When Our Sweater and Booties Match Each Other

3 generations of women wearing sweater and booties

When Our Sweater and Booties Match Each Other

Quote of the day: “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for it is a thing to be achieved.” William Jennings Bryan

Now that fall is officially here and most of us have experienced the chill in the air, we tend to reach for our sweater and booties to keep warm. So I thought I’d see how we wear our cooler weather gear. Do you match the boots to the outfit?

This idea is really because of Paula in our Ageless Style Group, that you will be reading about tomorrow as will style our sweater and booties again, but with some other ideas!! I’d love to hear what you think.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: First let’s talk about my grey cardigan.

I went through a phase a couple of years ago when I was on a grey sweater kick. And this was one of the purchases. It may have been a phase, but it’s been a fabulous sweater that I have worn a ton. I think part of the love for me with this one, is the fact that it’s asymmetrical. You can see the back of it in one of the photos below.

If you like this design then I found a couple that are a lot less expensive then mine was and they come in other colors. This one is even faux suede and this one has some interesting sleeve detail.

Grey sweater and booties

I also have to showcase the purse and tunic that I’m wearing in these photos. They are from Drizzle and Shine, the eco boutique we visited in Seattle. The purse is one of those bucket bags design which I’ve seen on others, but didn’t have one for myself. But the real reason I had to buy it was the interesting design on the bottom of it. I have no idea why it’s like that. But it’s cool.

Sweater and booties worn by women

The other item I’m wearing from our Seattle trip, is this tunic.

You may look at my outfit and say, “what tunic?” The teal colored top you are seeing is actually a longer tunic, but I threw a skirt over top of it. I learned this trick from another blogger (and no, I can’t remember who). In fact the 3 of us showed this idea 2 years ago with a dress.

Layering your skirt like this is a great way to have more versatility in your closet. If you don’t have a top the color that you want, then check out your tunics selection. Or if your tunic is a little short for the day, then throw on a longer skirt.


Women over 50 styling sweater and booties

You may think that I’m constantly buying new clothes. Okay….so I am, ha ha! But I also have a lot of items that have stood the test of time. Like both the sweater and booties. Like I said above, I’ve had the sweater for years. And the same with these booties. I know this because I used to wear them while I was working, and I’ve been retired over 4 years now.

Booties are quite the essential when you live in the colder regions, and these always look nice either with pants or dresses. That’s why I rounded up a bunch at the bottom of this post. Of course it’s good to have the basic colors, but there are fun ones available too.

Autumn style with sweater and booties

By the way, the bracelet that I’m wearing, but didn’t get a closeup of, is one of my late Aunt Nancy’s bracelets. Ever since we styled her jewelry on the blog, I’ve been trying to remember to wear the sentimental pieces more.

Skirt: Ric Rac Designs (similar here)~~Cardigan: De Taille (similar here)~~Tunic: Threads 4 Thought (similar here)~~Boots: Christian Siriano for Payless (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: For Nancy’s sweater and booties outfit, she’s showing the two with her business pants.

Amazingly, I didn’t even recommend this variety, but it looks like we are covering all the bases. I wore a skirt, my mom wore jeans, and now Nancy is showing the combination with dressier pants. You know that I couldn’t have planned that if I had tried, LOL.

Sweater and Booties for Women over 60

I mean, let’s talk about how great ankle booties are for function. They keep you warm like a tall boot, but they fit under pants so much better. Of course with wider legged pants like these, it’s not always an issue. But it can be.

These booties are the pair that Jambu provided us earlier this fall. And do you know what Nancy told me just last week? That they are the most comfortable pair she owns. Now I know I was praising my Jambu shoes when I wrote that post, but it’s nice to hear others say the same thing. You are still able to get 10% off any full price purchase with the code JTouch17 until December 15.

Cool Weather calls for Sweater an booties

Now let’s talk accessories.

These pom pom earrings earrings are from a company called Happiness Boutique as a gift to introduce you to their accessories. I’ve actually ordered accessories from the company in the past, and was extremely happy with their items and service. In fact, the necklace I wore last winter came from Happiness Boutique. And just to give you an idea of their customer service. When that necklace was first delivered it was broken. I sent them a photo and they replaced it easy as pie.

