Summer Skirts Transitioned to the Fall with Ageless Style & Link Up

 Summer skirts transitioned to fall

Summer Skirts Transitioned to the Fall with Ageless Style & Link Up

Quote of the day: “Sharing your blessings helps you make room for more.” Gina Rodriguez

Who doesn’t like getting more wear out of their summer skirts, even when the weather starts changing? This is the topic of conversation for us as we try to see the various ways to transition our summer skirt to make it seem ready for fall.

In the last post, there we showed these same skirts paired with ankle booties. This time we are going to concentrate on choosing darker or more autumn colors to pair with these summer skirts. In fact, I asked the group of Ageless Style Women to join in with their versions of how to transition their summer skirts too! So not only will you have our thoughts, but nine other women you can link to below! And join in on the Ageless Style Link Up!!

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: I didn’t go into details about this skirt in the last post, but it used to be a dress last year.

You can see it when it was a dress, but I did have a shirt on over top of it. It was shorter as a dress and more of a slip style dress, so I decided to cut off the bodice and create a skirt instead!

Women over 50 wearing summer skirts in fall

Since recreating this skirt, I have always worn it with bright colors, like the orange from the last post or bright yellow. So this was not an easy task for me. Luckily I found this lightweight shirt that is a muted purple, and figured it would be perfect! It makes me think that many of us “see” the same dominant colors in our prints, and only match to those colors?

And let me tell you a little more about this top. I’ve hardly worn it. Not because I don’t like it, but because I think of it as a winter shirt. Probably because of the color. Yet, when I really analyze this piece, it’s quite lightweight and perfect for the spring and fall! No wonder I rarely wore it in the winters!!

Summer skirts with darker colors

Even though my top is darker in color, I decided to accessorize with the bright colors of the skirt!

We always call this my Skittles necklace because the circles look like Skittles candy to me! Of course, since I like color so much, I’m always drawn to the necklaces that have lots of color it them. I just came across this one and this one, and I love them because it seems like they’d be perfect on any solid colored shirt!!

Darker colors paired with summer skirts

The shoes are a pair I picked up at DSW at the beginning of spring. They were only $10, so I had to get them. Have I worn them yet? No, of course not, because all summer I wanted to wear my sandals. Now that the weather is starting to cool down, I think they’ll be perfect!

The lace up trend for shoes was big last winter and all through the warmer months. I think it’ll still be around quite a bit this fall, too! Here’s a darker version of my shoes or a pair with a lower heel in many colors!!

Summer skirts with dark colors for women 50+

Skirt: Jamsworld–remade from a dress (similar here)~~Top: Porto (similar here)~~Shoes: Unisa (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Sunglasses: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Not all summer skirts are bright and colorful! That’s one of the reasons, I had Nancy wear this one.

I thought it might be easier for some women to imagine this summer skirt working into the fall months since it’s darker!

Summer skirts for women over 60

Since there is black in the skirt, and every woman has at least one black top in her closet, I figured this outfit might be extremely repeatable for many of you! Not that you probably need another black shirt but for those of you that can’t get enough, you can update your selection with bell sleeves or the lace up design!

The sandals were the shoe of choice since it’s still been quite warm here in Denver! Black in the summer time is not unusual, as I found out when I received the request for styling some black outfits this summer!

Women 60+ wearing summer skirts in fall

Since the rest of the outfit was dark, we tried lightening up the look with small turquoise accessories!

I realize that you don’t notice the earrings and bracelet from far away. So you tell me? Would you wear larger jewelry in this case, or keep it minimal like this?

Summer skirts transitioned to fall

Last year I saw many bloggers style together navy and black. I didn’t realize that many of you learned the rule not to wear these colors together. But realistically I think they work wonderfully. Both colors are neutrals and both colors are darker, so they are like a match made in heaven. And maybe it’s easier when there are other colors thrown into the mix like in Nancy’s skirt?

Summer skirts with darker colors

Skirt: Mad Style c/o Trendz (similar here)~~Top: H & M (similar here)~~Shoes: Crown Vintage (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: Styling the summer skirts with darker colors from my mom’s closet, could have been an entire post by itself. The choices were endless!!

