Summer Get-Away Style with the Fab Collab With Nancy

Summer Style with Friends

Summer Get-Away Style with the Fab Collab With Nancy

It’s that time again when Sherry from Petite Over 40 and the 3 of us pool our memories and photos to create a Fab Collab that spans the generations. Over this coming week we’ll share memories of a summer style from the past as well as ways we style them today. Whether this summer style is from a trip or hanging with friends, it’s fun to remember the specifics. 

 As you may realize, each of us was born in a different decade: Charlotte is in her 70s, Nancy is in her 60s, Jodie is in her 50s, and Sherry is in her 40s. As a result, our memories offer quite a range of fashion history! We each share a photo from the past that pertains to the theme. And with that photo we then include our story and thoughts about that time or picture. Then we put on an outfit of how we’d wear it today!! Some things are similar and some are very different!!

We’ve been sharing these histories for over a year now, and it’s always amazing how certain pieces of clothing can speak to us! I also love hearing stories from you my readers, about your memories of this same theme, so feel free to join in by commenting below!

Summer Styles for 4 Generations

Nancy’s Past Photo & Friends

Some of my favorite summer vacations have been with my 5 high school friends.  We call ourselves the “La Las”.  Here I am with 2 of them in the week we spent together after our 50th High School Reunion just last year.  All six of us spent the next week enjoying things in our hometown of Michigan City, Indiana.

Summer Style with Friends

In this photo, Sandy and Diana are with me in the Lighthouse Museum up near the special lens that use to keep boats safe on Lake Michigan.  Naturally, we all have different fashion tastes.  Some of us are more ‘ fashionista-ish’ than the others.  Some are more casual and some more preppy.  When we are hanging out at one of our houses or a VRBO, anything goes for what we wear as our summer style.

When we go out, the true differences in style show up but we all fix up well.  I have certainly become more trendy since Jodie got a hold of me!!  What we do or what we wear isn’t the important part of getting together.  We all agree it is just being with each other that makes the time special! Can’t you tell by our smiles?

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: For Nancy’s summer style, whether she is travelling or at home, she loves her capri pants!

There is certainly much controversy whether these types of pants are the most flattering or not, but the three of us showed some options just this summer! And it’s going to be the theme for another series of posts later this month too! There are quite a selection found online for this variety of pants right now, so feel free to browse the ones I found below!

Summer Style for Women over 60

The summer is full of celebrating since it’s Nancy’s birthday in July!! The day we took these photos, the family was getting together for a BBQ to celebrate Nancy’s & Rob’s birthday. So I made Nancy hold onto her balloon for these pictures!!!

Summer Style with Stories & Photos

As for the rest of Nancy’s outfit, she chose this tank and cardigan because they are a lime green and seem very summery!! I know when we put together a series about lime green, 2 summers ago, I had to purchase clothing of this color in order to participate!!

Even though it wouldn’t be considered the “it” color of the season, lime green is one of those fun and bright colors. Whether you prefer it as a cardigan, a top, a jacket or a tank, I feel like you can always find the color if you’re searching online!!

Women 60+ and Summer Styles for vacations

Pants: Gloria Vanderbilt (similar here)~~Cardigan: Charlotte (similar here)~~Top: Chicos (similar here)~~Shoes: Steve Madden (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

The Facts

Even if you wouldn’t consider purchasing your clothing online, it can be helpful to look through my links to see what is available! It certainly doesn’t hurt my feelings, if you click on them but don’t like them. Just so you know, one of the ways I make money from this blog is through these linked items.

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In honor of Nancy’s love of capri pants as her summer style, I rounded up a few other pair to check out!

  • I love fashion throwbacks! And it’s such a great idea to do them with ladies of different ages. Lime green is a bold color but so perfect for summer. Thanks for linking up with Thursday Moda!

