Summer Get-Away Styles Over 50

Summer get away styles

Summer Get-Away Styles Over 50

It’s that time again when Sherry from Petite Over 40 and the 3 of us pool our memories and photos to create a Fab Collab that spans the generations. Over this coming week we’ll share memories of summer get away styles from the past as well as ways we style them today. 

 As you may realize, each of us was born in a different decade: Charlotte is in her 70s, Nancy is in her 60s, Jodie is in her 50s, and Sherry is in her 40s. As a result, our memories offer quite a range of fashion history! We each share a photo from the past that pertains to the theme. And with that photo we then include our story and thoughts about that time or picture. Then we put on an outfit of how we’d wear it today!! Some things are similar and some are very different!!

We’ve been sharing these histories for over a year now, and it’s always amazing how certain pieces of clothing can speak to us! I also love hearing stories from you my readers, about your memories of this same theme, so feel free to join in by commenting below!

Summer Getaway Styles for 4 Generations

The past

Many of my summer get away photos back from my younger days involved my friend, Heidi! She just turned 50 this summer, so I asked her to join me in reminiscing about our times together. And just for reference, in both photos, I’m the blonde on the left!!

Summer get away with Heidi


Who knew there was such a thing as Singles Day at the Colorado Renaissance Festival? Well back in the late 1980s there was–and maybe still is today? It’s not a bad idea! Jodie and I could not miss this opportunity so we put on our pink tops and headed to Larkspur, CO to mingle with other singles. We met a couple of guys (one pictured) and had a great time hanging out with them at the festival. At the end of the day we left with them to go for a ride on their motorcycles. It was kind of scary and not the smartest decision but YOLO.

I remember this pink T-shirt well – it had shoulder pads in it! I was working at Paul Harris at the time and purchased it there. My plaid shorts were a favorite and had a matching plaid button up short sleeve shirt that I would sometimes wear over the pink T-shirt thereby doubling up on the shoulder pads. I would like to say that this picture was taken after we rode motorcycles and that is why my hair is so big. But, that is not the case. At that time, my hair was permed and frosted on a regular basis by my mom.


Back in these days, I had quite a few cropped tops! Well, heck, I still had a muscular body from gymnastics, and the bottoms were more high waisted too! My hair was lighter than is is now but only because I used Sun In and lemon juice when I was out on the porch sun bathing! Yes, I used to try to tan quite a bit. I never was able to get as dark as Heidi, but this was tan for me!!

Summer get away styles


This picture would have been taken in the early 1990s when I was married and was living in St. Joseph, Missouri. My ex’s family had a house at the Lake of Ozarks and we spent a lot of time there during the summers. On this occasion, we brought Jodie and our friend Brandi with us (sadly, Brandi passed away from cancer in the mid-2000s).After a fun-filled weekend we headed back home and stopped at Gorilla Burgers in Gravois Mills to eat. Of course, we had to get our picture taken with the gorillas out front. And, I have a drink in my hand again!!! I‘m thinking it was water . . . as I mentioned, it was a FUN weekend.

This white two piece set was like wearing pajamas (only with a belt). I loved the elastic waist band on the long shorts and the split front crop top. The only problem with the shirt was, when it caught a breeze, the top flap would fly up and expose one boob. So if it was windy outside, I had to hold the shirt down. Matching white/black beaded hoop earrings, black sunglasses and—though you can’t see them—black sandals. My hair had toned down a bit by this time as my mom was no longer giving me perms!


Hanging out with Heidi was always a blast because it was all about exploring and eating!! I think this is the outfit I wore to the airport home on this trip because I remember having to remove my belt to get through security, and having my shorts almost fall down!! As for my hair, it was bleached after a snafu at the beauty school!!

The Present

And here’s Heidi at her 50th birthday party on the left in pink with her sister!! She lives in Kansas City, Missouri and is the manager of marketing and events at KC Parks & Rec. I would have to laugh and consider it a perfect job for her!! She’s always been the “it” girl when it comes to having fun!!

summer get away style

These 2 photos of Heidi really show that her fabulous smile hasn’t changed a bit! If you check out her Facebook page, you’ll notice her love for any off the shoulder or cold shoulder looks!! She calls it her Summer Style of 2017!! In fact, she’s the one I contacted to find which strapless bra I should get, since I would always see her wearing these fun tops!!

summer style

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: As for my summer get away look, I chose my white dress.

