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Superior Style with White Shoes as What to Wear with Huarache Sandals

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This article could address two queries. One is what to wear with huarache sandals. But in reality, it could also answer the question of how to style white shoes in the summer. Either way, we are full of options and ideas.

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What to wear with huarache sandals
1-What are huarache sandals
2-Shorts and huarache sandals
3-Bermuda length shorts with white sandals
4-White capris and white shoes
5-Long pants with huarache shoes
6-Advantage of white shoes and how to keep them clean

Thanks to my friend, Cathie (who you can find on Instagram here) we are all sporting these white shoes to give you ideas of what to wear with huarache sandals.

BTW-these shoes at Target are very similar and available in fall colors. The reviews are very mixed on fit but luckily, it is easy to return things at Target if you are interested.
OR check ebay as I saw some there depending on your size-search for “Sam & Libby Asha”.

The story goes that Cathie called me saying she found these sandals on sale at Walmart for $1. There were only about half a dozen of the shoes at the store, and since I know the shoe sizes for my models, I had her snatch up some for all of us.
I always think it’s so helpful to see the same item styled differently, and this provided the perfect opportunity.

White footwear is something very trending right now, so don’t let it take you back to the days when only nurses wore white shoes. In fact, I’ve been seeing white cowboy boots as the big thing lately, and we’ve even blogged about white boots in the past.
If you aren’t a huge fan of the huarache style, these ideas will work with any white shoes.

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What are Huarache Sandals

Sandals that are categorized as huarache sandals are the woven straps footwear that originated in Mexico. The design is very old in origin and comes in a variety of styles from men’s to women’s with toes being exposed to full coverage.

The pair of huarache sandals that Cathie bought us consists of an espadrille-like footbed, and is quite cushy. It’s a closed-toe shoe yet it has ventilation through the straps.

Shorts as What to Wear with Huarache Sandals: Cathie

Green short set and white huarache sandals
Shorts: Walmart~ Top: Walmart ~~ Shoes: Sam & Libby-Walmart~~ Necklace: Walmart~~ Purse: Walmart

Cathie decided to wear her white sandals with a short set. This green with the white trim short set was a great find also at…Walmart.
Cathie is my thrifty friend and finds deals upon deals. She has been frequenting Walmart even more lately because her husband works for the company and so she even gets an additional discount.

As for Walmart and fashion, if you haven’t explored their options lately, you might be missing out. They are trying to give Target fashion a run for its money.
I would consider most of the items fast fashion, but then again, if you wear them many times, then that makes them more sustainable.

Insider tip: Cathie is the queen of making sure she gets the lowest price. Her trick is to make sure you have the Walmart app and scan everything before taking it up to the register. Many times the price on the app is less and then you have to make sure to show this to the employee. That’s what happened with these shoes, as they didn’t all ring up the same price at first.

2 Piece Shorts Set

If you’ve been following other influencers, especially on Instagram, then you may have noticed the huge resurgence of matching sets lately. Cathie and I were talking about them recently, and I don’t have a lot of them in my closet whereas she adores them.

I see the draw of 2 piece sets. Wear them together for an easy style option (which is why I love dresses), or you can split them up and create many other outfits.

What I love is how Cathie enjoys wearing bright colors just like we do. Color is such a powerful force in our lives, and this green is perfect for summer.

Accessories with a Shorts Set

Cathie wore a necklace and earrings but they aren’t the star of the show. The green shorts set really is the focal point and then her colorful straw purse adds another layer of fun.

Even though many bloggers will have you believe that it’s time for fall fashion already, I find that it’s better to dress for what the weather really is. And it’s still darn hot here in Arizona. That’s why you’ll still be seeing us carry our straw purses and such.

Insider tip: If you only have tan straw purses, remember it’s easy to tie a colorful scarf around the handles to add some color.

Green short set for plus size women

Bermuda Length Shorts and White Sandals: Lesley

Summery style with what to wear with huarache sandals
Shorts: Per Se-Bealls~~ Cardigan: Chadwicks-online~~ Top: Old Navy~~ Shoes: Sam & Libby-Walmart~~ Necklace: Chicos~~ Purse: no label-Target~~Hat: Nine West-Macys

Lesley also decided to style shorts as what to wear with her huarache sandals since it was over 100 degrees on this day.
Her shorts are more of a Bermuda length short that has been making a comeback in style. In fact, I wrote an article last year with 5 different options to wear with this length of shorts.

Insider tip: Can’t find the right length of shorts you prefer? Cut off a pair of pants or capris to make them the correct inseam for what you want. Either that or take a gander at some of the men’s shorts in the stores, because they usually tend to run longer.

I just LOVE this pair of shorts that Lesley is wearing. They are perfect for summer and since they have a white print background, the white shoes tie in fabulously.

Notice that Lesley used a half tuck for her top. I really think that adds so much to the look. Many of my friends always say they feel strange when they use the half tuck, but the more you do it, the easier it gets.

She also brought along a thin white cardigan to use inside the chilly stores.

Accessories to Spruce Up a Shorts Outfit

If this lemon necklace looks familiar, it’s because you saw it on Charlotte when we styled our resort looks. Lesley and my mom swapped their necklaces and Lesley added this to her shorts outfit.
I’m so impressed because while it does have the straw aspect that ties in with the purse and hat, it also includes an entirely new color to the look-yellow.
Lesley made the yellow look intentional by also including a yellow bracelet in her arm candy.