Nancy picked out these earrings herself, and has worn them a ton since we received them. In fact, if you look closely at our Seattle photos, you can see she was sporting them then. And Happiness Boutique will offer my readers 10% off any of their items over 19 euros with the code JTouchofstyle until December 6. FYI they have free shipping, and a rewards program if you are interested.

Women wearing sweater and booties

This burgundy cardigan has been a hard worker in Nancy’s closet. It seems like every fall the color burgundy makes a reappearance, and so it gets pulled out again and again. If you don’t have this color cardigan in your wardrobe, you might want to consider it. There are longer versions available, or the easy drape ones too.

Matching your Sweater and bootiesO

Pants: Worthington (similar here)~~Cardigan: PBJ Sport (similar here)~~Top: The Limited (similar here)~~Boots: Jambu c/o (here)~~Earrings: Happiness Boutique use code Jtouchofstyle for 10% off c/o (here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: One of the details that I didn’t realize until I put the photos together for this sweater and booties post is that we are all featuring different colors for our items.

I’m sure we all have black booties in our closets, along with black sweaters, but we all grabbed various colors for your viewing pleasure. So for my mom’s outfit, she started with her beige sweater and booties.

I want to point out that the shirt she is wearing under the cardigan doesn’t have the colors of the pants in it at all. Yet I think it goes nicely without being too matchy.

Sweater and booties for women over 70

First let’s discuss these incredible jeans that my mom is wearing. She also just bought these at Drizzle and Shine, the eco boutique while we were in Seattle. Of course, let me point out that I found them and brought them to her in the dressing room. But especially since they fit her so perfectly, I was so glad she bought them, even though she doesn’t wear jeans a ton.

And they are bright. Maybe you have never thought that you needed bright colored jeans, but what a great way to add some life to the dreary winter days. Even if this color is a little too much for you, would you consider these or these?

handknit sweater and booties for older women

There are so many details to talk about in these photos, so bear with me as I go on and on.

First let me give a shout out to Jude who made these earrings for my mom. Jude has been such an incredible person by reading and commenting on our blog for awhile now. She’s joined us with some outfits occasionally, and has even sent us gifts from time to time. We were so blessed to finally meet up with her when we all traveled to Seattle. That’s when she gave both Nancy and my mom some of these earrings that she had created.

Talking about creating things, so now I get to brag a little and tell you that I knitted this sweater for my mom many years ago. She bought the yarn when she was in Glasglow, Scotland, and brought it home for me to use to make a sweater for her.

When your sweater and booties match

You’ve seen these booties on my mom quite a few times. We showcased ankle booties a year ago when collaborating with Sheela & Eve, and these were the pair that my mom wore. I happen to think that a beige or lighter colored pair of booties can be a smart purchase. I know my mom doesn’t love wearing booties with skirts usually, but when I twist her arm, she’ll let me style these because they blend in with her coloring better.

Of course, if you’d prefer a lower heel, I found another pair to ogle. Or if you are a fan of tassels on your booties?

Fall style with sweater and booties

Jeans: Brain Tree (similar here)~~Cardigan: I knitted it (similar here)~~Top: Covered Perfectly c/o (similar here in a solid color)~~Boots: Hillard & Hanson (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

The Facts

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  • HI Jodie and everyone!
    i love your grey and that bag, but the lilac is th winner for me this week, please pass on my compliments?
    Thanks too for joining the link up again,
    best wishes
    Ashley x

  • Anna Parkes

    Hurrah for boot season again! Jodie I have to admit that I zoomed straight down to Charlotte’s booties as they are my perfect ankle boot and the neutral colour make them so versatile – full marks go to her this week!
    Anna x

    • She’ll be so happy to read this Anna!!
      Thanks so much for helping her confidence!!

  • You all look great in your matching boots and sweaters! Seeing your wonderful knitted cardigans has made me want to start knitting again – although if I started now I probably still wouldn’t have finished a sweater by this time next year!

    Emma xxx

    • Thanks Emma!!!
      I know what you mean about knitting….it used to only take me about a month to knit a sweater, but now it takes me forever!!

