Older women and hair accessories

Superior Lilla Rose Hair Products: Why They Will Work for You & Giveaway

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Older women and hair accessories

Superior Lilla Rose Hair Products: Why They Will Work for You & Giveaway

I wanted to share some of the new Lilla Rose hair products. Even if you have short hair, thin hair, silver hair, you are never too old to wear hair accessories.

In fact, I just had a fabulous testimonial on my Instagram stories.“Because of your carefree clothes and accessories policy I’ve started using barrettes and hairbands for the first time in many decades! If I stop to ask am I too old? Then I say, who cares?? As my 37-year-old daughter says “own it”! Thanks Jodie”

My style philosophy has increasingly become more about enjoying what we wear as opposed to what we “should” wear. I only hope to inspire more women to think this way.

What is Lilla Rose

Lilla Rose is a hair jewelry company in California. They make elegant, well-made, unique hair clips, bobby pins, hair bands, sticks, and other hair accessories. I realize you can get many similar items at the drug store now, but these products are better for many reasons.

The company is online and also has consultants. My friend, Laurie has been a Lilla Rose consultant for years and I have worked with her a couple of times. You can see some of these posts listed at the end of this post.

Lilla Rose guarantees their items free from defects for a year and free exchange for a different size piece for orders in the US.

Even if you’re not a fan of wearing hair accessories, these could be fantastic gifts.

Why They Will Work for You

First, let’s start with your type of hair. If you have thin hair vs thick hair, both types work with Lilla Rose hair products. Why? Because the traditional Flexi clips come in sizes to match the kind of hair that you have. They are made in sizes of XXS for super thin hair, to XXL for super thick hair.
On top of this, there is an option to have the clasp made either right or left-handed. How is that for customizable?

The headbands have an adjustable portion that is sized to the size of your head. On top of that, the elastic part of the bands comes in different colors (including silver) so it can hide in your hair.

The New Sport Flexi Clip

The Flexi Sport is made with high carbon spring steel that is encased in a thermoplastic overmold. This provides a strong barrier against oxidation and moisture, making the Sport 100% waterproof. The patented sliding pin is made of high-grade polycarbonate and has high tensile strength, making it virtually resistant to breaking. All parts are latex-free.

  • Dual pin flip to hold more or less hair
  • Fits all hair types
  • Up to 3 sizes in one! fits XS, SM, MD
Lilla Rose sports clip for medium length hair

Lesley has shoulder-length, medium-thick hair and is loving this Lilla Rose hair product. It’s perfect for our water aerobics class.

There are many options of different colors for these Sport Flexi Clips. The purple one that Lesley is showing is out of stock right now. Yet there are cocoa, olive green, and brick colors you can find right now.

Insider tip: You can wear these in a totally different way. Make sure to check out below how Charlotte is wearing her Flexi Clip.

Here is an example of how easy the Lilla Rose Sport Flexi clip works in your hair.

Sports clip gif

Versatile Headbands

I really like the Lilla Rose headbands because they don’t give me headaches after wearing them all day. One reason is they don’t put pressure behind my ears. Instead, they go around my entire head.

Even the headbands can be customizable with the different lengths of elastics you can choose from depending on your head size. And as I mentioned before, there are options for colors for that elastic. You can get the color that matches your hair:

  • Black
  • Blonde
  • Brunette
  • Silver
Lilla Rose Hair products for pixie cuts

I chose this thinner headband as one that would hide easier in my hair. What I realized when I got it is that it could also be worn as a necklace.

Insider tip: Your hair accessories can be more versatile than you think. Remember when I wore a barrette as a brooch.

On a different topic besides the hair accessories, let me point out my hair. I recently talked about my aging hair and comparing the products I’ve been using. This left side that is closest to the camera in the close-up shot, is the side I used the Plantur 39.

In fact, I felt like the Collective Laboratories side seemed thicker, so I just started using the CL product on this side now too.

Insider tip: The $5 Introductory offer for Collective Laboratories is still available through my link. Considering you get the shampoo and conditioner AND serum for that $5, it’s a deal that you can’t go wrong with. In fact, that’s less than the prices at the drug stores.

Whimsical Lilla Rose Hair Products

One of the best things about Lilla Rose hair products is you can find such a great variety of colors and shapes. For instance, you can even search for a specific animal if you want.

It’s no secret that Charlotte has a love affair with owls, so this owl Flexi clip is perfect for her. Since she doesn’t have long hair, she enjoys using these hair accessories like a scarf clip.

Scarf clip with a Lilla Rose hair products

Insider tip: We showcased many things to use for scarf clips in this post. We’ve used tie clips, belt buckles, and these magnetic fasteners.

Other Examples of Wearing Hair Products

Lilla Rose Hair Products & Details for this Post

The giveaway is now closed but make sure to check out Laurie’s Lilla Rose site to find your own fabulous Lilla Rose hair products.

Laurie sent us these Lilla Rose hair products to review and showcase. I was not paid to write this post but I like to support small businesses when possible, and Lilla Rose hair products have impressed me over the years.

Let me introduce you to Laurie:

  • Empty nester mom of 3 adult kids.
  • 2 furry friends: a Boston Terrier named Odie and a quarter horse named Doc.
  • I live in central Florida with my amazing hubby of 4 years.
  • I’m a great listener and love encouraging people.
  • I am currently an aide for second graders but I’m working on my teaching certificate and would love my own kindergarten classroom.
  • My hair accessory business has been growing since the fall of 2017.

Lilla Rose Hair Products

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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