  • Send Nancy all my best wishes Jodie! How lovely it must be to still have friends from High school. I lost touch with all mine .xx

    • I will forward this to her, Laurie!! It’s funny because they didn’t keep in touch right after high school, but many years after that!!

  • Sweet are our memories with friends. Lovely post. I read it with pleasure. And I think Nancy looks radiant.

    • It’s so true that friends really make our lives so blessed!!!
      As I read all the time in your posts, Greetje!!

  • Green in any shade is the best color in the world. Hands down. And this lime green is so light and refreshing. I so enjoy getting to know you girls a bit better through these posts. This year makes 42 years since I graduated from high school. Crazy. And I have one friend that I have kept up with all of these years. We would certainly have a different sense of style just as the way we decorate our homes is very different. And yet we embrace our differences and that’s what makes us work.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head, Leslie! It’s the differences that make us fun friends. How boring if we only hung out with people who were just like us…how would we learn anything and empathize??

  • Happy belated birthday to Nancy! How great that she still gets together with her high school girlfriends! They look so happy in that picture! And I love the top she’s wearing in that photo… It’s so festive!

    • Nancy will love to read this Ronnie!!! Thanks for being part of this!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    I’ve gotten a bit conflicted about capris, but they are still very popular. I haven’t gotten rid of all of mine, because I still like to wear them when it is really warm, but now I think I am more self- conscious because of where the hem hits. Ha, ha. I never would have thought about it, until other bloggers started to mention it. Live and learn. – Amy

    • I try to think of them as skirts, Amy!! Sure–there are some lengths that are better than others on me, but in the end, it’s all good!!

  • The La Las! I love that! My mom still gets together with her high school girlfriends regularly, and they call themselves “The Stratfords” because they’ve made a tradition of going to Stratford, Ontario for the annual Shakespeare festival.


    • That’s so funny you say that about the Stratford festival, because that was the theme for Sherry the 40+ model this time!! Is your mom going this year too?? Sherry will be there!!!

  • jess

    Love all these bright colors Jodie. Nancy in lime and white, your coral shoes and your mom in the blue and pink hues. Light and summery! Enjoy your weekend
    Jess xx

  • Kathy Marris

    Nancy always look fabulous and I think the lime green suits her. This will be a great series of fashion posts to follow. I’m looking forward to the next ones. #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks Kathy!! I’ll forward this comment to Nancy so she can appreciate it too!!

  • writeofthemiddle

    I love that lime green and white outfit of Nancy’s! Gorgeous! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  • I love the lime green and white combination – very fresh and summery (without looking like a teenager and trying too hard!)

  • Rebecca Saffer

    Happy belated birthday to Nancy! There is nothing like a long term friendship to put joy in one’s life.

    • Thanks for saying this to Nancy, Rebecca!! I’ll forward it to her so she can see it too!!

  • Judy Gramith

    This is a color I’ve always been a bit wary of. It’s not great near my face although I’ve learned that wearing a scarf at my neck,in a color that DOES flatter my coloring, can make any other color work!! The cardigan is gorgeous Nancy!! I think you should just forget to return it to Charlotte ! 🙂
    At our age, getting together with old friends means SO much!! The La La girls look like ladies with feisty and fun personalities just like you!!

    • I’ll forward this fabulous comment to Nancy!!
      Thanks so much for including your wonderful sentiments to her!!
      And the funny thing? That’s the name of the cardigan. It’s not my mom’s cardigan!! I even have one the same brand!!

  • Nancy looks amazing! Lovely photos! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

    • Thanks Cielo!!
      Nancy will so love hearing you say that!

  • Nancy looks lovely in this lime green. I really like her pretty cardigan and how the colors are variegated. Happy belated birthday to Nancy!

    • Oh, thanks Jennie!! I’ll forward this to Nancy, and she’ll love reading it!!

  • PetiteOver40

    Nancy looks absolutely sparkling in these photos–both the ones with her La La’s and the ones at her birthday celebration. She is so summery and happy in both settings! I’ve about come to the conclusion that all colors look great on her because I have yet to see a color that doesn’t make her glow.

