She hasn’t worn a skirt or dress since…I think 30 or 40 years? About ten years a go she suddenly wore askirt. Once.
    In the picture of Charlotte in Glasgow you can clearly see the resemblance with you.

    • I’m always surprised at how my mom still loves to wear dresses and skirts! Especially since Denver is so casual. But I do think it’s nice to dress up to go out.
      Heck, we just went to the grocery store—and even though I was in jeans, I still wore a nice shirt & shoes. And the cashier asked if we came from church since we were dressed so nice.

      • I think it is still unusual to pay more attention to your appearance… alas.

  • This is such a fun idea! LOVE the turquoise, it’s such a fun summer shade!

    Black Coffee Beautiful

  • I have so enjoyed these stories! How charming that a!l the ladies were in pants and their guide was in a kilt! And look how lovely Charlotte is, and how beautiful she has remained! The turquoise is such a great choice for her! A truly great traveling choice…it really does seem to go with everything, doesn’t it?!

    • I’ll make sure to forward this to my mom, Ronnie!!
      It’s so nice that you compliment her–she doesn’t believe it when I tell her!!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    I think pants are just my go to, whether traveling or staying home. I am trying to get out of that box and where skirts once in a while, especially for travel, they can be easy to pack. Your mom looks lovely and I like the multi print of her tunic…then she could pair it up with lots of other pieces. – Amy

    • I do think it’s easy to get into habits, and it really depends on each item!! I think skirts can be more comfortable at times, but it all depends!!!
      Thanks, Amy!!

  • hokis 1981

    Great post!

    You have a nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other? (f4f) Let me know on my blog with a comment! ;oD

    Have a great day!!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  • What a gorgeous combination for travelling, Charlotte. I love that you like to wear color. When I travel, I usually wear loose pants and a comfortable t-shirt. I like your elegant and feminine style a lot.

    • This will make my mom’s day, Miri!!
      Thanks for the kind, kind words!!

  • AngeliePangilinan

    Beautiful outfit! Everything looks great!

    Angelie // Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes

    • This is so nice, Angelie!! I’ll forward it to my mom so she will see it too!

  • What a lovely outfit! I love this summer outfit, especially Charlotte’s palm prints!

  • I just found your blog through Tamera Beardsley’s OC post and I think it’s so cool that you do 50,60,70+ style! My sister’s name is Jody and my grandma’s name is Charlotte, so I’m already loving reading through posts hehe. Great story about the Scottish tour guide. 🙂


    • It’s so nice to meet you Dale Janee!!!!
      It’s funny how the same names work their way through families!!! I hope you come by often and let me know what you think!!

  • Hi Jodie!
    Oh, I’m so not a fashionista or a shopping girl, or at least not for clothes anyway! But the decades of fashion history is fascinating! Like your mama’s outfit! I love the thrift stores & occasionally break down & look at clothes. Like yesterday, I was in a thrift store trying to find a white sweater. I bought 2, one of which was full of pills, which I couldn’t see in the low light of the thrift store. Oh well, I’m only wearing it to stay warm.

    • I’m so glad you liked it Florence!!
      There a couple of us hosting a thrifting challenge on Instagram next week, and you’d be perfect for it if you’d like to join in!! If can be home decor or clothing and there are even prizes!! I’ll post a reminder on Ig on Sunday if you’re interested (@jtouchofstyle)!!

  • Kirsten Wick

    Oh my, the Scotland story is too fabulous. Love a man in a kilt! Have a fab weekend. Love, Kirsten x

    • Isn’t it funny, Kirsten?? I bet you see them a lot??

      • Kirsten Wick

        Not at all as we live quite far from Scotland. Kirsten x

  • Okay I laughed about all the women being in pants and then man in a kilt. I like to travel in pants or a long, lose dress. Just more comfy!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Love this outfit! And the story made me chuckle, especially about the guide being the only one wearing a skirt!


    • Like we always say….my mom is a nut!!
      Thanks, Mary and have a great weekend!!

  • dan

    Wearing a shirt or shirt dress as a jacket is something I love, so thumb up for your mum ‘said outfit!!
    ( as soon as temperatures drop I will follow the trend )

    • Thanks so much Dan!!
      It was an unusually cool day when we took these photos—but especially when travelling, you just never know!!

  • I love her anecdote about the male tour guide being the only one in a skirt! I love to shop for clothes and souvenirs when I travel, so I always leave extra room in my suitcase. If we ended up needing an extra piece of luggage for my purchases, I think Kyle would lose his mind and get a hernia too! Ha!

    I also like Charlotte’s tip of packing a long button-up to style open and closed. Clever! I might do the same thing with a shirt-dress and wear it as-is, with leggings, or with tights. And yes, I suppose you could wear it open and layered over slim leg pants or something. In Scotland, you never know which combination the weather might call for!