  • You all look beautiful with matching shoes and coats. I can really tell you love what you are doing. That is a great quote.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  • you must know me well enough by now that I’m a matchy kinda woman! I’m really liking the Jambu boots. xx

    • It does make it easy when you match— in fact when I was putting together the outfits for the other post, it was hard not to match!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thank you for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party. Great looks!

  • Shahab Khan

    Beautiful post……….keep posting
    Calendar with clock

  • jean of all trades

    I love how your mom is wearing the light beige booties with those bright pants. And I’m a fan of those red shoes too!

    It was so fun to meet you at Drizzle & Shine. I appreciate your support and has so much fun! Tou have a great eye for style and found such special pieces. The bucket bag is great with your look.

    • Thanks Jean!! Obviously we enjoyed meeting you and all of the goodies at your store!! I can’t wait to come back and visit!!!

  • I find I’m more a fan of taller boots, only because of the pant issue. Ask your average blogger these days and the “proper” way to style an ankle boot is with your jeans cuffed and skin exposed. That makes no sense! Dresses and skirts are okay, but only before it gets too cold. While I love my booties, sometimes I feel put out when it comes to styling them.

    • Well that’s only because you’re being practical and style is definitely not always practical!!! I think that’s why I love the OTK boots so much because they are so much warmer!!

  • Fabulous outfits all around! The booties and sweaters matches are perfect! I really love the bag you are using too, Jodie. 🙂


    • Thanks Lindsey!!!
      This will be my uniform for the next 6 months—unless I go somewhere tropical…ha ha!

  • Lovely sweaters you got there ladies. I love the ankle boots too! Really chic and stylish look, especially the leopard print.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  • ADA

    You have been loving my sweaters lately J but I can say the same. You three have gorgeous sweaters here today. Your duster cardigan is awesome and I love it sort of dressed up with that skirt!

    • I am a sucker for great sweaters, Ada!! That’s probably why I took up knitting in the first place!!

  • Eileen Flanigan Sinda

    Loved all the outfits today. Love your teal and gray together. Nancy’s whole outfit is so classic, but very much in style now. I would definitely wear that burgundy! Loved Charlotte’s outfit too. Love the color of her jeans! I love cardigans! I much prefer wearing a cardigan over a jacket. They are just so comfy and IMHO keep me warmer. You did a great job on Charlotte’s and I am sure she loves thinking of you each time she wears it.

    • Thanks so much Eileen!
      What a great idea to wear a cardigan over a jacket—kinda like a coat??
      We are putting together some outfits for December with a vest over a jacket. But I may have to style some posts around your idea!!!

  • Judy Gramith

    I seem to have fallen a couple days out of sync with your posts Jodie.
    You are all looking very pretty in this post. I like the color choices as they all look really great on each wearer. Charlotte looks great in her new jeans. That shop was very special and fun!
    Jodie, your look is my favorite. That houndstooth check skirt is fabulous!!

  • Christina Makri

    You all look extremely chic! I like to wear booties too!


  • Bernadette Laganella

    You know, I have always followed the rule of not cutting yourself into thirds because I am only 5’2″ tall but your post has me rethinking that.

    • I know, I know Bernadette. I hear this from my mom all the time (although less and less lately).
      Could it be that our perception of what looks good has changed??

  • Brigid Gallagher

    I am with you on grey Jodie. It is my favourite colour for winter to be accented with a variety of other brights… I love all these ideas andI am on the lookout for a red ankle boot.

    • Thanks Bridig!!
      I think the only thing about finding a red ankle boot right now is which one?? It seems like everywhere I look, there are red ankle boots. In fact, I’ve been feeling the pull myself—but eeek, I have so many!!! LOL

  • This is such a fun idea! Loving those red booties!


  • FunkyForty

    All you ladies have very cute looks 😉 Love the way the three of you always style together it looks like so much fun. Can’t wait for my Mum to come in December so I can do the same with her – smile!

    I have my Sweater and Booties look up too now – see: http://funkyforty.com/booties-and-sweaters-ageless-style-linkup/

    xxx Yvonne

    • I always love it when you showcase your mum too, Yvonne!!!
      Can’t wait to come and see your post!!

  • I always love good boots for fall/winter.
    All the outfits are amazing!
    Great styling ladies.