The hat also is a great way to accessorize any kind of outfit. Not only is it functional to keep the sun off your neck and face, but it adds interest to the overall look.

Insider tip: Do hats mess up your hair? There are a couple of tricks to fight this. One is to flip your hair the opposite way that you normally wear it when you put on the hat, so when you take off the hat, your hair still has body. The other is to wear a scarf over your head under the hat, so when you take off the hat, you don’t have to worry about your hair.

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White topper as what to wear with huarache sandals

White Capris & White Shoes: Charlotte

White capris with what to wear with huarache sandals
Capris: Delra~~Top: Ruby Rae~~ Shoes: Sam & Libby-Walmart~~ Purse: no label-thrifted

My mom went with the idea of styling the same color of cropped pants/capris with her huarache sandals. She is wearing a longer length of pants than both Cathie and Lesley, but shorter than my pair. I think it’s fabulous that we can show all different options with the same shoe this way.

Insider tip: You can easily style any length of skirt/dress as part of the question of what to wear with huarache sandals. The length of the skirt would fall into our categories of lengths of pants easily.

Charlotte has worn this bright-colored top with olive green in the past (only because I twisted her arm to do so, haha). I realize that a print top can be hard to style for some of you. That’s why I came up with my color recipe in the first place.

What Length Top with Shorter Pants?

Proportion is something I’ve been exploring on the blog lately because sometimes it can be that detail that affects a look. With a shorter length of pants like cropped ones or capri pants, many tops left untucked will create a half and half proportion which is not usually the best look.

That’s why I love this top because it has that ruching on the one side where you can pull it up and make the hemline asymmetrical. The asymmetrical hem is almost like a half tuck but on the side of the body instead of the front.

The other fact is that the pants and shoes match in color, so that can skew the idea of proportion too.

Accessories with Print

My mom was in a matching mood with this look. Once she choose the top, everything else in the outfit had those same colors.

If you’re going to match, I really like how my mom split it up. The earrings and bracelet are pink, but the purse is orange. So instead of having all of the extras be the same color, try a little mix and match.

Styling what to wear with huarache sandals

Long Pants and Huarache Shoes: Jodie

Pants as what to wear with huarache sandals
Pants: Banana Republic ~~ Top: Kate Spade-Gild the Lily~~ Shoes: Sam & Libby-Walmart~~ Bracelet: Sally Hoffman Designs~~ Earrings: Sally Hoffman Designs~~ Purse: thrifted

Even though it’s summer, I have found that wide-leg pants can be just as cool in the heat. That’s why I chose this pair of long pants as what to wear with huarache sandals.

As we’ve discovered after living in AZ for more than one summer, sometimes covering up can be cooler than exposing skin.
Therefore, if you are someone who doesn’t feel comfortable showing your legs, then these wide-leg pants are fabulous.

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Colorful Outfit for Summer

I always think that if you’re not sure of a new style on you, then change the focus to your other elements. So if you’re still vacillating about the wide-leg pants, then make sure you have a colorful and interesting top. Then all eyes will be on your upper half.

I bought this top preloved from a small online consignment shop on my small business list. It’s the perfect example of how window shopping can be bad for your wallet. I saw it while perusing Instagram stories and had to have it. The fact that it’s a Kate Spade, and was only $25, clinched the deal.
I just loved all of the colors and the ruffles on the sleeves.

What Accessories to Wear in Summer

The top may be bold, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing accessories. I layered 3 different bracelets and wore my pair of Sally Hoffman turquoise earrings. I even managed to wear a barrette in my hair as pure decoration.

My straw purse really doesn’t match at all, but I feel like it blends in with all of the different colors. And did you notice the pin at my waistband?? Wearing our pins and brooches may not be the “in style” thing right now, but I see no reason for that to stop me from wearing what I love.

The reason I loved my white huarache sandals with this look is they are a bright neutral and mirror the bright top.

Yellow pants and white shoes

The Advantage of White Shoes & How to Keep Them Clean

The neutral shoe color of the year would be white in my opinion. About 10 years ago, all you heard about was nude shoes. And of course, many of you still adore black. But in summer, white just makes all the sense in the world.

Even when the seasons change, a white shoe can add brightness to a look and make it seem not as dreary.

Because white is neutral, this color of footwear can and will go with absolutely everything in your closet. Even if you’re wearing an all-black look, just think about how a white shoe will give it something interesting to focus on. And no one disses their feet (do they?) so it is fine to put the spotlight there if they are cool and hip shoes.

Cleaning White Shoes

Now the only drawback to lighter-colored shoes is they do get dirtier easier. But hey, that’s why we have cleaners.

If the shoes are canvas, then you can easily put them under the faucet and wash off the dirt. I find these stain removers work on my clothes and shoes wonderfully.

For the faux leather and leather shoes and boots, then you realize that Magic Erasers are amazing, right??

And when they seem too dingy or dirty to be white anymore, don’t think that you have to throw them out. Take them to your shoe repair store and have them dyed another color!! That’s sustainable fashion at its best!!

White shoes worn with anything
What to wear with huarache sandals for any age ladies

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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