    • I think that’s the hardest part of travelling for me, is trying to make sure I have clothes for all possibilities. The weather is hard enough to judge when you live somewhere and have a closet full…let alone when you are limited and going somewhere new!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Charlotte’s outfits look great, both then and now! Love her red hair! 🙂 I could just see the drivers loading all that luggage, from shopping trips! At least he didn’t load them in his kilt, or so we know… 🙂

    • Thanks Terri!
      LOL!! When Sherry (the 40+ model) posted this photo on IG–she captioned it “Along with a man with no pants”—we are hilarious, aren’t we?
      Have a great weekend!!

  • Your mom is gorgeous! I love her present Scotland look. The print is divine. Thanks for sharing all these throwback photos this week. So fun!

    • Thanks Kathrine!!!
      It’s fun to look back at these old photos!!
      Have a great weekend!

  • Mummabstylish Mummabstylish

    Scotland is stunning, with some fabulous scenery. Thanks for sharing this on the blog, Jodie I really like Charlottes long shirt – it looks great paired with those trousers. Jacqui

    • Thanks Jacqui!!!
      My mom will be tickled pink with your comment—thanks for making her day!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party with your awesome outfit.

  • A girls trip to Scotland would be so fun! And too funny the tour guide was the only one wearing a skirt! I love your moms travel style!

    Doused in Pink

    • Isn’t my mom funny??
      Thanks Jill–she’s love to read this!!

  • Mother Daughter

    I always dress for comfort when I travel, your mothers look is perfect. Getting to shop every two hours and see Scotland is wonderful.

    • It’s funny how we love to shop no matter where we go!!!
      Thanks for the wonderful words, Victoria!! I’ll forward this to my mom so she can enjoy them too!!

  • What a fun story and I bet that was a fun trip to Scotland! Shopping every two hours! That wasn’t Scotland that was heaven! Peace!

    • OMG, Cheryl!! My mom would so agree with you! In fact, when she reads this, I’m sure she’ll laugh!!

  • PetiteOver40

    Charlotte’s “get-away” look is perfect for all the reasons you mentioned — comfort, the top is multi-functional, she can pair each piece with other pieces. Plus, I love her idea of buying the accessories as you travel! They make the best souvenirs.

    Charlotte’s style is inspiring to me because she brings with her the elegance of the age she grew up in, yet her style is completely modern and up-to-date. I aspire to this balance between elegance and modern style and I think of her often when I’m considering new ideas for outfits!


    • You are so kind, Sherry!! Thanks for lifting my mom up with your compliments!
      She doesn’t always believe me, because I’m biased!!! LOL

  • Loving these outfits, the last one with pastels is super cute and I love the print on the top!

    My Vogue Style |

  • Judy Gramith

    Charlotte’s outfit is great! I really like the jewelry and the length of the pants seems perfect! Her story of the first trip to Scotland was so good! My favorite part was the tour guides kilt and the ladies wearing the pants. I think Charlotte is a treasure!!

    • It’s funny how the roles were reversed on this trip!! And you should hear my mom tell the story in person—she’s a nut!!! Well, you’ll see in October since both she & Nancy will be joining us!!

      • Judy Gramith

        I cant wait to meet all three of you darling women!!

    • Charlotte Miller

      Thanks Judy, the trip was really fun–fact is; I’ve made abouy 11 more trips with that travel group. Different people all the time but many of us are retired teachers.

      • Judy Gramith

        Just like me Charlotte! I taught Social Studies for 37 years!. I have a good friend who does a lot of traveling with groups. She’s met so many fun people that way. I’d really love to go to Scotland one day!!

  • Versatilestylebytracey

    a fun trip and love Mom’s fresh summer look! She really does have the best jewelry collection!

    • And she’d tell you that the jewelry collection is so extensive because she’s been adding to it for so many years (along with the fact that she never throws things out—ha ha!!)
      Thanks Tracey!!

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    A girls trip sounds so, so fun. Sadly, I’ve never been on one!! It’s one of my goals someday if I can talk some of my closer girlfriends into doing it. 🙂 I always worry about my luggage being overweight when I fly after a trip! haha. I guess if you’re driving it isn’t a big deal, though. Charlotte is so pretty! Those turq pants really are a fun pop of color and really brings out that color on her top.


    • That’s a great bucket list item, Carrie!!
      And I think it’ll be a ton of fun, as long as it’s with the right girls—ha ha!!
      Thanks for the love to my mom! I’ll make sure I forward this to her so she can appreciate it too!!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    One thing this photo proves is that Charlotte was always a beautiful woman and continues to be. I went to Scotland many (many!) years ago with my 2 best friends and absolutely loved it. I bought a Toby mug and a Sherlock Holmes type hat and had such a wonderful time. What I also am struck by is that continuing to be interested in shopping and looking for fun things to wear is a healthy sign that you are still in the game of life and get pleasure out of presenting a pleasing picture of yourself to the world and having fun.

