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Summer Obsession: Style a Kimono

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Style a kimono for women in summer

Summer Obsession: Style a Kimono

Let’s talk more about how to style a kimono since it’s become a summer obsession for the three of us. Lesley is sharing not only her thoughts about the kimono but also a couple of other times when she shows how to style a kimono.

Quote of the day: “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.” John Muir

While fashion can be thought of as superficial many times, it’s no secret that looking good helps us feel better about ourselves. It’s the beauty along with function that makes life wonderful. So if you’ve never considered adding a summer topper to your outfits, this may change your mind.
Of course, Charlotte showed her kimono tied up and I styled mine with a belt.

Belted dress with style a kimono

Dress: Damon & Draper~~ Kimono: G ~~ Shoes: ~~ Belt: ~~ Purse: Stein Mart

Style a Kimono with Lesley

In Lesley’s words: “Until I started working with Jodie, I only had one kimono. It was the first outfit I styled for the blog (seen here), and see where it’s led me, LOL. I now have about a dozen kimonos. There are just so many benefits of this garment especially in the Arizona summers since it provides a light cover and protection from the sun with just enough warmth for inside the stores.
One of my favorite ways to style a kimono is to top a tee and shorts with it before going out to run errands which helps me feel put together. I think of it as upping my style game on a day to day basis.”

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Even though Lesley likes a kimono over her tee and shorts, it’s also wonderful over a dress too. Do you ever feel like a dress seems out of place or maybe it’s a tad tight?? Your kimono can be the perfect way to cover up some of those issues.

You can also see that Lesley’s kimono has side slits. This is a nice detail that breaks up the print of the kimono since you see the dress color through them. It’s also a shorter kimono than what Charlotte and I wore in our recent posts. There are so many different varieties of these items so don’t count them out.

Fun for stylish women

Summer Accessories

Lesley kept her accessories neutral with this outfit. Her crochet bag is a wonderful summer option instead of a straw purse.

I’d also like to point out that she’s wearing a white belt over the dress but under the kimono. It comes down to the personal preference we discussed in last week’s belt post. So many times we forgo a belt but it can add that intentional detail to so many outfits. Even if it’s not “functional” (by functional I mean keeping something in place), it can be esthetic.

Colorful: Style a kimono
Embroidered sneakers

Summer Sneakers

As you’ll read below, the three of us were on a tour today so comfortable shoes were in order. What I really love is how Lesley basically showed some print mixing with these embroidered sneakers styled with the floral kimono.
Even if you aren’t a big print mixer, this is an easy way to wear two different prints since they aren’t right next to each other.

Some of you might wonder why even consider mixing two (or more, gasp) prints. And I would counter with a couple of points:
1-Why are two solids any different? You could say that prints are busy, but then again color can be too.
2-It’s an advanced way to create outfits. By using these techniques you have many more outfits in your closet
3-Brain health! You are creating more pathways in your brain by trying something different.
4-It’s interesting. You are an interesting person, so why not show that with your outfit? That’s why you see print mixing in ANY interior decorator’s rooms.

Other ways to dip your toe into print mixing
Elementary Print Mixing Starting with your Shoes
Adding in Another Print with your Purse

Floral kimono
3 ways to style a kimono

Heritage Square

We went on a tour of the Rosson house at the Heritage Square in Phoenix. I doubt you’ll recognize the place but when my friend Mary Katherine was out here, we took photos on the front porch which you can see here.
The tour explored the inside of this 19th century house and many of the practices of the day.
Sorry the photos aren’t the best, but we were limited to where we could explore in the house.

Rosson house at Arizona Heritage Center tour

This was the carriage house complete with carriage!

And here’s your quiz for the day. What is the thingy pictured below??
A– A barrette
B– Curling Iron
C– Glove stretcher

Answer below!!

Glove stretchers

This is a glove stretcher since gloves were leather and would be tight to put on your hand. Which makes me sad to realize that I had given away a pair of my aunt’s leather gloves thinking they were too small.
That’s why we always love going on these kinds of tours, it can be so educational.

Style a kimono

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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