Summer Skirt Outfit Ideas with a White Jacket

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Wearing blue and white

Summer Skirt Outfit Ideas with a White Jacket

My mom is full of summer skirt outfit ideas because she still loves wearing skirts. And I have to agree that they really are cooler in the hot weather. Yet even on these not so hot days, you can layer them perfectly.

Quote of the day: “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” Eckhart Tolle

The outside falling into place seems easier when you have a jacket that goes with everything. Like a white jacket. Shelly showed us her white denim jacket with jeans. And I showcased a monochromatic look. Yet the white blazer can work with skirts too. You can also see other ways my mom has worn maxi skirts from the past.

Fun with skirts and jackets

Charlotte’s Wearing

Skirt: Allison Taylor~~Jacket: JM Collection~~Top: Jockey worn backwards~~Boots: Universal Threads-thrifted ~~Necklace: ~~Purse:

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Summer Skirt Outfit Ideas with Charlotte

When I asked my mom if she liked white jackets, she responded like I always do. “Of course, because they go with everything.”

We always joke that my mom has the best memory for her clothes and outfits. For example, she remembers in college that she had a white wool blazer that she wore with a bright blue skirt. In those days, the wool had to be dry cleaned. So when she found a washable wool blazer 35 years later, she picked it up.

Styling a summer skirt with ankle boots

The Belt and Purse

This matching clutch and belt were a gift from my Aunt Nancy many, many years ago. My aunt found them at a craft show and knew my mom would love the fact that they matched each other.

The funny thing is that my mom has never worn them before. I’m sure we all have things like that laying around. Which is exactly why I love the 5 day challenge that I’ve been doing recently. I think once we figure out different ways to wear these things, they become more loved.

Matching purse and belt


It’s not super easy to see the details on this pin, but it’s blue buttons, just like the necklace and earrings. They weren’t even all purchased together. The necklace and earrings came as a set, but the pin my mom picked up at Joanne Fabrics.

Of course it’s only appropriate that my mom wears buttons as her accessories. While she didn’t make these, she has made items with all of the buttons she’s accumulated. She’s made both her and I bracelets with big, gold buttons. She has also made little “flower” pots where the flowers are buttons layered on each other. I keep telling her she’s the original Martha Stewart.

Buttons as accessories

The T-Shirt

My mom is the queen of making her clothing work for her. It’s where I get so many of my great ideas, really. So while this is just a regular t-shirt, my mom is actually wearing this backwards.

It’s a great way to make a low cut top more modest. Or if you spill on your top, you can still wear it. That’s where I got the concept to turn around my cardigan recently.

Summer skirt outfit ideas for women over 80

White Booties

For those of you who think you’re too old for white booties, just remember my mom is 81 years old. And I love that she is rocking this trend.

All three of us wore them earlier this year. And there are so many different styles. My mom’s are more of a cowboy look while Nancy’s even have black in them.

White ankle booties with a skirt

Maxi Skirt

I think a maxi skirt is wonderful for women of all ages. While I hear so many women say they are too short to wear them, I think that’s untrue. All three of us are under 5’4″ and we’ve all worn them many times on the blog.

The important factor is just getting the skirt the right length for you. Altering clothes may seem like a pain in the butt, yet it makes SUCH a difference.

One other small tip, is to keep them a little shorter than floor length. I know at first my mom had a couple that were floor length. But she’s found that having it about 4 inches above the floor makes it easier to walk in and especially for climbing stairs.

Wearing a summer skirt with a white blazer

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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