Why you might ask?? Well, for one thing, I’ve been trying to wear skirts and dresses more this summer! And I thought a white dress would be so versatile especially on any vacation. You can change up the look so easily with different color shoes or accessories. The 3 of us styled white dresses last summer, and my favorite variation was with the orange added in!

I know many women comment that they can’t keep white clean, but my mom will argue that it’s way easier to bleach the white items because there aren’t any other colors to worry about! So if you don’t happen to have one, then let me introduce you to this one , this one or this one! All of which would work nicely for a summer get away.

Summer Get away Dress for Women over 50

Of course I included a lightweight cardigan, since you never know what the stores or restaurants will be like temperature wise!! This cardigan is perfect for traveling because I can stuff it in a suitcase and it doesn’t wrinkle. It’s my latest piece from Covered Perfectly, and I have to admit, I’ve worn it more than I thought I would!!

I know when I’m on a summer get away, I will always take at least one cardigan and maybe even a jacket. I always laugh that I need my jacket for the inside not the outside at this time of year. There are many lightweight cardigans that fit the bill, like a sheer one or a lace trimmed one!

White dress as summer get away outfit

Of course the accessories are the funnest part of the outfit for me!

I haven’t been wearing my brooches that much this summer, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity!!

And my hat is one of those scrunch-able ones, which I added the pom poms too with my glue gun just recently. But if you don’t want to DIY your own hat, there are some fun ones available for purchase. You could get your hat with tassels on it, a pineapple on it, a band around it, or words on it!

Summer Get away style for years

Dress: Max Studio-thrifted in my Thrift Box (similar here)~~Cardigan: Covered Perfectly c/o (here)~~Shoes: Kelly & Katie (similar here)~~Brooch: (similar here)~~Hat: (similar here)

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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In honor of Heidi and her love of off the shoulder and cold shoulder shirts and dresses, I rounded up a bunch for you. Your summer get away outfit could include any of these tops!

  • Loved looking at the old pics. I found some old family ones the other day too which brought back sweet memories x

    • That’s the advantage of moving, I think!! We take the time to go through many older things and reminisce.
      I bet you could do the “big hair” way better than me!! You have such amazingly thick hair!! I’d love to see some of your old photos!!!

  • Mary Kalpos

    Oh my Jodie you really sent me back. I was in my element in those days of high waisted pants and giant shoulder pads. Your dress from the present is stunning. It is soft and summery. And I think the shoes are perfect too, just the right amount of pop.

    • Isn’t it funny how these old photos bring back so many memories, Mary??
      Thanks for joining in on this—now it’s only fair if you show me some of your old photos!!!

  • I love wearing white dresses but with kids – it doesn’t last that long! Haha
    This is a fab series, how you have walked down the memory lane. Heidi sound like my kind of girl. She knows how to have a great time. I really do love your dress. I like anything embroidery. It is beautiful and really suit you too. 🙂

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

    • Thanks so much Su!! Heck—you don’t have to have kids to get anything dirty—I do that very well on my own, LOL!! But my mom always says, it’s easier to bleach the entire item when it’s white!

  • You both aged beautifully. Still vibrant, elegant women.

  • Jodie, these flashback posts are so much fun! How much our styles have evolved over the years! You were fabulous in the 80’s and you are fabulous now, my friend! Always smiling, always beautiful! Thanks so much for linking up with me.


    • I love looking back at old photos, Shelbee!! I could waste an entire day, just going through my photos!!
      Thanks for being so positive about these old memories. Sometimes I cringe at the looks, but it was fun and stylish at the time!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    Love the memories! I really like your dress and that cardi is perfect for summer. This is a great series, Jodie. – Amy

  • Hilda Smith

    What a fun post Jodie…love seeing those photos.. .great white dress by the way.

    • Thanks Hilda!!
      It is so fun to look back on our old photos!!

  • Michelle Leslie

    Ahhhhh, the 80’s, those were the days. Crop tops, leg warmers and big, poofy hair. Such lovely memories and Heidi looks like an absolute blast.

    • The memories just come flooding back, right, Michelle??
      I can’t wait until leg warmers come back in style, because then I could knit them!! Ha ha!

  • Love the throwback photos! 🙂 And that ivory dress with orange shoes is fantastic together.

    • I do love looking back at these old photos, Jo-Lynne, but sometimes they make me cringe. I guess I’ll look back even at some of these photos and wonder what I was thinking??

