Tie a kimono for graduation guest outfit

The Surprising Facts About a Graduation Guest Outfit

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When you first get the invite to a graduation event, I bet you check your calendar, try to figure out what gift to buy, and then worry about your outfit.
While your graduation guest outfit is important, let’s talk about the surprising facts below.

Quote of the day: “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” Mother Teresa

I always love Mother Teresa’s quotes because it really puts life into perspective. And that leads me to the surprising fact about your graduation guest outfit.
This event is not about you!!
Heck, you could even say the same thing about your summer wedding outfit.

Is that harsh?

Maybe, but we tend to obsess over the funniest things. Sure, I’m a firm believer that our graduation guest outfit should be stylish and practical, but do we really need to go buy something new and put ourselves into a frenzy about what we should wear?

I bet you have items in your closet that will work, and if not then it’s time to buy those things that you always say “but where would I wear this?”
Because one of the secrets to putting together a great occasion outfit is to buy the perfect things when you find them.

You may not realize that there is a graduation event in your future or a spring wedding. But come on, these things pop up and the best feeling is going into your closet and having something that you already have that fits and therefore costs nothing.

Kimono for graduation guest outfit

Dress: Chicos ~~ Kimono: Kim Rogers-thrifted~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Joy”~~ Necklace: layered~~ Purse: no label

Lesley’s Graduation Guest Outfit

Let’s dissect Lesley’s graduation guest outfit.

First, Lesley’s perspective is that graduation is “A celebration of achievement for the graduate as well as their family. And I always think that a celebration deserves a dress-up outfit. This easy-knit dress is perfect and can be dressed in many ways.

I chose a chiffon shrug and light jewelry. This outfit would also be good for a spring or summer wedding. In fact, I’ve worn the dress for a dinner date with wedge sandals and a light wrap.”

You can see that Lesley added heels to her look which would work if the event is in a gymnasium or such. But it’s easy to switch those out to flats if you prefer.

This is exactly the kind of outfit that could be pulled from our closets. Grab a solid colored dress (heck, it could be a t-shirt dress), a kimono (or a scarf), and don’t forget the accessories and you’re good to go.
Sure, it can take a little adjusting or trying a couple of options to get it right, but once you look good in your graduation guest outfit, then you’ll feel good and have a better time.

Turquoise dress and kimono

Kimonos for a Fancy Occasion

If you’re like me, you had no idea what a kimono was until you started reading blogs. They weren’t something that I grew up styling and therefore, would never think to get one until everyone started making a fuss about them.

Heck, even after buying my first one (which you can see here worn on all three original models), I still didn’t understand the frenzy.
Then again, maybe that’s because they are such lightweight items, and we were still living in Denver, Colorado.

But once we moved to the hotter environment in Arizona, I feel like a kimono is something you need for spring, summer, and fall. It’s a wonderful way to add a third piece to a solid-colored outfit and add interest.
If your graduation event is in the cooler areas of the world, then a blazer or jacket like Charlotte wore, would be the exact same idea.

Insider tip: A kimono is basically just a beautiful square or rectangle of material with sleeves. If you don’t have one for the outfit of choice, just tie the ends of a scarf together to make sleeves. Here is a short video (not mine) to show how it’s done (start at 50 seconds).

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Lesley wore a kimono for a fall outfit too

Insider tip: Many kimonos look like bathrobes. SOOOOO take a good look at your summer bathrobe. Maybe you should wear it with a dress like this. Just remove the belt and voila, a kimono!!

How Accessories Can Work

You may think that adding the kimono to the solid-colored dress completes the styling for your graduation guest outfit. Yet the idea of adding in some extra accessories gives your appearance that extra finishing touch.

Insider tip: I like to try to relate this to other aspects of our life. Just think of how at the fancy restaurants they sprinkle fresh herbs over the dish for added flavor and a beautiful presentation. That’s exactly what accessories are for an outfit.

If your style is more minimal, then choosing metallic accessories can be the perfect combination. You can see how Lesley layered two longer necklaces that are relatively delicate and don’t overpower the outfit.
She added in a chunky bracelet and fun ring, plus a purse that coordinates with her shoes.

Insider tip: You don’t have to match your purse to your shoes, but if you are at a loss of which purse to grab, it can be an easy option.

Neutral Walking Cradle shoes

Comfortable Heels

One of the ways to make an outfit seem fancier is the shoes we choose. Lesley loves her Walking Cradles shoes for both casual and fancy days.

The right heels can definitely make a difference. One of the reasons that we talk about Walking Cradles so much is the fact that they have tiny pillows in the insoles to make them comfortable. They also have a large selection of dressy shoes with different heights and widths of heels.
The biggest advantage of Walking Cradles is the size options. They cover sizes from 5-12 from slim to wide wide in most of their footwear.

I can offer a 15% discount (Jodie15) for first-time buyers from the Walking Cradles site. However, do you find it hard to buy shoes online? I admit it can be iffy. A lot of women haven’t had their feet measured in ages. And shoe sizes can be just as variable as jean sizes. Even though Walking Cradles go through rigid size checks, everyone’s foot issues are different.
If that’s the case, I can recommend finding Walking Cradles from Zappos where the returns are free.

Wearing blue for graduation guest outfit or summer wedding look

Can You Wear a T-Shirt Dress to a Graduation Event?

How many dresses do you have in your closet? I do think they are an easy foundation to wear as part of any outfit formula, especially for these springtime events.
But just because it’s a dress doesn’t mean it can’t be worn for casual days too. Lesley could easily add some sneakers to this look and a straw hat and have it look perfect for a casual day at the beach.

Insider tip: We need to stop categorizing our clothes as dressy or casual. Almost all things can be styled in multiple ways depending on what you pair them with. Instead of thinking that a dress is fancy, try describing it.
For instance, this dress would be a blue, knit covering. Now what you add to the blue, knit covering is what makes it appropriate for the occasion.

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More Options For a Graduation Guest Outfit

As always, the three of us try to give you options for the same kind of event or occasion. For instance, Charlotte wore pants yet still looks very stylish and appropriate. And I included reasons you need a statement blazer like she is wearing.

Another option as a graduation guest outfit was where I thought about the party afterward, and the issues about possibly being in the sun or sitting on the ground.

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Graduation guest outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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