    • So the question is Rebecca? Do you wear the hat fro Scotland??? You totally should!!!
      And I think your point is so valid!! Caring about ourselves and how we look, really creates a good outlook on life. I find it quite sad, when I hear women say it just doesn’t matter anymore….
      Thanks so much for joining in Rebecca!!

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    That sounds like such a fun trip! And Charlotte has gotten even more beautiful with age! Turquoise is the perfect color for her in my opinion. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for saying this Debbie. Because I think the same thing, that’s she’s so lovely. But of course she doesn’t believe me, so it’s good that she hears it from other women!!!

  • No, I didn’t recognize your mom! I’d have to say that she looks even more beautiful now! I’m so glad you convinced her to keep the shorter length on her pants. It’s perfect!

    • Thanks Darlene!! I’m glad she stopped dying her hair–for some reason that red didn’t look as nice as her natural hair color!!
      As for the pants—these are some of my faves of hers!! However, she just bought another pair that were ankle length and then preceded to lengthen them! Ugh—mothers!!!

  • Lovely to read about your trip to Scotland Charlotte! Have a lovely day!

    Gemma x

    • Thanks so much Gemma!! I’ll forward this to my mom and it’ll make her smile!!

  • donnaduck

    I’m really liking the “duster” style of top for Fall. I saw a plaid one at Catherine’s the other day, and thought it would look so nice with either jeans and a cami/tank top, worn open, or buttoned up with slacks for work. Giving you a bit of warmth when needed (it was a sheer fabric), and very stylish too! I think the longer length is slimming and elongating, where sometimes just a “shirt” cuts you off closer to your thigh or waist. Definitely considering going back to Catherine’s and purchasing that duster! Your mom looks great in her summer outfit!

    • Thanks Donna!! My mom will just love reading your wonderful comment!!
      And I do think that when you keep thinking about an item like that, it’s a good buy—you might as well go get it!! (heck, if you get it home and it doesn’t seem to fit in your closet, you can always take it back,right?)

  • donnanance

    Your mom looks fabulous! Love the colors in her outfit and her accessories are spot on. The ankle pants are perfect. Great story about her visit to Scotland. Traveling is the best way to find new accessories…they are small to pack and can be worn right away. It’s a good way to remember a favorite trip. Another thing…you don’t have to dust them and you never outgrow them…ha!

    • My mom will love to read this, Donna!! Thanks so much for making her day!
      And this is why we are friends—you think exactly like we do!! LOL!!

    • Charlotte Miller

      Thanks for the lovely comments.

  • Laura

    I love buying accessories and clothing as souvenirs on trips! They are such great memories that you get to wear as often as you like! Love the outfit your mother is wearing! The pops of turquoise are so pretty!

    • It’s so true—it’s almost better to get those items as souvenirs, because they don’t gather dust as much as trinkets do!!
      Thanks Laura!

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    As always, I enjoy stopping by to see what creative outfits you’ve put together. You mentioned “thrifting”. Sometimes when I want a colorful pair of pants but don’t want to spend a fortune, I can find them at a thrift store. Since teal or fuschia pants don’t go with everything….if you don’t pay much for them….they are a great colorful outfit find.
    Bev xx

    • We absolutely love thrifting too, Bev!! It just makes so much sense, when you don’t think you’ll wear the piece quite as much! Although some of my thrifted finds, are my favorites!!
      If you are on Instagram, I’m helping to host a thrifting challenge next week. You should join us, and there are even prizes!!

  • I didn t even recognising your mother in that picture! But afther a good look, yes, they have the same mouth! Haha, and a Scottisch man does look good in a kilt!
    The long blouse over the trousers is very flattering.

    • It’s funny how hair color can really change how someone looks, right?

  • Eileen Flanigan Sinda

    All lovely, as usual.

  • Marci Vaughn

    Charlotte is so beautiful! ‘Love these posts! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    • Thanks so much Marci!! I will forward this to my mom and she will LOVE to read it!!

  • Karen

    I loved seeing the picture of your mom in Scotland! The trip sounds like great fun and such a very beautiful place to travel! I love the top she is wearing in her “now” photo – you’re so right, it is very versatile and could work for both casual and more dressed up. That’s always a plus when we travel and try to cut back on what we pack! Love the earrings and bracelet too! Your mom looked beautiful “then” and still does “now”!

    • You really are a treasure Karen!! These wonderful words will totally make my mom smile!!