    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    You ladies are AMAZING!! Love all the pops of colors in all these looks. Great styling as always! Jodie, love your perfect smile and happy vibes!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Much love,Len

  • Nicole Mölders

    I love your stepmoms booties. I so would wear them.

  • Really nicely done! Jodie, I absolutely love your sweater! The asymmetrical hem is fabulous! I can see it getting a lot of wear!
    Nancy and Charlotte look great, as always. Love their boot choices. It amazes me that you made that sweater! You and your mom are so gifted!

    • Thanks Ronnie!!
      Knitting isn’t that hard though. You just follow the directions. Now the women that design the sweaters—that’s talent!!!

  • Love how you’ve all matched your sweaters with your booties! I’m happy you found some lovely things at Jean’s store. The purse is so cute, I’ll have to get one. Your mom made a good choice with the colour of the jeans. All the sweaters are unique: the asymmetrical style of yours, Nancy’s is lovely in burgundy and your mom’s being hand knit by you makes it very special indeed!

    Thank you for supporting small businesses and shopping ethical. As always, you put so much love and time into your posts. I had to laugh when I read, “You may think that I’m constantly buying new clothes. Okay….so I am, ha ha!”



    • Thank you for introducing me to your daughter’s store, Carmen. My mom enjoyed herself so much, and I was so glad she got these jeans! Aren’t they perfect on her???
      I really wish I didn’t love clothes so much, because then I wouldn’t be buying so many…ha ha! I really want to wear what I have, but I also want all the new stuff! I know…it’s a problem. But I rationalize it’s better than drugs???

      • Oh yes, so much better than drugs! And you are helping the economy. 😊

        • Wow…you rationalize better than I do!!! I’m totally using that one!!!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    OK where do I start?? I love the gorgeous grey sweater you are wearing and the booties to match. The long cardigans are definitely in style now. I really like the burgundy sweater and boots on Nancy. And – your mother looks stunning in that fabulous sweater you knit. Her pants fit like a dream and will perk up so many neutral outfits (she looks like a model standing against the wooden post (maybe a new career for her!)

    • I did enjoy styling us for this post Rebecca…maybe because these are outfits that we wear over and over for the next 6 months!!!
      I made sure to forward this to my mom for her to read. And thanks so much for saying that—I’m sure it made her day!!!

  • Well, I made up my mind. Nancy’s second styling with those Jambu booties did it for me. Her burgundy boots are wonderful with her sweater in the same colors. I’ve always loved shoes that feature more than one leather. Those alternate diagonal strips of metallic and suede at the back contrasting with a smooth leather upper are my kind of boot. They’re not plain but the decoration isn’t obvious without a second look. I want the black ones.

    • They really are such an interesting design. I know at first when she got them, they seemed snug, but they must have stretched a little, since she now calls them her most comfortable pair! I’m glad because they look so wonderful with everything.
      If you are going to get a pair, don’t forget to use the code to save a little money. I always figure it’s better than a stick in the eye (that’s my hubby’s saying….)

  • Im late to the game tonight…simply running in circles this week. Wanted to say I need to get on a grey sweater kick I am down to one and it is so shabby it is my jammie coverup! Not very sexy. Plus, your hair looks great. A tad shorter?

    • It’s never too late to the game, Laurel. What’s interesting is I thought I signed up for your emails, but I didn’t get todays? I’ll try it again….
      I do think the grey sweaters are a perfect neutral that goes with everything!!! I feel a shopping day in your future soon!!! And that’s a good thing!!!
      Thanks for the compliment on my hair. It’s funny how when I straighten it, it can actually look shorter??

  • Even tho’ the focus is on booty/sweater combos, the clear winners for me are the sweaters (even tho’ you speak of yours as a tunic). I’d grab them ALL in a heartbeat. I was stunned to read that you had knitted your Mom’s. Never in a million years could I have done anything even close. Knitting was an exercise in frustration for me (and I seemed to lack the patience for it).

    The longer I follow your posts the more impressed I am with the 3-generation/3-points of view format, Jodi. Super idea.
    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – http://www.ADDandSoMuchMORE.com
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!

