Navy as darker color for fall

Summer to Fall Transition Style: How Color Changes a Look

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Navy as column of color

Summer to Fall Transition Style: How Color Changes a Look

The summer to fall transition is easy with a change of colors. This week, we took a piece that we wore in the summer on the blog and showcased it for a fall look. Charlotte wore a bright top and I wore a classic summer print.

Quote of the day: “If you don’t get out of the box you were raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is.” Angelina Jolie

For Lesley’s summer to fall transition, she chose her multi-colored cardigan that was worn with lime green last summer. In fact, that’s the photo used for our logo at the top of the site. By adding in closed-toe shoes and a darker column of color, it looks ready for September.

Skort: Lands End-thrifted ~~ Cardigan: Mossimo~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Naturalizer~~ Purse: Maurca

Fall to Summer Transition with Navy

Navy is a neutral that works just as well as black. Yet it doesn’t get as much love from most people. Heck, even I don’t have that much navy unless you count in denim. But Lesley is smart to keep it in her closet, and it works wonderfully with this multi-colored cardigan.

The two navy pieces are actually separates but paired together this way they look like a dress. It’s that column of color that is a great way to put together a look. In fact, Lesley considers this her basic uniform with the skorts and tank top. If it’s a lot colder where you are, you could always wear navy pants instead of a skort.

Summer to fall transition for women's clothes

Other Colors

This is one of those print items that could end up being so versatile in your closet. Sure, you may think to pair it with navy since there is a darker blue in the print. Or purple, white, yellow, or green since those colors are already in the print.
But as Lesley showed in her summer outfit, you don’t have to “match” the colors to make the print look cohesive. (In the summer outfit, the lime green goes wonderfully, yet there isn’t lime green in the sweater).

So what other colors could you wear with this cardigan?
Neutrals: Grey (both light grey and charcoal), brown (both tan and a rich brown), and of course black. Now I also consider denim a neutral, so any wash of denim would be great.
Colors: Pink (both light pink and bright pink), darker greens (like forest or olive), orange, and other blues (including a light blue or turquoise).

Insider tip: The best way to know what other colors work is to hold it up to everything in your closet. You’ll never know unless you try. Many times it’s not the actual “color” itself that makes it work or not work, but whether it has a warm or cool undertone.


A long, silver necklace is a wonderful addition to the navy column of color. Even though the stone inside the silver is navy, it contrasts nicely against the top because there is silver around it. If it were a pure navy necklace, then it would get lost.

Then since there is purple in the cardigan, Lesley grabbed a purple bracelet for more color. In fact, she copied that extra color of purple in her purple flats. Most articles will suggest that when you add in a color that you should use three elements, but I think because there is a good amount of purple in the sweater, Lesley’s look is fabulous.

Purple flats

Short Cardigan

While the longer cardigans have been trending for years now, I think the short cardigans will always have a place in our closest. They especially work well for this summer to fall transition. If it’s too warm to wear traditionally, a short cardigan is easy to tie around your neck (or stuff in your tote bag as the case was later this day). That wouldn’t be as easy to do with the longer cardigans.

Summer to fall transition

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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