Summer Day at the Sidewalk Chalk Art Fun

Sidewalk Chalk art

Summer Day at the Sidewalk Chalk Art Fun

Quote of the day: “Life is trying things to see if they work.” Ray Bradbury

Hanging out with friends is really what makes many days so enjoyable, don’t you think? So when our “foodie friends”, David & Eileen asked if we wanted to join them for a trip to the Larimer Square sidewalk chalk art fun, how could we say no?

We had a great time seeing how artistic some people can be with chalk!! You can see one of the photos from the day on my journaling post for June! I had also included a bunch of these masterpieces in my Instagram stories, so you might have already seen those!!

When we found these great murals, I asked Rob to model for another blog post!! I was even lucky enough to get Eileen to join in on the fun!! So today is not just men’s style, but also for the females!

Rob’s Outfit: Since it was a hot day, Rob made sure to wear one of his hats to keep his head covered!

I know many guys don’t wear hats much anymore, but they are quite functional. Especially if there is any thinning on top of the head!! The funny thing is Rob has at least 4 hats that are “his”, yet I tend to wear each of them more than he does.

So that’s a great reason to buy your man a hat!! Then you can “borrow” them anytime you want! There are always the straw versions that are perfect for summer time. Did you know that there are straw ones in black too?? Or there are the safari versions that never go out of style!

sidewalk chalk art outfits

The other fun aspect of Rob’s outfit are his yellow shoes!! Rob will wear these shoes most of the time that we are walking a lot. They were a splurge many years ago in NYC, and they are as comfortable as slippers!! Needless to say, he does get an occasional teasing from some of our friends. But since I love the shoes, he’s happy to keep wearing them!

Guys Style & sidewalk chalk art day

Rob has a couple pairs of linen pants that he wears most of the summer when he’s not wearing shorts! He has some in white and these in brown! When I was searching for a similar item, this pair popped up for such a great deal. And look at all of the colors available!! Don’t be surprised if Rob has another color to choose from in his closet the next time you see him, ha ha!!

Men over 50 & style at sidewalk chalk art festival

And last but not least, let’s talk about Rob’s shirt!! I like this polo shirt because it’s more interesting than many others. The stripes in it make it fun, and then the addition of the solid colored pocket is my kind of detail!

I found a white one that is similar to this concept, or this one could be a keeper!

sidewalk chalk art day

Pants: Banana Republic (similar here)~~Shirt: Banana Republic (similar here with just stripes)~~Shoes: Moreschi (similar here)~~Belt: (similar here)~~Hat: Merona (similar here)

Eileen’s (70+) Outfit: Eileen is one of my stylish friends who is also an incredible chef.

In fact, she used to have her own television program about how to cook on Denver’s public television many, many years ago!!

One of my favorite details about Eileen is that she doesn’t shy away from color!! That’s why I put her in front of the John Lennon mural. Her pink top matched his pink glasses!!

Women over 70 & style at sidewalk chalk art festival

Sidewalk chalk art wear for Women

Pants: (similar here)~~Vest: (similar here)~~Shirt: (similar here or here)~~Shoes: (similar here)

Just in case you were wondering about my outfit, I showed it when we compared a dress in a classic style vs. a modern style. It was a hot one in Denver, this day, so we all tried to keep cool!!

And let me know if you’ve ever been to a sidewalk chalk art festival?? Now that I’ve seen one, I’d love to go to more of them!!

Thanks to you all! 

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  • Wow. I love every shirt and every piece of art. I can’t believe I missed this event! Go Denver.

    • I guess it happens every summer, Anna!! You should meet us there next year!!

  • I love chalk art – people do such amazing things!

  • It’s the first time I’ve come across your blog and I love that you write this blog with your mum and stepmum, so unique! Love your outfits in this post and the quote at the beginning is perfect! #FabFridayPost

    • Thanks so much!!
      I love incorporating other people into my blog—it makes it so much more fun!!
      Sometimes I even have a reader or two that send in photos and I call them blogettes!!!

  • Love this post. Your friend certainly looks like fun too! Does your husband like brown pants? I could have sworn I saw him wearing these before.