    Hugs and Happy Birthday to Nancy and Rob!
    – Sherry

    • You are so sweet, Sherry and I’m sure Nancy will just glow after reading this comment!!
      Thanks for remembering Rob too!! He had lots of ice cream!!

  • This is SO cute! I love how close you all are. I hope Nancy had the best birthday!


    • Well, hopefully she’d say she had a wonderful birthday–especially since she got to spend it with us—ha ha!! But I’ll forward this comment to her so she can appreciate your fabulous comment, Liz!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    You ladies looks absolutely amazing. Have a happiest birthday to Nancy! Hope you all have a wonderful celebration!
    You ladies are very inspiring!
    Keep up the wonderful job!
    Much love, Len

    • You are super to say this Len!! I made sure to forward this to Nancy so she could enjoy your kind words too!!

  • Happy birthday Nancy! You ladies are trend setters!


    Tamara –

    • That’s so sweet, Tamara!! Nancy will love to read this!

  • Well, happy belated birthday to Nancy! And that is so awesome you ladies are all still friends! You all look gorgeous as always. 🙂


    • Thanks for saying that to Nancy, Lindsey!! I forwarded the comment to her so she could smile too!!!

  • What a beautiful bunch of women! Love the friendships that last like this. I adore this summer look!

  • Her outfit is so together, perfect!! Happy 60th Birthday!!!
    I had a Physical therapist asking me the other day what these style of pants were called. I love wearing Capri’s in the summer in light weight fabrics.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration on #OMHGWW this week!

    • Thanks Karren!! It’s nice to know that other women love capris too!! They are so perfect for the summer!!
      I forwarded this to Nancy so she could enjoy your kindness!!

  • So fun to still spend time with old friends! Those long term friendships are the best!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Kris Ronchetti

    I love this post…friendship are what holds us together. Plus I love crop pants too!!!!

    • Thanks Kris!! I always love the saying that “Friends are the chocolate chips of our cookies!!”

      • Kris Ronchetti

        Yes!!! love your posts…so glad I found you!!!

  • rakhshanda

    I really love this post! This post tells us that friendship outlives forever! Love your outfit <3

  • I love this post. Friendships like these should be celebrated and remembered! Peace!

  • I just love their lifelong friendship and how fun they call themselves the La Las!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  • I love that Nancy gives you credit for looking so trendy now! You should show us a photo, of before you started styling her…

    • I know..I was a little disappointed that she used a photo from so recent a vacation. But I can only put my foot down so much—ha ha!!
      Don’t worry—I’ll nudge her to show us some older photos one of these times!! There was a lot of boxy shirts involved in her past–:)

  • Karen

    Nancy’s story with her friends is wonderful! How great that they have kept in touch all these years and still get together to have fun! Nancy looks great in that shade of green! I love her nail color, that’s really a fun addition! The cardigan is perfect with the top underneath – looks like they were made to go together. Just a great summery look! Love it! Happy Birthday Nancy!

    • I’ll pass this on to her, Karen!!
      Her group of friends are really very fun!! When they got together for their summer fun last year, I even got to join in one day on a Skype call!!

  • donnanance

    Happy Belated Birthday to Nancy! She looks fabulous in her lime green outfit. xoxo

    • I’ll forward this to her, Donna!! She’ll love to read it!!

  • Queen of Rods

    Cute outfit and I really love the cardigan! Happy Birthday, Nancy. Thank you for sharing your life on the small screen 🙂

    • Thanks for the love for Nancy, Janet!! I’ll make sure to forward this to her to make her smile today!!

  • I really like capri pants so love this look on you Nancy! I think they are flattering too. Happy Birthday!

    Gemma x

    • Thanks Gemma!! I’ll forward this to her so she can appreciate the sentiment!!

  • Marci Vaughn

    What a great photo in the Lighthouse Museum! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures