Summer Outfits: Review of Time for Me Catalog Looks

Summer Outfits: Review of Time for Me Catalog Looks

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Summer Outfits: Review of Time for Me Catalog Looks

We are showing summer outfits from the Time for Me Catalog adding our thoughts and insights about this company. Everyone’s definition of summer outfits is different depending on what we are doing and especially where we are living. So the three of us tried to experiment with various options.

Quote of the day: “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

I was introduced to Time for Me Catalog when one of their marketing people reached out to me on Instagram. The three of us were gifted the items we are discussing but this is not a paid post and as always all opinions are our honest thoughts.
The company did offer to give my readers 20% off PLUS free shipping (on orders $35 on regular priced items) with the code JODIETFM ending on June 11, 2021.

I will let both Charlotte and Lesley tell you more about their summer outfits and honest opinions along with mine below.


My mom requested this blue ombre long button down and a pair of capris to go with it. The capris unfortunately did not fit so Charlotte wore her own jeans.

Insider tip: ALWAYS check the sizing chart given by the brand. My mom ordered her “normal” size by number but did not check the measurements for that size. It would be interesting to see if they would have fit better if she used the sizing chart.

As my mom has gotten older, she prefers pieces where she is covered up. That’s one of the reasons she chose this long duster. It’s a wonderfully lightweight piece yet her arms are covered, and it’s 100% cotton which is ideal for our Arizona heat.

My mom remarked that it seems lighter blue in real life than on the Time for Me Catalog site. She wore it with a column of light blue underneath. Did you notice the cute graphic on her t-shirt?? That is the logo of the original Jodie’s Touch of Style when my stepmom was part of it in Denver.

Lesley Summer Outfits

Lesley chose this Sea Breeze tank and Sea Breeze Pants in the royal blue. It’s also available in coral, sage and charcoal. She chose to wear the tank with the matching pants and then with some white bermuda shorts too. The reason this caught Lesley’s eye was the flutter factor of the pieces. Truly a nice detail for our very hot summer days.

She laughed that when she put it on as it wasn’t exactly the same look as on the model on the website. Granted the model is probably 6 foot tall, and Lesley is 5’0″. In fact, at first she was disappointed in it. Yet once she steamed the pieces (they arrive in a plastic bag and therefore are wrinkly) and wore it around, she really grew to like it.

Insider tip: Read the reviews if possible. Yet make sure to take them with a grain of salt. If you read the reviews for the tank especially, there are people that love it and hate it. This only makes sense since we are all SO different and expect different things. But when you read the reviews you have more information about the items.

What you don’t realize from the website, is that the tank is actually 2 separate pieces. You could even wear the top one over a dress or even backwards by itself.
Which goes to show this outfit has quite a bit of changeability to it. And Lesley really loves it so I’m sure you’ll be seeing the pieces again!!


When I was perusing the Time for Me Catalog site, I was searching for summer outfits that would work well in our Arizona heat. I have been wearing kimonos more and more (as we showcased last week for all three of us) and am always on the lookout for a white top.

That’s why I requested the Golden Border Kimono and Natalia Linen Tee which I wore with my bermuda shorts that I showcased last week. Both items are going to be perfect for my closet although truthfully I wasn’t sure when I first took them out of the box.

Insider tip: Before you make a decision about an online item, it’s best to steam it if needed. When you purchase something in the store, it’s already steamed so you experience it that way. But straight out of the box, items can look messy and unappealing.

One of the things I really L.O.V.E about the kimono is the yarn that runs through golden border. It’s not noticeable in my photos or the website’s photos, but it’s a cool detail. (If you don’t know, I am an avid knitter and even showcase my finished hand knit items most Saturday’s on Instagram.)

And this top?? So much more interesting that you would guess on the site. First, it’s linen so very breathable. But it’s also what I would call multi media. The side panels, sleeves and upper back portion material is even thinner plus it has a rolled hem.

Older women in summer outfits

Overall Time for Me Catalog Review

I always love to find and share new and small companies that might be of interest to my friends (you). When I first looked over the Time for Me Catalog offerings, it very much reminded me of Soft Surroundings with their flowy pieces and many embroidered items.

Just like the majority of the online sites I see, the models are all very thin and young. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I appreciate seeing the clothing on models of all sizes and ages. That’s why I agreed to write this post and give our thoughts.

Don’t forget that you can get 20% off PLUS free shipping on the Time For Me site (on orders $35 on regular priced items) with the code JODIETFM but only until June 11, 2021.

My overall opinion of the Time for Me Catalog is that they have some wonderful items. In fact, all three of us really like these items we are showing you. In fact, I wore a top from this same company in this post that I also love.
I think they could benefit from showing more angles of each item on their site. It’s one of the reasons, I like to show our outfits on all our posts not just a front view but also a side view and back view!! To me, that gives a better idea of what you are purchasing.
There is plus sizes available in some of the products (and even a separate tab), but not many petite items.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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