    • I do think Rob likes brown because it’s a neutral and isn’t as loud as his red jeans. He has a pair of brown jeans and these brown linen pants!! When I met him. all he would wear was tan pants—so these really aren’t that much different!! Ha ha!

  • sue

    Thanks for joining us at #overthemoon Jodie and it is great to see some men’s fashion as well. Have a great week!

    • Thanks Sue!!
      The guys have to look good too, right?

  • sue

    Rob certainly looks ‘cool’. Loved the artwork as well.

    • Thanks Sue—I’ve certainly begun to notice all of the cool murals on the walls nowadays!!

  • He looks so very debonair!

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  • Melissa

    The prefect wall for these pic Jodie!! Love your man’s style, the hat definitely made his outfit. Your friends pop of color is prefect on her! I swear coral looks great on everyone 😉
    Thanks for linking up with Weekend Wear


    • I never used to even think about walls for our photos—funny how blogging has changed my perspective, huh??
      Thanks Mel!!

  • Cuties!! Love their outfits! He’s sos tylish too!

  • Jodie, as I started to write this comment I saw the one your mother left and it give quite a chuckle. Now that I’ve met your fabulous Rob, I’m so much more thrilled to see him in your posts. He has a great casual vibe that is timeless and not pretentious. He might take some ribbing from his friends but I’m sure their gals wish some of his style would rub off on their men. Your friend Eileen looks great too. Thanks for sharing this delightful post on my Fine-Whatever link up.


    • Isn’t my mom a crack up???
      I don’t understand why more men don’t love adding some style to their closets?? They get much more attention that way!! Unless they consider attention a bad thing??

  • Great post Jodie! Looks like you have fun friends, the photos are fantastic! My husband wore a hat today because it was sunny. You’re right, you don’t see men wearing hats much anymore, just baseball caps.


    • And the funny thing is I don’t even think of a baseball cap as a hat. One of our friends was saying that he had a bunch of hats, and I was imagining cool fedoras and the such. And then he was describing the baseball team logos on them—haha!!

  • Love the wall art! And Rob’s shoes. Thanks for linking up! xox


    • Thanks Patti!!
      Rob keeps saying he might have to replace these shoes, but I’m not sure they can be replaced!!

  • Nice work!

  • Hi Jodie,

    Who would think that street chalk art can be so amazing, right? I am impressed. And I am also taken by Rog- he is a natural male model, I must say! I love his look. Very dapper. :-))

  • Mummabstylish Mummabstylish

    Yes a lovely post, and fab backdrop. Jacqui

  • Such cute photos! Love the chalk art! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  • Great shoes! It takes a courage to be different. Eileen’s style is lovely

  • AryaChic

    How cool are these outfits?? I love those yellow loafers in the first pic, so bold

  • Well, I am behind again! For better or worse, my school work is keeping my reading time pretty tied up!
    What an incredibly cool place! This art work is amazing!
    Rob looks fabulous! It can be so hard to get men, in particular, to step out with their style and I applaud him for it. His shoes are wonderful! They add just a touch of color without being in-your-face or showy…just tasteful. And men should definitely wear hats more! Its so old school classy! Like Matt Homer in “White Collar”.
    Eileen looks awesome, as well! I love that she embraces color still! So often women seem to get to an age where they think they have to tone themselves down for some reason. So not true! Look how amazing she is in that! She looks so alive and vibrant! Excellent!

    • Thanks for such a wonderful comment, Ronnie!!!
      I always tell Eileen, that I love that she wears lots of color…even though she looks good in black too!! She actually has a closet bigger than mine, so she has lots of every color!!

  • I always love finding street art. These are incredible ones you found, Jodie 🙂

    Jessica |

    • It is super fun!! Although before blogging, I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about it!!!
      Thanks Jessica!!

  • Laura

    A sidewalk chalk festival sounds like so much fun! Love the murals you used as background too! I think your husband’s yellow shoes are a fun way to add color. All the better that they are comfortable!

    • It really was so fun, Laura!! I think we’ll be planning to go next year for sure—although it was darn crowded!!