  • This was so much fun! At 62, I could relate to the memories, but I’m not brave enough for off the shoulder right now.

    • Thanks Debbie!!
      I know my mom and stepmom both felt the same way with the off the shoulder trend….but they do like the cold shoulder instead!! Have you tried that??

      • I have one cold shoulder blouse. I love it.

        • FYI…I tried the one shoulder shirt this summer, and I loved that one too!! At least I could wear one bra strap with it!!

  • I loved this glimpse into your friendship and reading about your singles day motorcycle adventures! I had a friend from high school who would tan outside with SunIn and lemon juice in her hair. It’s something she did with her mom, a summer ritual passed down from one generation to the next! haha And I love your choice of accessorizing with the brooch at your waist. It’s the perfect accent piece that makes the waistband look more like a belt and really breaks up the allover lace. Lovely!


    • It’s so funny to look back at these photos, I think!! But I have to admit, it’s now that I wish I hadn’t laid out in the sun so much—-ah…live and learn!!
      I usually forget about my brooches in the summer, but I felt this dress almost needed a belt—yet I didn’t want to cover it up too much!! I just have to remember this trick!!
      Thanks Liz and have a great weekend!

  • Anne

    What a lovely post reminiscing about the past and what you used to wear. I loved the days when I could get away with shorts and crop tops. Your friend certainly does look like fun. I love your white dress. I do love a nice cardigan too.

    • Thanks Anne!!
      It’s fun to remember the fun we used to have!!
      Have a great weekend!

  • Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)

    It’s lovely to look back like this, I do love rummaging though old photos x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  • Mummabstylish Mummabstylish

    It’s lovely to reminisce about past times, I love seeing the photos too. I’ve shared one on my blog this week too! Love your dress Jodie – its fabulous. x Jacqui

  • Kristin McCarthy

    I am a bit obsessed with that color of orange right now.

  • I really love reading posts like this. Really warms my heart. Thanks for sharing, and keep smiling ladies! XO

    Jessica |

    • Aww…thanks Jessica!!
      It’s so fun to look back at our older photos (and laugh!!)

  • Helen Greenwell

    This brings back so many summer memories from high school and college when life seemed so ‘carefree (and I didn’t live in such a hot summer location). I love your summer style, especially the cream thrifted dress. It’s so cute and versatile!


    • Isn’t it amazing how these photos bring back so many memories, Helen!!
      Although the styles always crack me up!!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    What a fun post – you were adorable! (Too bad the good lucking guy held the cup in front of your face). My 2 best friends have been friends since age 16 (many, many years ago LOL!) We get together often and look at fun photos taken of us during many crazy adventures.

    • And it’s so fun to look back, isn’t it???
      The amazing thing is how we really haven’t changed over time!!!
      Thanks Rebecca!!

  • Oh, I really enjoyed reading this walk down memory lane and meeting your friend. Your plaid shorts outfit looks exactly how I dressed back in the day, too. 🙂 I also owned a lot of cropped tops then. Your dress is so pretty! It looks great with the orange sandals and cardigan. I have this same cardigan, so you are giving me ideas… 😉

    • Really? You have this same cardigan?? That’s so fabulous!!
      I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve worn it lately, since it’s pastels and florals which are not usually my go-tos!!

      • Oh yeah!! Now I totally remember that you have this same cardigan, Jennie!! The funny thing is I was thinking I was wearing a different one! Ha ha–I’ll blame old age for that !!

  • Cindy

    Love these old pics! Love hearing about your days together as friends and seeing the old pics!

    • Thanks Cindy!! I bet you have some photos like this??

  • I love these posts, Jodie! This is so cool to see a little bit into your past, and how awesome that your friendships have lasted for so long! And oh gosh, I used to tan and use lemon juice as well! Haha. And your outfit is so cute! I love that hat. 🙂


    • Thanks LIndsey!!
      It cracks me up to look back at these old photos—they are almost embarrassing, but it’s all good!!

  • oh gosh…. you all soooo stylish! I just cant!
    instagram @grace_njio

  • What great memories and a great friendship! Those pictures could easily have been me and one of my friends! That was our time period, too! (I also turned 50 this year.) And, boy, do I remember everyone using SunIn and lemon juice and all the laying out! Did you guys use baby oil to lay out? We all did! We fried ourselves!
    Heidi is just lovely! 50?! C’mon! There’s not a wrinkle on her face. She needs to share her secrets!
    Jodie I LOVE your outfit! Perfect for a summer event. The pom poms on the hat are great! I’ve been adding some pom poms to things, as well. And I really love the pop of color with the shoes! Great addition!

