Tie up a blouse

Summer Style: How to Style an Embroidered Blouse

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Tie up a blouse

Summer Style: How to Style an Embroidered Blouse

The idea of how to style an embroidered blouse came about after a request about how to style embroidered jeans. As someone who likes to give you loads of variety and options, we took the idea of embroidery and covered a multitude of items.
Charlotte started off the subject with her pink embroidered jeans. And Sarah is joining me below to explore another option of how to style an embroidered blouse. Plus Lesley added in with embroidery footwear.

Quote of the day: “I’ve always felt that a person’s intelligence is directly reflected by the number of conflicting points of view he can entertain simultaneously.” Abigail Adams

This quote cracked me up only because of the conversation with a friend about tassels and a comment from Sarah about embroidery. Both Sarah and my friend feel that embroidery and/or tassels could be considered old ladyish!! And I was flabbergasted. I always thought of the two details as so modern and a tad boho, but never old ladyish! Which makes me wonder how their grandma’s dressed!!

How to Style an Embroidered Blouse with Similar Colors

Skirt: My mom made it ~~Top: Time for Me Catalog c/o~~ Shoes: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Patricia Nash-thrifted

I thought I’d be so bold in my print mixing skills with this take on how to style an embroidered blouse. Yet my mother takes the prize for styling her embroidery with more than 2 prints.
We both used the same color principal of combining two different prints with basically the same color scheme. It is the easiest way to mix different patterns and still look cohesive.

My theory is we have a couple of different prints in the same colorway because we tend to buy the things we like over and over. So check your closet and I bet you too can make a fun print mixing outfit with the same colors.

Summer style with how to style an embroidered blouse

Embroidered Blouse

This blouse was gifted to me from Time for Me Catalog. The site has a Soft Surroundings vibe and quite a bit of embroidered items. In fact, I recently showcased a tunic from the same company that is also embroidered.
Honestly the length didn’t do anything for my figure, so I decided to tie up the ends.
Granted I still struggled with proportions being more half and half than I liked, but I figured that showing off my midriff would eliminate any frumpiness, haha!!

Insider tip: Instead of tying a knot with the ends of my blouse, I threaded them through the button hole above and then used an elastic band to hold them in place.

Straw for Summer

It seems so iconic to carry a straw purse for the summer months. When I first saw this purse at the consignment store, I vacillated on whether to buy it or not. It was $20 and I was hoping to spend less on a straw purse. However, after I researched the brand (it’s a Patricia Nash), I decided to pull the trigger and have been very happy with it since.

And last summer I saw these raffia straw earrings all over. Even if they aren’t as “in” right now, I think they are such a wonderful neutral earring that is lightweight and so summery!

How to style an embroidered blouse with print
Brown summer sandals

Cognac Sandals

Cognac isn’t a color I normally think about for spring and summer. However, after wearing my cognac shoes so much in the colder months, I thought maybe they would be just as versatile in the warmer months. I think it ties in wonderfully with the leather straps on the straw purse.

Florals for summer

Sarah’s Version of How to Style an Embroidered Blouse

Adding blue to an outfit

Skort: Amazon ~~Top: Mesa Market~~ Shoes: Birkenstocks ~~ Scarf: Soft Surroundings

Sarah has joined us on the blog once before when we styled boho looks. The dress she wore in the other post, is also embroidered yet she admits she doesn’t have much of it. Granted, Sarah and her husband live in an RV full time so she has a minimal wardrobe.
In fact, keep your eyes peeled for an interview with Sarah about living the RV lifestyle.

I love Sarah’s embroidered blouse because it’s white on white, so while it incorporates the embroidery detail, it’s also more subtle. In fact, you may not even notice it at all in these photos.

She’s also wearing a skort as a way to showcase the more casual, hot Arizona, RV-living type fashion. Adding in the pops of blue with the shoes, scarf and bracelets give the outfit more pizzazz!! This is just like the idea we blogged about recently to get away from always being so matchy matchy.

Sarah’s Thoughts on Embroidery

Sarah remembers when she was a little girl, a relative brought a colorful boho style top with embroidery on it for her from a vacation. The top had lots of bright colors like yellow, orange, red, green and blue. And she loved that top.

She said she always liked embroidery on tops as long as it doesn’t look old ladyish. Like I talked about at the top of the post, I had never considered embroidery in that category. Granted, even Sarah said that the cut or style of the top could be what makes something seem more frumpy.

How to style an embroidered blouse

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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