  • Shelise Saddul

    These pics are so cute, I love the one with the pink sunglasses art, pink is my fave colour! x

    S x

  • This post is soooo cute! I love both outfits!


  • Thanks!

  • Rob looks SUPER spiffy!! I love love his yellow shoes.

    • Aren’t they the best? He loves to wear them, but usually gets a little kidding from some of our friends!! But at least he doesn’t look like every other Joe, right?

  • What a beautiful back drop! Lovely Photos.

  • Amy D. Christensen

    What fun, Jodie! Rob and Eileen are both stylin’! – Amy

  • Judy Gramith

    This is a really intriguing event!! Are the artists local people? Amateurs and/or professional artists?
    I’m assuming that these works of art are just left to wash off the walls as it rains through the next couple of months…
    It’s fun to see Rob sporting his funky yellow shoes and straw fedora. Clearly you’ve convinced him that he should enjoy showing his personality through his clothing choices and you can tell he’s confident in his “look”!!
    Eileen looks like a lot of fun. Its neat that she thrives on sharing unique experiences with her friends. It looks like you all had a great time!!
    Charlotte is sincere but also hilarious!

    • So the chalk art festival is amateurs—I think! And it’s true, if and when it rains the art is gone—which is crazy!! But I might have given the wrong impression!! These murals were not part of the chalk art—they were on the way home when we stopped for tacos!! But totally fun and since we had the camera……we had to take photos!!
      PS…my mom is a nut!! You’ll see in October!! 🙂

  • I was just thinking how much better the day is with friends! And what a cool event! I can’t say I’ve ever been to a sidewalk chalk art festival! I love your husband’s outfit too! My husband would love that outfit as well. (I’ll have to try and talk him into the hat!) I LOVE Eileen’s outfit as well! Her vest is awesome. Hope you all have a great weekend!

    • So, have you made a lot of new friends in Argentina?? And I was thinking the hardest part would be packing and moving….but making new friends could be a challenge when you don’t speak the language!!
      Your husband definitely needs a hat!! Don’t you think they just add so much pizzazz to any outfit??

  • Hanging out with friends really is the best, and it looks like you had a great time! I have never been to anything like this, but it looks awesome!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • This was our first time too, but if you ever hear about something like it, you should go! I was surprised at how fun it was!!

  • Love the smiles, the yellow tennis shoes 👞 and the fuchsia shirt. Perfect 👌 outfits for the outing!

    • Thanks Rebecca!! And this was at the end of the day after being in the sun!! Imagine how much better we looked at the beginning…haha!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    I love that your hubby is such a fashionisto! I wonder where he got it from? My hubby has a flair for Latin American and German style but he’s such a cheapscape, it’s hard to get him into anything but shorts and flipflops (he rocks the Cali windsurfer look, I guess), especially after wearing his heavy jeans and boots in his job out in the heat all day. Men are so easy, a couple of nice pieces sets them apart and last for years!

    • Trust me when I say, getting Rob to enjoy clothes has been a process. It all started when we used to watch “What not to Wear” together.
      The joke is, he used to say that shopping used to make him break out in a sweat because it was stressful. Now it makes him break out in a sweat because of the damage to his wallet!! Haha !!

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    Seriously! Your friends are so stylish! I love that polo that Rob is wearing, my husband needs to up his polo game and get one that isn’t just a solid color. How neat that Eileen used to have her own cooking show!


    • There are definitely some funner polo shirts out there, Carrie!! Your husband needs to keep up with how great you look, right??

  • I’m laughing at your mom’s comment below! Anyway, are your friends nervous to go out with you since they might end up in a post? Everyone trying to look super-stylish so they make the blog cut? or not? Your man is such a good sport. Mine usually makes goofy faces or sticks out his stomach so I won’t take his picture and he would never wear yellow shoes. I need to get him to loosen up a bit like Rob! Have a wonderful weekend friend!

    • That’s a great question about my friends being nervous, Julia!! I wasn’t planning on taking blog photos of Rob this day, so it certainly wasn’t planned. But Eileen’s a great sport…and she always is so stylish!!
      Your husband just needs to hang out with Rob—I think being around other guys who dress nice, makes it more fun!!!

