Surefire Way to Make a Grey Outfit Have a Spring Vibe

Surefire Way to Make a Grey Outfit Have a Spring Vibe

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Adding a scarf to a long cardigan

Surefire Way to Make a Grey Outfit Have a Spring Vibe at the USS Arizona Memorial Gardens

A grey outfit made to work for the springtime? It’s not as hard as you’d think. Especially considering all of the different shades of grey and the Pantone colors chosen for this year.

Quote of the day: “There’s something beautiful about ignoring all realistic constraints.” Anne Wojcicki

While color combinations aren’t really a constraint, I have a feeling that if you’re anything like me, you get into habits about which colors to wear depending on the seasons. That’s why we wanted to challenge you by wearing fall colors for springtime looks.
As for the quote above, I think it’s a perfect reminder of always questioning the fashion “rules” and having more fun with our style.

Other fall colors springified
Olive Green Outfit
Burgundy Outfit

I’m also sharing some of the photos from the USS Arizona Memorial Gardens right here in our area. It’s one of those places you could easily miss if you didn’t know it was here.

Soft spring colors with a grey outfit

Pants: Gloria Vanderbilt~~ Cardigan: Chicos ~~ Top: Karen Scott ~~ Shoes: Belle Marie~~ Scarf: ~~ Purse:

Grey Outfit Styled for Spring

In Lesley’s words: “Dark grey reminds me of deep winter and the gloomy days. The spring days can be grey also but it seems like a brighter, more hopeful shade of grey that invites the sun to come out and play.
This outfit has that come hither grey with the sun!!

I just fell upon this shade of grey and find it almost as easy to style as white. You could also say that this could be easier to style than white if you still struggle with white before Labor Day. “

Yellow is obviously a color that both Lesley and Charlotte think about for spring since they chose it for both of their outfits.
Remember, there are many shades of yellow both warm based and cool based, so you too can find a yellow for your complexion.

Insider tip: If you struggle with which colors work best, there are online ways to help. You can have someone analyze them for you or learn techniques to teach you how to know. Both ways I’ve discussed in the past.

Spring colors with a grey outfit

Let’s Talk Accessories

Even if you aren’t someone who loves yellow clothing, the color can be perfect for accessories and purses. It’s such a fabulous color to add some punch to any outfit.

If you don’t believe me, check out our other yellow accessories posts
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What I love seeing Lesley doing here is pairing a silver bracelet with the look. I think either silver or gold would work because the grey seems cool and the yellow seems warm. But why limit an outfit to only one temperature?

Adding yellow to a grey outfit

Scarf Magic

Now I want to talk about a fabulous way to style a scarf that is underappreciated!! Lesley is the queen of wearing her scarves this way and I’ll link a couple of other times she’s shown them this way.
The scarf is draped over one shoulder only. It’s easy and doesn’t involve any kind of tying or college degree, LOL!! Lesley did pin the scarf to the cardigan this time, although many times she just throws it over her shoulder upon a whim.

Insider tip: How do you know if you need to pin your scarf? Try it real quick and see if it stays easily. Some materials stick to each other better than others. Then think about if you’ll be moving a lot, or want to remove it to use around your shoulders or elsewhere. Even if it is pinned, you can always unpin it during your day when you’re out and about.

This trick with the scarf creates so much more interest to the entire outfit and cardigan. In fact, you might think it’s part of the cardigan. Since it hangs lower it creates asymmetry plus it adds a subtle print to the overall grey outfit.

Other over the shoulder styling with a scarf
Our High School Reunion Outfit
How to Dress Up Joggers for Women

Insider tip: Another option to keep a scarf in place over one shoulder or two is with a belt. I’ve showcased this in the past.

Yellow purse and nude shoes
How to add color to a grey outfit

The USS Arizona Memorial Gardens

We planned to witness the USS Arizona Memorial at sunset so we could see all of the columns lit up when the sun went down. What we didn’t realize is that it happens at nautical sunset not what we know as sunset time.

It was still a very touching memorial, and I recommend visiting especially if you are near the Talking Sticks/Salt River area!

Grey outfit for spring

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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