Wearing a Variety of Summer Sandals

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Summer sandals in many forms from Jambu for comfort and style

Wearing a Variety of Summer Sandals

Quote of the day: “Doubt whom you will, but never yourself.” Christian Nestell Bovee

You gotta love when the weather warms up and we can pull out the sandals and show off our toes! We are working with Jambu shoes again to showcase their selection of summer sandals. I chose this quote because I have a confession. I’m a shoe snob. What does that mean? To me it means I look for stylish shoes and snub my nose up at those “comfy” shoes. In fact, I’ve been known to choose shoes because they were hot and sexy, yet killed my feet.

So what does this have to do with this post? I’m always very truthful so let me tell you, I wasn’t sure about the Jambu’s selection of sandals. They are not the one’s I would gravitate towards initially. Yet if you watched the runway shows for last spring and summer, you may have seen the “flatforms” along with a ton of Birkenstocks. Trust me when I say, I never thought I’d wear anything like those.

Variety of Summer sandals from Jambu for comfort

Yet here I am, wearing a pair of sandals that remind me of the flatforms. Are they comfortable? You bet. Do they turn me on? Not so much, but let’s just say that experience can outweigh old thoughts. For example, all of these Jambu sandals would be absolutely perfect for a day of walking like we showcased last summer. For our post last summer, I had to wear my orthotics in my sandals to make sure I didn’t die after the day of walking.

So to test these out for you, the three of us ventured over to Lakewood Heritage Center and took a tour around the facility. Luckily the day was warm enough for these Jambu sandals, but let me tell you it was quite windy! So if we look messy, that’s why.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: I ended up choosing these Elegance sandals in a wine color. 

I pulled out my white jeans, and a lightweight sweater for the day. Even though I didn’t do it purposely, I almost think the stripes of the sweater are mirrored in the straps on the sandals.

This sweater was a great deal when the Limited was going out of business. It has the blue layer attached as part of the sweater. It’s not something I would normally choose, but since it was such a great deal, I decided to take a chance on it. I guess it’s a great advantage to have a layered sweater, where you don’t have to do the work. I’ve seen others with this same idea like this or this.

Styling Summer sandals for women over 50

Since it was predicted to be windy, I ended up throwing on my velvet baseball cap. As much as I love my other hats, I needed something that wouldn’t blow off so easily. The funny part was at the end, this one did end up blowing off. Luckily I was able to run and catch it.

The best thing about baseball caps right now is the great variety. They don’t just have to be decorated with your favorite baseball team. For example, there are metallic ones, denim ones, floral ones and even tweed.

Styling Summer sandals for a casual day

One of the best thing about “strappy” sandals, is there is less material to rub and cause discomfort.

You can see how the one strap ends up getting pushed around due to my bunion. However, it didn’t hurt my bunion or irritate it at all. This sandal does come in black or light taupe too, and just like all of Jambu shoes has the memory foam foot bed.

Since these kind of sandals remind me a little of Birkenstocks, I ended up carrying my fringe purse to add in a little more boho to the look. I don’t have a lot of this kind of style in my closet, but I know people wear Birks with everything.

Styling Summer sandals with a fringe purse

I’m not sure why I chose the wine colored sandals. Maybe because I don’t have any sandals in this color. It’s certainly not a “spring” color, yet why not? There are many women who still love wearing black all year long, and burgundy is a lighter version of black in a way.

I think it’ll be a great challenge to me to figure out other ways to wear these sandals. What would you pair them with?

Summer sandals worn with white jeans

Jeans: LOFT (here)~~Sweater: The Limited (similar here)~~Shoes: Jambu-c/o (here)~~Hat: (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: Francescas (here)~~Bracelet: French Kande c/o (similar here)~~Purse: Mix No. 6 (similar here)

Wearing Summer sandals for a tour at Lakewood Heritage Center

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy’s Naomi sandals have a nice slope to them so they aren’t as flat as mine.

She’s been excited to add in some colorful sandals to her closet. You can see in the post where we went to the Botanic Gardens, Nancy wore her dressy red sandals. However, her feet were not so happy at the end of that day. Wearing these Naomi sandals was an entirely different experience though.

Since it was a warm day, Nancy chose to wear her embroidered capris. Capris continue to be quite controversial among women, yet Nancy has worn them for years. On the blog, we’ve styled them many times for those of you who continue to wear them.

