Summer Festival Get-Away Styles Over 40

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Festival Outfit

Summer Festival Get-Away Styles Over 40

It’s that time again when Sherry from Petite Over 40 and the 3 of us pool our memories and photos to create a Fab Collab that spans the generations. Over this coming week we’ll share memories of summer-get-away styles from the past as well as ways we style them today. 

 As you may realize, each of us was born in a different decade: Charlotte is in her 70s, Nancy is in her 60s, Jodie is in her 50s, and Sherry is in her 40s. As a result, our memories offer quite a range of fashion history! We each share a photo from the past that pertains to the theme. And with that photo we then include our story and thoughts about that time or picture. Then we put on an outfit of how we’d wear it today!! Some things are similar and some are very different!!

We’ve been sharing these histories for over a year now, and it’s always amazing how certain pieces of clothing can speak to us! I also love hearing stories from you my readers, about your memories of this same theme, so feel free to join in by commenting below!

Summer Getaway Styles for 4 Generations

Sherry’s Story!

Sherry’s story kicks us off with memories of The Stratford Festival and the scarves she’s worn there!

The Play’s the Thing

The first time I went to the Straford Festival it was 2003. Back then it was still called the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Hubby had gone there in high school and he wanted to relive the experience as an adult. What he hoped was to impress me with the quality of theater he was exposed to as a kid. What he didn’t expect was how I’d fall head over heels in love with it–the town, the festival, the whole nine yards.

Summer Festival Style
Last year my parents went with me. Here we are in front of the Festival Theatre waiting for the house to open. “Say SHAKESPEARE!”
The Scarf’s the Thing, Too

Like the advice in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to always pack a towel, I always pack a scarf (or two) when traveling. Even in 2003, when I went to Stratford for the first time, I knew the value of a scarf (which is really like a fancy towel, for all you Hitchhiker’s Guide fans). Stratford in the summer is like Michigan and Minnesota in the summer–hot and humid. Outdoors, the sun and humidity combines to sear my skin and cause blisters, even with SPF-1-Million. A scarf provides a light layer of protection between me and that kind of heat.

Summer festival style with scarves

Although this photo wasn’t taken at Stratford this was an outfit I wore there.In addition, windowless, air-conditioned buildings can get chilly, especially when I sit still for two hours at a time. Never do I visit my beloved Stratford without a scarf to keep the sun off and the chill out. It is both an accessory and a necessity.

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Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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