Summer skirts for fall women over 70

But I was very excited when mom picked out another print to pair with her floral skirt. And this from the woman who gave me the eye roll when I first wanted to mix prints!! But kudos to my mom for being open to growing in her style on the blog!

Women 70+ with summer skirts

With mom’s accessories, she brought out the reds and oranges of the skirt!

Since, I am trying to not be super matchy all the time, and thus I gently prodded mom to wear her gold earrings. I figured there was gold in the necklace, and therefore all went together nicely!

Summer skirts transitioned to fall

The gold ballet flats are one of those kinds of shoes that really go with everything! Now my mom’s pair is not for lots of walking, but if you wanted a pair that had some good support, they aren’t far! These Clarks would do the trick along with these Aerosoles!

Summer skirts with fall colors

Skirt: Mom made it (similar here)~~Top: High Sierra (similar here)~~Shoes: SO (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Choosing the darker colors to wear with your summer skirts, is only one way to help your closet transition to the fall! Make sure to check out these other bloggers and how they thought to style this challenge!!

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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Looking for some fall colored tops or darker shirts to pair with your summer skirts?

  • Ok, three’s charm. I have come by three times now and something has happened to keep me from getting a comment posted. But you gals have looked even more fabulous and fallish each time I have come by. Love these skirts. Jodie, that photo of on the steps is just adorable. Your necklace makes me think of Sweet Tart candies which makes me hungry!! Perfect accessory for the fun skirt. Both of your moms are on top of their game. Really enjoy seeing pattern mixing these days, and you gals do it better than anyone!
    P.S. How many situps and crunchs a night do you three suffer through to get those board flat tummies???

    • You are so sweet, Leslie!!
      I have to tell you that I haven’t been working out much in the last couple of years. But I used to be a huge Pilates lover! I think that’s what has helped with my core. And balance. And everything. My opinion, of course!

  • You match that piano beautifully! LOL. I like to match my coffee cup to my outfit, but can’t say I’ve ever matched a piano before 🙂

    • I will admit that matching my outfit to the piano was quite accidental—but funny, huh, Leanne??!!

  • Love all of these skirts and fall styling! Your shoes were such a great score!

    Doused in Pink

    • Thanks Jill!
      I do love a great deal…that’s for sure!

  • Clairejustineo

    Lovely outfits. I love colour and bold patterns 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  • I like to adjust my skirts and dresses to fit different seasons.

  • I love your skirt. The colours and pattern(s) are great. I also love the shoes!!!

    And I like Nancy’s skirt as well – the black / navy combo and the kinda layered look of it (or that may just be the hem).


    • Thanks so much Deb!
      Nancy’s is a layered look—there’s the slightest ruffleish detail at the hem! (i’m really good with words, can’t you tell?)

  • How lucky are you, Jodie, to find those fab shoes at such a great price?! Love them and your whole look! The print of your skirt is so pretty! Nancy and your mom look fabulous, too!


    • Thanks so much Mary!! I definitely am a deal shopper, although I just bought 2 pairs of boots that weren’t really on sale….gasp!!

  • Mary Kalpos

    Jodie I am such a sucker for a pretty print! Love them all but yours the best!!

    • I must be too, Mary. Because most of my skirts are prints!!!
      Thanks Mary!

  • I adore Nancy’s skirt – & yours was so cleverly converted. I must admit to having worn my summer skirts all through this winter – it’s been so mild. #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks Jo!!
      It’s nice when it’s a mild winter!!

  • writeofthemiddle

    Beautiful happy skirts for your transition to fall. I love all your accessories too! We are transitioning to Spring here but really it will be summer any minute and soooo hot again soon – ugh! #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks Min!!
      It’s always so interesting that you are on the opposite schedule of season!!

  • Love the skirts! You ladies are not letting the fall season stop you from wearing bright colors & fun prints! I love that

    • Thanks Michelle!! Might as well have fun with our clothes, right?

  • Lee Gaitan

    LOVE these! So good for the summer-fall transition in Atlanta!

  • I love that purple shirt you have on. Goes great with the skirt. And your mom is rocking some great eye wear!

    • I love it when my mom pulls out her other glasses—they are so much more fun than her normal ones!!!
      Thanks Jennifer!

  • Charlotte’s skirt is amazing! I love the pattern and the colors! Your top is perfect and I love the knot in it!

  • Deb’s World

    These are great ideas as you enter autumn over there! I especially love your top and skirt Jodie, really lovely colours. As we enter spring here I am looking forward to brightening up my colour palette, although I am one who wears colour, even just a pop of colour, most days. Great article and outfits. 😊

    • Thanks Deb!!
      I love to hear that you love color too!! It really is the simple pleasures that give us joy!!

  • You guys are the sweetest-love these outfits!

  • Your mom did a great job with pattern mixing (even after the eye roll. I can imagine!). On my monitor your top looks brownish but still looks pretty b/c the purple in your skirt looks brownish too and that’s a perfectly respectable color for fall. Thanks for hosting the link up!

    • Thanks so much Julia!!
      It’s true that certain colors look so much different in different lights—even in real life!!

  • I love how different these looks all are, and they all really work. I love your skirt and how it used to be a dress–way to make it work for you!

    • Thanks Shea! I’m sure I wouldn’t have thought of that except my mom is an amazing seamstress!! She gives me great ideas!!

  • Christina Amore

    I have never considered doing this! I just started my fall semester and it’s a;ways tough figuring out what to wear ‘between seasons’, now I’m excited!

    • It is hard unless you like having fun with your clothes, Christina!! I remember I used to think when the magazines did this, that it was silly. But now I love doing it!!
      Heck—I can have you join in on Friday’s post if you want. Grab a summer skirt and pair it with layers and take a photo and email it to me!! I’ll have you be a blogette??

  • Love how you are starting to transition these skirts into fall. I adore your shoes Jodie! I would love to raid your shoe closet for sure.

    • It’s fun to see how versatile our clothing can really become, Kathrine!!
      And one of these days, we should have a blogger clothes swap!! Wouldn’t that be a kick?

  • LaurieStone

    These skirts are timeless. I must confess, I wear pants all the time, but maybe I’ll look into a skirt.

    • They certainly are cooler in the hot weather, Laurie! But I do know many women who don’t wear skirts! This would work with print pants too!!

  • Such lovely prints on these skirts! Have a great day! Gemma x

  • I second that, nice shoes Jodie and at a steal! Love the purple shade on you with your skirt and you all look great transitioning into Fall. I think shoes can really alter a look into the next season!
    Have a great day!
    jess xx

    • Thanks Jess!! You are a shoe girl—just like me!!

  • Totally beautiful looks! All your skirts are knockouts! Isn’t it fun how changing shoes can change the look?

    • It’s amazing that one piece really can be so versatile, Cheryl!!
      Thanks for all of your positive thoughts!!

  • Amanda R.

    Hi Jodie! I absolutely loved the style selection! I also love maxi skirts, so for me, they’re a key piece in my wardrobe when transitioning from Summer season to Fall, be it pairing them with tights and more dressy shoes or just layering different pieces for the skirts to be part of warmer outfits.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your comment <3

    Amanda –

    • Thanks so much Amanda, for your fabulous words and thoughts!!
      I can’t wait to visit your blog more in the future!

  • Of the three I think your outfit is the most appealing to me. I’m not sure about Nancy’s, the pieces individually are cute but I can’t get into them together. I love your use of yellow. It’s not an easy color to wear but you seem to find the best way to do so!

    • Thanks Carol!!
      I have to admit that yellow has been my favorite color lately. Maybe because it’s bright and happy??

  • Cathy Lawdanski

    Your look is my favorite! Love the fall colored top with the summer skirt. Nice!

    • I’m glad I tried this combo, because maybe now I’ll wear this shirt more!!
      Thanks Cathy!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Your skirt is awesome.