Wearing Summer sandals from Jambu footwear for a day of walking

Print mixing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think Nancy is showing it here in a minimal way. Both her top and her necklace are striped. When I started blogging, all I heard was how obsessed everyone was with striped shirts. I didn’t understand it then, but I will admit that I have quite a few now.

Yet I don’t have the real reason why everyone loves them, but here’s a couple of guesses. One is that it is a print, but not a crazy or girlish print. Two is that for some reason they are easy to mix with other prints. And three is that there are many varieties of stripes. You could have them wide, narrow, vertical or even alternating.

Styling Summer sandals from Jambu footwear for a casual outing

Nancy’s experience with these Naomi sandals was hugely successful.

I’m not sure if you remember from our trip to the Denver Capitol, Nancy’s Jambu shoes were denim. The denim material on the Rio Wedges was somewhat stiffer and didn’t flex very easily. I suggested that she wet them, and dry them with her hairdryer, which helped tremendously. Now these Naomi sandals are leather and softer. They have perforations in the top portion, so they aren’t too warm for the hotter weather.

Like all of the Jambu shoes, these have a memory foam foot bed, which makes walking comfortable. And these Naomi sandals are available in other colors like navy, black and light taupe.

Styling Summer sandals from Jambu footwear with capri pants

Let’s talk embroidery like you see on Nancy’s capris. It’s really such a feminine detail and can add a little whimsey to almost anything. It’s also one of those things that you could certainly do yourself if you’re creative. For most of us, that would take up way too much time.

Therefore, you can buy almost any kind of clothing with it. If you’re a shoe lover, then the sneakers or espadrilles are fun for the summer. There’s always denim jackets if you’re looking to add some feminine touches to the piece. Yet my favorites have to be the tops that give you decoration without the need for jewelry if you don’t want.

Styling Summer sandals for women over 60

Pants: (similar here)~~Jacket: Chicos (similar here)~~Top: (similar here)~~Shoes: Jambu-c/o (here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Wearing Summer sandals when you are taking a tour

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit: Funny how my mom chose red for her Ginger sandals just like Nancy did. 

Yet my mom styled them to match her shirt and accessories while Nancy made her’s more of a pop of color. Both of theses varieties have been showcased on the blog in the past with red sandals. I think both ways are a great way to add some color into your outfits.

Styling Summer sandals for women over 80

Speaking of stripes, it looks like even my mom joined the club. I didn’t even realize until I was writing this, that all 3 of us wore some version of striped top for these photos. Talk about being on the same wavelength.

And even though many women don’t love wearing belts, I think it’s a great way to add some structure to an outfit without tucking in your shirt. The three of us all wore our obi belts that my mom made for us in the past. I’d love to know your thoughts on belts? It could be an interesting theme for a couple of blog posts if you’re interested?

Wearing Summer sandals for a windy day

Mom’s Ginger sandals have the same kind of traction that many of Jambu’s shoes have.

It’s a great feature compared to those shoes you have that slip and slide so much. Anyone else ever almost hit the ground after walking out in a new pair of shoes? You’ll see in the video below, how it’s not super easy to pivot in these shoes which means you won’t be ending up on your bum. Well, unless you’re really a klutz, ha ha!

This pair also comes in black or navy if you like darker colors for your footwear. And if you’re wondering, they’re easy to get on and off. There’s a velcro strap at the back for adjustments along with getting your foot in and out of the shoes easily.

Wearing Summer sandals as a pop of color

Tying your scarf on your purse for decoration is one way to keep them in rotation for the warmer months. I love this touch for adding fun to a solid colored purse. Especially if you have a collection of scarves in your possession.

However, there are other options too. One is the keychains that are different materials. Heck, if you’re really creative, you could make your own pom pom decoration to hang or glue on your purse. In the past, I decorated my turquoise purse by tying some knick knacks I had laying around to a leather strap.

Wearing Summer sandals for a walking tour

Pants: (similar here)~~Top: (similar here)~~Shoes: Jambu-c/o (here)~~Belt: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Scarf: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Wearing Summer sandals with different outfits

Wearing Summer sandals when you are on an adventure

This wonderful excursion around Lakewood Heritage Center was quite eye opening about the history of this suburb and the changes in lifestyle that has occurred. You saw a couple of the photos where we were posing next to older buildings that had been relocated here. We were able to venture in and even inspect many of the artifacts donated representing the different eras.

Styling Summer sandals from Jambu footwear for many decades of women

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

Join us in this video that my husband put together of all of our selections of Jambu shoes.

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