  • Charlotte Miller

    Lovely post Dear. Nice to see some one else in the photos.

    • Getting tired of modeling, mom?? It is a tough gig!!! XOXO

      • Looking glam is SUCH hard work, Charlotte, I can relate 😛

      • Charlotte Miller

        No-just enjoyed seeing others doing their thing.

  • Love Rob’s shoes! Your friend is very stylish and how fun that she had her own cooking show! Those murals are beautiful!

    • This was a fun day!! The chalk art, friends, and then we had tacos!!! What more could you ask for?

  • Lesley Watson

    Rob looks so stylish and hip. Love his hat. My hubby wears hats too ( thin on top) but nothing so cool. My grandaughter did a picture in this chalk show with her art teacher. We didn’t hear about it till afterwards so didn’t get to go down to Larimer Sq and see all the great works. I’ll look forward to next years and let you know if I hear of any others around town. Have a great weekend.

    • Really??? That’s so cool your granddaughter was in it?? I can’t believe they didn’t tell you until afterwards!!! It was our first time, and we were so gobsmacked about all of the incredible talent! We’ll definitely have to meet you guys down there next year!!

      • Lesley Watson

        I was really disappointed that we didn’t get to see except photos on FB. Next year we’ll make a date & meet you.

  • Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)

    My husband never wears hats, but as we’re planning a hot holiday next summer, he’s currently looking into getting one or two for that, and come to think of it, I’ll need one, too! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • My husband didn’t wear them either until we went on our Mediterranean cruise many years ago!! It really is smart though, and I’ve learned to love them for the bad day factor!!

  • I love both of these stylish looks! So perfect for this fun event.

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    My husband is rarely without a hat…and he always looks so cool wearing one. I have been known to borrow one from time to time, but I’m not a big hat wearer. And seriously, how cool are the yellow shoes!

    • I can’t believe you don’t borrow his, Debbie!!! I’ve just become such a hat lover recently, that I want everyone else to be too….haha!!!

  • I love this post! It’s great to have male style in our mostly female blogsphere! Peace!

  • MamaGrace

    I love a hat and my husband has just found one that suits him, which took years! #FabFridayPosts

    • That’s the same for my husband—it used to be comical to have him try hats on because they didn’t look right!!

  • LauriePOP

    Oh my word; what a great wall! You’re so fun!
    LauriePOP Ideas That POP

  • Queen of Rods

    I love Rob’s yellow shoes. My guy has pink ones that he purchased in Santa Fe when his black ones were too hot in the high desert sun. He takes a ribbing for wearing them, but they make a great conversation starter 🙂

    • That’s exactly the same with these yellow shoes—he does get a little kidding from certain people!!
      Now I may have to have Rob keep an eye out for pink shoes—that sounds perfect!!
      Thanks Janet!!

      • Queen of Rods

        These are legit New Balance men’s shoes…in pink patent and red pebbled leather. Can you imagine?

        • I’m telling you, Janet…we need to get him on the blog one of these days!! Guys need some better examples of how to dress fabulously!!

  • Karen

    Always fun to see Rob in the posts. I really do like those shoes and think they add a lot of interest to the brown-toned pants and shirt. Yellow is my favorite color, so maybe that has something to do with it! Eileen’s outfit is super cute! I have a swimsuit top like her blouse and love the ruffle detail down the front. The vest just adds something extra and looks great too. I don’t own a vest, but seeing this makes me rethink that and I’ll have to check out the sales! My youngest son is a hat guy. He goes to hat shops where they do custom fitting and gets very nice, dressy hats. He told me he was born in the wrong era, he likes the look of men wearing nice hats like they did in the 1930’s and 1940’s. He wore a Homburg to his wedding, which was on the beach in very hot weather. There he was in that dressy hat and a 3-piece suit! It was great. So seeing men in hats reminds me of Josh and always makes me smile!

    • I didn’t even know that they have custom fitting for hats—wow, that’s serious!!
      But how smart men looked back in the days with their suits and hats, don’t you think??
      I have a couple of vest, but I usually forget to wear them in the summer. But I’m trying to be better about trying new things, so maybe today??