Print mixing with a yellow print summer top

Sustainable Style: How to Wear Summer Clothes in Fall

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Woman over 80 for how to wear summer clothes in fall

Sustainable Style: How to Wear Summer Clothes in Fall

The idea of how to wear summer clothes in fall seems to be popular every time September rolls around. We are excited for the new season, yet is it sustainable or good for our wallet to go out and buy new things all the time?

Quote of the day: “A surplus of effort could overcome a deficit of confidence.” Sonia Sotomayor

So I thought it would be fun to take an item we have worn in the past in the summer and show a fall look with it. My off-the-shoulder shirt was changed up with heavier items and layering. Lesley’s item looks different with darker colors.
Charlotte is adding some denim culottes along with a great pair of boots to her yellow print blouse. You can see this blouse as part of our sheer top series from 5 years ago.

Culottes: Lola Jeans c/o~~ Cardigan: Karen Scott~~ Top: Charming Charlies ~~Boots: Style & Co ~~ Scarf: ~~ Belt: thrifted~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse:

How to Wear Summer Clothes in Fall

My mom wanted to add layers to her sheer top with another yellow print cardigan. Look at her skills with print mixing, it makes me so proud!!! Granted she didn’t need to wear it in these photos (which is why it’s in her hands instead, LOL).
And then adding in the denim culottes and boots makes the whole outfit look so hip and fun.

But she’s not done there. I will say I think this is one of my favorite outfits that my mom has worn recently. Even though there is some matchiness to it, it’s so modern and makes her look sassy!

Print mixing with a yellow print summer top

The Half Tuck

One thing that makes this overall look appealing is the proportions. And that detail is due to the fact that Charlotte used a half-tuck with this top. Even though the top has a finished bottom hem, there’s no reason you can’t use this half tuck for it, especially because it’s a lightweight, sheer material.

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Notice the white belt too!

Necklace Fun

This necklace is actually a combination of a chain-link necklace which my mother then threaded a scarf through. You can see how she did this with a totally different scarf last summer. And below, you can see how the ends of the scarf hang down her back, which is wonderful!!

And a yellow purse shouldn’t be carried only for summer. Just think of all the yellow you see when the leaves change color. It should be a part of your autumn style too!

Culottes and boots for how to wear summer clothes in fall


Technically, I’m sure there is a difference between culottes and cropped wide-leg pants. But in all reality, does it really matter what you call them? The only reason I call these culottes is that is what the tag said when my mom got them.
And there was much discussion about how many women had worn culottes in our back-to-school post and then got sent home because they were pants.

Yet since the cropped pants are VERY in style right now, I love them styled with this outfit. The advantage of shorter pants like this is you can actually see the cool boots. If my mom had been wearing long jeans, you wouldn’t notice the boots as much.

BTW, my mom actually shortened these culottes from their original length. You can see the original length here.

Insider tip: Remember alterations are your friends! The more your something fits, the better you look. Even if you don’t sew yourself, just knowing that alterations can be done relatively easily is helpful. Charlotte, who is a master seamstress, shared 7 that are easy to do, and 7 that should be saved for a professional.

Boots and culottes for older women
Scarf as decoration in a necklace

The Back View

I am known to say that just as many people see you from the rear as from the front, so why not give them something fun to look at? That’s why I love the scarf hanging down the back with this outfit.

And you’ll laugh at how the scarf came to be. I had my mom shorten a pair of pants (or would you call it a dress, see the video here) and of course, she kept the material that she cut off. She made me one scarf which I wore as a belt. And she kept the leftover material from the other legs of the pants.

How to wear summer clothes in fall

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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