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Summer Sweater Style: Making it Colorful, Chic and Confident

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Stylish summer sweater outfit

Summer Sweater Style: Making it Colorful, Chic and Confident

You may not think of summer sweaters as an option for these months, yet the prompt for this week was actually vests. Lesley shared that one of her good friends has traveled extensively and has adopted some of the British vernacular. Therefore, she wanted to use the idea of a summer vest as more of a summer sweater outfit.
The funny thing is how this day for photos was actually raining and chilly. Thus the clothing fit the weather.

Quote of the day: “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” Paulo Coelho

Lesley’s example of this summer sweater fits the request for an idea about hiding the waist a bit. Not that anyone of us NEEDS to hide our waist, but I know when our middle gets thicker, we tend to feel better camouflaging it.
Charlotte showcased her idea with a lightweight summer vest. And I have practical reasons why you might want to try it.

Summer sweater and capris

Capris: Style & Co.~~ Sweater: Chicos~~ Shoes: Italian Shoemakers~~ Scarf: ~~ Necklace: Steinmart ~~ Purse:

Why Even Wear a Summer Sweater?

Lesley commented that a lightweight, flowy sweater like this one is easy to wear even in a hot climate like Arizona. It’s perfect for when the mornings or evenings cool down, or especially those rainy days.
In fact, this sweater is so lightweight that Lesley wore a cami under it. On top of that, she brought along a pashmina in case the restaurant was chilly.

Part of the details that makes this summer sweater work is the fact it’s loosey goosey. To counteract the boxiness, Lesley wore it with white capris that are more fitted.

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BTW, we’ve talked many times about how capri pants can be worn stylishly. Remember that capri pants can be many different lengths and silhouettes.

Insider tip: If you can’t find the length of capri pants that you deem perfect, you can always buy a pair of regular length pants and have them altered.

Summer sweater and scarf


Nothing screams summer more than colors and white pants. This turquoise/mint color is very reminiscent of the beach décor you can see in many magazines.
Yet one of the fine points for this overall look, is how Lesley threw in a totally different color with her sandals. In all reality, the scarf pulls the colors together which is one reason scarves are so magical.

A pashmina scarf like this may seem too big to “wrap” around your neck, but instead try throwing it over a shoulder like Lesley did above. If you are chilly, then you can open it up and wrap it around you like a poncho.
Then when you’ve warmed up, just tie it around your purse handles and you’re ready to go.
BTW, some pashmina scarves can be expensive. I’ve found quite a few of mine on Amazon. If you’re looking for print ones, these are budget-oriented. And then these are the solid ones I’ve personally bought.

Straw bag with scarf

Straw Purses

You may think that wearing a sweater would make an outfit seem less summery. Yet it’s like anything. There are many other factors involved in your look.
Notice that Lesley’s necklace basically mirrors the colors of her straw purse. If it seems like her necklace changes color, that’s because it reflected the colors of the “movie” playing behind her.

The straw purse seems so iconic for summertime. Sure, the shapes may change over time, but every summer you can pull it out and be in style. There were many comments on her other straw purse from a couple of weeks back and here are some fun variations if you love them too.

Insider tip: If you like secondhand stores, you might be able to find some great straw purses there.

Sandals for summer outfits

Summer Sandals

I always feel like the end of summer is when you can get the best deals on some of the summer sandals. Even if you can’t wear them for another 3 months straight, they can still be utilized for the Indian Summer days that tend to happen in September. Unless you’re itching to start wearing boots again, haha!

This type of sandal is one that both Lesley and I have bought from DSW from the brand Italian Shoemakers. I’ve seen another brand just like it from Nordstrom but haven’t tried those.
Personally, I used to be very particular about the thing between my toes with sandals. Yet this brand doesn’t seem to bother me (or Lesley).

I wouldn’t say I could walk miles and miles in them, but they are great for a half-day of trekking. At least the variety that Lesley and I have are nice because they aren’t “totally flat”, and that little bit of heel really helps.

Woman over 60 in summer sweater
Style a summer sweater

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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