    • Baby oik and iodine!!! Definitely a go-to in the summer. Of course the ironic thing is I don’t tan!! I just get red. But boy did I try…..
      I think part of Heidi’s secret is she lives in the Midwest!! Can you say humidity?? It may be havok on the hair, but man oh man, it’s good for the skin. Me on the other hand, will be like a raisin in 10 years!! Ha ha!!

  • Love the white lace dress and the mules are fabulous! I’ve been loving all the mules lately… of course they are everywhere!
    Chic on the Cheap

    • The best thing about mules, in my opinion?? They really are like slippers!! Easy to put on, and then take off, with little bending over!!

  • Oh, yay!! I am so glad to see you styling a white summer dress. I have one very similar and have debated about whether at 59 I am too old for white eyelet. I think I would feel much more comfortable wearing the dress with a cardi, or maybe my floral bomber or even a denim jacket. Thank you for the inspiration. Sure enjoyed your trip down Memory Lane!

    • I really wish I’d added some more color to this outfit though Leslie!! I definitely think any aged woman can wear it, but for some reason these photos make me look washed out!!
      You are NEVER too old for white eyelet!! My opinion, of course, but I can rationalize anything!! Ha ha!!

  • Mother Daughter

    How fun, love these pictures. I am like your friend this is my summer of cold shoulders and off the shoulder dresses and tops. Your dress is adorable.

    • That’s so fabulous to hear Victoria!! I know many women our age don’t like the cold shoulder and OTS shirts, so I always love to hear when women like them!!

  • Amy K

    Cute! Cute! Cute! I so enjoyed this post, and the pictures old and new! And I love both of your new getaway looks! So so pretty!

  • Nancy

    Jodie – what was the strapless bra that Heidi recommended? I keep looking for one that actually gives support to a 34 C or D. Thanks for your info.

    • The one she suggested was an Ambrie which she thought she got at Target. I have a small band size, so I knew that wouldn’t work for me.
      But, I did end up buying mine from Spanx. I didn’t realize that Spanx carried bras too until I won a gift card from them. And I ordered 2 bras from them in my regular size. I love them both, and one is my strapless!!

  • Jodie,
    Thanks for sharing the fun memories with your great friend Heidi. You both still look great. Love your LWD, it’s easy breezy summer chic.

    • Thanks so much Eugenia!!! It was so much fun to “reunite” with Heidi for this post!!

  • Oh ow I’ve enjoyed reading this! The all White outfit? I’m sure I had something simila. And the hairstyles! I remember the “Mullett” style very well. Jodie, you look fab in that lace dress. You could add any accessory to that xx

    • It’s so amazing how the older photos bring back so many memories!!
      Thanks for the love, Laurie!!

  • PetiteOver40

    This post is extra special because it includes a friend! How cool that you wove Heidi into the story. It sounds like you have had such great times together!

    Your dress is simply lovely! The dress on its own is adorable but your addition of the broach at your waist adds the perfect touch. The whole outfit is so elegant and airy at the same time. You created the perfect summer look!


    • This worked out so wonderfully with Heidi just turning 50 this summer!! She had posted these photos on her FB page, and I thought it’d be so perfect for this collaboration!!

  • Love the throwbacks you shared with us! Love your white dress as well!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  • It’s so lovely to see what you looked like back then! You were easy to recognise though, Jodie! You still look as lovely now as you did then. LOVE your white dress – it’s so gorgeous and girlie!
    Suzy xx

    Suzy Turner

    • Isn’t it so fun to see these old photos!! I usually try to point myself out, because there was one time my own mother didn’t recognize me!! Funny, huh??
      Thanks Suzy!!

  • Heidi Lynn Markle

    Thanks Jodie! So many fun memories. I love your pom-pom hat. Pom poms are another one of my Summer 2017 favorites!

    • Thank you Heidi!!! It’s a good thing I couldn’t find the video of our one summer at the lake—that showed even more interesting looks!!!
      You’ve always been my stylish friend, and it’s good to know some things never change!!

  • Hey, crop tops with high waisted shorts are totally on trend! Now that I think about it, I did own one crop top in the late 70’s. I miss those five minutes when my stomach was actually flat enough to show it off. Hahaha On another note, I went back and read your post about the thrift styling box. That’s a pretty cool (but expensive) concept. Wish I would have thought of that!

    • I’d love to see a photo of that crop top, Darlene!! 🙂
      You could totally have your own thrift box service…and maybe it could be even less. Competition is what makes us strong, right? But I figured with my 7 pieces (was it 7??) that each item was under $15, which isn’t bad, even when I’m shopping at some of the thrift stores! Of course, it’s totally perfect if you like the thrifting results but actually hate going shopping!!
      Speaking of thrifting, don’t forget the thrift challenge on IG next week!! Heck, you could win prizes!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Why oh why, did we think cropped shirts were haute couture? I’m guilty of wearing those cropped blouses then with those horrible high waisted pleated pants or shorts. Of course with the big hair! I better bite my tongue in case the style comes back 😀

    • That’s the thing—the styles do recirculate!! But there’s usually some twist to it (gosh, at least I hope so). I need to see a photo of your 80’s fashion Terri!! At least make me feel better about sharing mine…ha ha!!

  • Judy Gramith

    Ah the 80’s! Shoulder pads were HUGE! (literally and figuratively:-) You are darling in these photos Jodie! Look at those muscular calves in that picture of you in the black top and plaid shorts! I’m hoping those pleated fronts on pants/ shorts never return! That bulky, poof they create right at the tummy…?
    Your white lace dress is SO pretty and the DIY pom pom hat is charming! You definetly need some additional color near your face. Perhaps some colored pearls??? A colorful pastel silky scarf would be cool too.
    Your friend Heidi looks like she’s still fun, fashionable and feisty!

    • You do wonder why the pleated pants were so in style, right? Not that everything has to be flattering, but I don’t see why it even came about!! Mysteries of the universe, I guess..haha!
      I’m annoyed that I didn’t think to wear a colorful necklace or scarf near my face. It makes me wonder what I was thinking when I got dressed?? How did I not notice how washed out I looked in the mirror. Ah well…lesson learned! Either that or I get rid of this dress….

      • Judy Gramith

        Perhaps because a beautiful, intricate lace dress such as this wants to be the centerpiece all by itself!!??
        I’ve also seen lace dresses successfully combined with moto jacket and boots for a fun fall look (?)

        • Ahhh…that’s exactly how I should wear it!! With my brown jacket to give my face some color!!

  • Oh my gosh, I love these pictures!!!! And your pom hat is so fun! I need to dig through some of my old pics!

    • Aren’t these photos just hilarious, Laura??
      I added those pom poms to the hat with a glue gun!! Now I wear it so much more!!

  • AryaChic

    Love these throwback pictures and what do you know, a lot of the retro styles are now making a comeback 🙂

    • They really are, but I’m still glad I didn’t hold on to everything. I’d rather buy it again, because they will change something about it!!

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    What fun pictures of you and Heidi! I wish that I had more pictures from my growing up years, but you know…that whole “raised by wolves” thing I’ve talked about before on the blog. I tried to do a better job for my kids though, getting tons of photos of their childhood. The 80’s were such a cool time. Like Suzanne said, there were just so many possibilities! I’ve become “that person” who almost exclusively listens to the 80’s on 8 and Hair Nation on Sirius when I’m in my car…lol!

    • Well, the photo thing also wasn’t that big back then. You have to admit that it’s so much easier now with the phones!! Of course, no one prints them now!!!
      But I was the friend who would always bring my camera and say, “let’s take pictures” and everyone would groan and give me a hard time. Yet when I had the photos developed and brought them for everyone to see—everyone was ecstatic!!!
      I haven’t really listened to this music in ages—I may have to start again!!

  • donnaduck

    So fun to go back and look at the pictures from the “old days”!! And every time I look at them, no matter what year I’m currently in, I always think I look so much better NOW than then! Definitely have those “what was I thinking??” pictures! And yet, they were what they were, and even if I could go back and change things, I’m not sure I’d change much- those times have made me who I am today. And that’s pretty good, right??!! LOL!! I have to say, I do still like the big hair, just not permed, as I had it back then! I think that having my hair (which isn’t thick at all) cut too short makes my head look small and my body, big! So, YES to big hair!!

    I don’t think I’d ever do a white dress- even with a tan, I think I’d look washed out. But I think your dress is so pretty, Jodie! A scarf would definitely help around the bodice. Your sandals are great though, and really catch your eye! I love a sandal with color- orange, red, turquoise, blue- you might not think you have anything to “go” with them, but you’d be surprised how they can jazz up any neutral (jeans, tan, white, black)! Keep wearing them!

    • It’s so true—what looked great back then, seems so dated and funny now. But that was the time!! I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this way, Donna!!
      I figure that big hair will make a comeback one of these days—maybe not quite as big. I had to use a lot of hairspray back then–ha ha!!
      It’s funny how much I love my white pieces, yet this dress makes me look so washed out in these photos. How is it I didn’t notice that when I put it on in the mirror?? Ahhh…but that’s the advantage of clothing—it’s not permanent, right??
      Thanks for the love, Donna!!!

  • Laura

    Looks like you and your friend had some really fun times together! I would agree with your mom about wearing white. You can always bleach it! Your dress is beautiful!

    • Thanks Laura!! It is so fun to look back at these older photos and remember the good times!!

  • I LOVE that Covered Perfectly cardigan over your dress. Such a cute outfit.

    • Thanks Amy!! I am surprised how much I wear it, because it’s so neutral!

  • Ah…the 80’s. One of my favourite decades ever. Not for the fashion necessarily…but rather for that time in my life. There were so many possibilities at that time. Life was an open book.

    I will admit that after seeing you in so much wonderful colour I’m not crazy about white on you even if it has texture.

    The pom pom hat is cute!


    • I know, Suzanne!! Seeing that dress on me in these photos…I was like, hmmmmm….I look all washed out!! I going to have to rethink this white thing and add in a colored scarf or something!!

  • Bernadette Laganella

    I don’t miss the big hair but I sort of miss the shoulder pads. They always made my hips look small.

    • Ha ha!! Well, you should come over to my mom’s, Bernadette, because she saves all of the shoulder pads from her older items. She could give you a ton!!!

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    Just one question….however did we think we looked good with the big hair and Farrah Faucet bangs, and shoulder pads?? Lol. So glad our fashion sense has evolved!!
    Bev xx

    • I think it was because that’s what everyone was wearing, so it looked “normal” to us?? I read somewhere that our brains get used to the new fashions and create a new normal. Isn’t it so funny, Bev???

    • I think it was because that’s what everyone was wearing, so it looked “normal” to us?? I read somewhere that our brains get used to the new fashions and create a new normal. Isn’t it so funny, Bev???

  • I still love big hair……😂😂😂😂 Photos from the past are so much fun right? Your dress,from now, is fabulous. I had a crochet dress that went to the Bad Buy section. It was to loose. Yours is better fitted. Also love the color and the lenght!

    • I have to love big hair, Nancy, because my hair has a mind of it’s own!! Especially when it’s humid outside!! I figure it’ll be back sometime soon!! Then you and I will be happy campers!!
      Thanks Nancy!!

  • Karen

    Paul Harris, Sun-In and matching outfits – this was a trip down memory lane for me! And let’s not forget the big hair!! I loved this one! I know that the looks in the older photos were an epitome of the 80’s, but don’t you honestly think you look great NOW?? You both do! Reading Heidi’s description of the festival where you met the guys and had the motorcycle rides…I could actually remember similar things in my own life and how that felt, I mean I could FEEL it again! This was truly fun! Life then seemed so carefree…but like I said, you both look great right now! It’s sad about Brandi, she looked like such a sweetheart! Isn’t it funny how those sunglasses would still be in style today? We should have hung on to those, if not the matching outfits!! I’m with you on the dresses, I seem to gravitate to them more these days for work AND for casual wear! Especially when it’s warm out. Love your current aviator sunglasses!!

    • And the Aqua net??? Did you use that too, Karen?? I think we went through a can a week…ha ha!!!
      It was a fun time…really!! I hope every girl at those ages have fun and memorable times like that. But then again, should it really stop? We should continue to make fun memories at every age (that’s just me being philosophical….)

      • Karen

        No, it should not stop as long as we’re breathing! Things like this inspire me to keep having adventures, keep going places and trying new things!

    • And the Aqua net??? Did you use that too, Karen?? I think we went through a can a week…ha ha!!!
      It was a fun time…really!! I hope every girl at those ages have fun and memorable times like that. But then again, should it really stop? We should continue to make fun memories at every age (that’s just me being philosophical….)