  • Just love what you’ve all done here! Look at your mom mixing prints! Good for her! And so well! Her skirt is just beautiful! I also love seeing Nancy do navy and black! It is one of those “old school rules” that we can now gladly banish from our lives! It looks very chic!
    I really love your choice of color to top your skirt! I think by choosing what seems to be a LESS prominent color in the skirt, it actually gives a greater contrast that is even more striking. Its really lovely on you!

    • Thanks for such a lovely comment, Ronnie!! You sure know how to make us all feel so great!!!
      I made sure to forward this comment to both mom & Nancy—it’ll make their day!!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    Absolutely stunning photos and models! You all look so happy. Effortlessly gorgeous as always my ladies. Have a wonderful week!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Much love, Len

    • Thank you for all of your comments and attention Len!! You really don’t know what it means to me to be on your radar!!
      I can’t express how incredible your inspiration has been to me!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Great pairings and transitions! Really love your outfit!

  • I like the idea of a T-shirt over a dress Jodie. And I am loving your mums skirt. You could wear so many other colours with that too. xx

    • Thanks Laurie!!
      I think that is the advantage of many prints….there are so many colors to choose from to wear with it!!!

  • Laura

    Love the mixed prints your mom chose! They work well together with the color scheme and differing sizes of the prints! And that top is gorgeous with your skirt! I really like how it brings out the mauve color in your skirt!

    • Thanks so much Laura!!
      I was so shocked when my mom chose this top to go with the skirt!! Maybe it is never too late to learn a different way to style??

  • Jodie, how marvelous of you to have re-made a dress into a skirt. I’ve bought thrifted skirts that would too large to alter but never thought to expand on my options. Your sweater compliments the skirt so well and the whole look is a winner. Nancy and Charlotte look fabulous as well. You picked a great theme for this month’s Ageless Style link up.


    • Thanks so much Rena!!
      I never really thought about wearing my summer skirts into fall because I have enough clothes to feed a horse….but it’s a fun challenge!!

      • hahahahahahahaha … “enough clothes to feed a horse” … I’m stealing that (but I’ll give you credit).

  • Judy Gramith

    These are great nod to fall looks.
    I like fall colors on you Jodie. They seem to speak to your hair color and complection. The print of that skirt is just too cute!! It reminds me of kiwis!
    Nancy’s skirt is also a really pretty pattern mix . I like the idea of the same print in two different colorways! The lace top is so pretty !
    Charlotte’s combination of the very tiny print with the bigger print of her gorgeous skirt just rocks!! Charlotte needs to plan a lovely lunch somewhere fun with her lady friends so she can showoff a bit!

    • I was so surprised when my mom suggested this shirt with her print maxi!! Just look at how far she’s come, Jude!
      And even Nancy is print mixing, if you consider textures a sort of print!!
      It’s me who is being the conservative one here—-haha!!

  • Missy May

    Y’all always looking wonderful, but Charlotte’s skirt is everything, omg!! It is such a happy bold print. Wonderful! 🙂

    • Isn’t it fabulous, Missy!! And to think she just whipped it together one day!! Gotta love that!!

    • Charlotte Miller

      Thanks Missy, When I chose this fabric, I was afraid it was a little bold–but thought “why not” and I guess I’ve been happy with the outcome.

  • Your mom made that skirt!? Oh my gosh I want one!!!! I am having trouble transitioning a summery skirt to fall, but this post gave me so many great ideas.

    Thank you for adding your outfit to On Mondays We Link-Up! I’m happy you saw that it is finally live again 🙂


    • My mom is an amazing seamstress Roxanne!! Of course, she also keeps everything forever, so you can travel through the years from her hand sewn clothing!! Ha ha!!!

  • It’s easy to think of trading in our brights as soon as the summer ends, but really Fall can be such a vibrant season! These bolder skirts both transition well and I know how it is when you get something you love and then wait and wait to wear it… hope you get a lot of wear out of those shoes now!

    • I wonder where that thinking started, Lydia?? Because we almost need the brighter colors in the dark, dreary days of winter more than in the summer??
      Thanks…I even wore these shoes this weekend (since I’m done with painting my toes for the season), so I think they’ll be getting some good love now!!

  • fashionistha
  • Love these looks and your skirt is so Chic.

    • Aw, Neti!! Thanks so much for saying this!! You really made me smile!!

  • You guys are super trendy! Love!

    Isn’t That Charming.

  • Paula Holloway

    Just lovely Jodi…. And look at Grandma rockin’ that maxi skirt!

  • Oh wow! Jodie, these skirts! All 3 of them. I could seriously write pages and pages in this comment about how fabulous all 3 styles are…but I am going to limit myself to saying this…these 3 skirts are so great! I love the colors and the prints and they are perfect for all year wear, in my opinion! Great post. Fantastic styling. As always!


    • Thanks so much Shelbee!! Your comment made me smile so much!!

  • I always love the idea of getting more wear out of a piece by transitioning it to another season. Skirts to me are so wearable in many seasons. Great post!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Rebecca Saffer

    $10 for those great shoes?? Jodie, you are truly a great shopper! I thought you ladies all did a beautiful job styling these summer skirts. I think all looks were very creative, feminine and unique. I hope there was a party that day to show off these fabulous looks!

    • I have to admit that I’ve found some fabulous deals at DSW in the last couple of years. My store seems to have an occasional 80% off in some of their sales items, and I will usually snag those up! Heck, even if I only wear them a couple of times, it’s a good deal!!
      Thanks Rebecca for all of your positive thoughts!!
      We really appreciate it, and I make sure to forward them to mom & Nancy too!

  • donnanance

    A great post on styling summer skirts for fall! Jodie, I love the top you are wearing. It picks up the color in your skirt. Nancy’s lacy top is so pretty…it would be a good layering piece. Love your comment about your mom’s selection in her closet. A girl’s gotta have choices! I clicked through to see some of the gold flats and found some cute animal print flats. xoxo

    • Fun flats are fun flats no matter if they are metallics or animal prints, right, Donna??
      And your comment will only fuel my mother’s desire to keep getting more and not getting rid of the older things—ha ha!!!
      Thanks for all of the wonderful camaraderie, here and on IG!!

  • These look so good for summer or fall! And I love Nancy’s pretty top!

    • Thanks so much Laura!! That will make Nancy’s day!

  • Love this pairing!!! Plus, you scored your cute shoes for just ten bucks??!! Score!!

    • Right?? Sometimes I can get the best deals at DSW back in the sale portion!! My store has some 80% off shoes occasionally!!
      Thanks Darlene!!

  • you all look soooo lovely <3 amazing pics 🙂

    Check out my blog Starshine Beauty

  • Karen

    I love how the color of your top changed the whole look of the skirt. It looks completely different paired with the orange! This also adds mileage to our skirts when we can change the look completely! Nancy’s top is so elegant! I can see it with black pants for a really dressed up look and also with jeans for that cool dressy with casual look! Your mom nailed the pattern mixing for those of us who don’t go bold with that. The subtle pattern of her top is perfect with her skirt! Great looks!!

    • Thanks Karen!!
      I do find it’s amazing that switching colors seem to change the whole outfit!! I always wondered if it was just me??
      ps…yay!! your computer issues must be fixed??

      • Karen

        Back at work! It was a “home” thing! : )

  • Each of you look great, but Jodie, your outfit is perfection!!!

    I love everything about it, a great choice for the season…👍🏻👌🏻🥇🏆

    • Thanks so much Em!!
      Now I just need to remember that this top is basically a summery top…and wear it more!

  • That is now a fantastic skirt Jodie! Very nice print! Isn t it great to experiment with clothing?

    • Thanks Nancy!!
      It is so fun to try out new styles and ways to wear our things!!

  • Mireille

    I love love your outfit! And the dress does work better as a skirt! Kudos to you all for transforming it! I did mix navy bottoms with a black and white stripe shirt the other day and it worked!

    • Thanks Mireille!!
      I think the navy and black are so perfect together!! I’m glad you tried it!

  • Bernadette Laganella

    Great styling and fabulous idea about changing the dress into a skirt.

    • Thanks Bernadette!!
      It makes me laugh a little that I did this, because it’s like I’m turning into my mother!!