    • What a wonderful comment to read Madelyn!! Thanks for such praise about my knitting. I do love creating pieces and even just looking through all of my yarn gives me such pleasure!!

  • Imastounded

    Great looks again, ladies.

    I would love to have a pair of ankle booties in a color other than black. However, it took a couple of years just to find black ones that fit. High arches mean that I can’t slide my feet into styles that have no zipper. Some booties have no ankle support at all. Some heels are too high. The search continues.

    Wool is an excellent holiday souvenir for family and friends who are knitters. On my last trip, I emailed photos of a wool display case to friends. They chose the colors and combos, I bought the wool skeins as a gift, and they have made custom items for themselves with Léttlopi. Best gift ever! Of course this applies when travelling to places with lots of sheep.

    • Thanks so much.
      I have to admit, that we are lucky that we can find so many different ankle boots that fit all of us. That would really bum me out if I couldn’t. Either that or I’d have to learn how to make my own….ha ha!!
      How fabulous you knitted your friends some treasures!! I used to knit more for my friends, but now it has to be a super special person that receives my hand knitted items. Most people just don’t realize the time and money involved…..

  • I love the idea of matching your sweater and booties. Everyone is looking great!

    And I absolutely love your grey sweater! I’m still on the hunt for the perfect grey sweater…

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Maybe I should give you one of mine grey sweaters, Andrea…ha ha!!!

  • What a cute styling idea! Love the bold red of Nancy’s look


  • Laura

    I’ve been loving booties more and more lately! You all have such cute pairs!

    • They really are perfect for the colder months. Sometimes the taller boots can be harder to style with some jeans, I think….
      Thanks Laura!!

  • Loving all 3 pairs of booties… especially the jambu ( wink, wink). love the pairing of the light blue on you Jodie with grey. i would like to add some longer cardigans for myself.. great looks!
    have a great week!
    jess xx

    • Thanks Jess!!
      I know I kinda forgot I had this longer cardigan, and I was thinking I need to buy me a couple!! So this was such a nice surprise!!

  • Ania Zarzycka

    Wow!! Really beautiful outfits 🙂

    Blog x

    x Instagram
    x Bloglovin

  • Nancy’s burgundy accents are so fall appropriate.

    Have a great week ladies!


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

  • Cindy

    Good post! That sweater you knitted!!! OMG!! You are so talented. You all look just wonderful!

    • Thanks Cindy!!
      I do love knitting so much, but I haven’t been doing is as much lately. This blogging has been taking up so much time…ha ha!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Yay, boots and sweaters! Finally, we can wear them here in Sacramento! Love the looks, I tend to match my boots to my pants or skirts or at least as neutrals.

    • I’m glad you’ve finally cooled down, Terri! Because this will be my uniform for the next 6 months!!!

  • Oh funny, I think I’m still on my gray sweater phase! I can’t help it! It’s a great neutral that works for, I’d say, three seasons. The sweater you made your mom is adorable! It looks so cozy and it has a story behind it. I had a pair of Jambu casual shoes (like tennis shoes) and they were so unbelievably comfortable but they didn’t last as long as I had hoped. The glue between the fabric and rubber sole just didn’t hold. Yes, I wore the heck out of them and they were cloth not leather and they were glued, not stitched, so maybe that’s why. They were like walking on a cloud! Happy Monday Jodie!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that loves grey sweaters. My mom was giving me a hard time when I bought two in a row (and talk about calling the kettle black—-you should see how many white blouses she has, ha ha!!)
      That’s so interesting about the Jambu shoes—did you contact the company??? Because when you pay a good amount for them, you would think they would do the right thing??

  • You’d never know you’ve had your sweater and booties for years, Jodie! They look brand new! Love the grey on you! So chic! And let’s talk about your mom’s mod booties! She is adorable!


    • Thanks so much Mary!!
      You just made my mom’s day!!

  • Stevie Turner

    I love that grey coat and boots you’re wearing this week Jodie. Very stylish!

  • Boots and sweater are my favorite thing about fall, so I am all about these outfits. Fun idea to have them matching. You all look great!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Thanks Amy!!! I think they are kinda like my uniform for the next 6 months!!! The disadvantage of living where it snows…..

  • Love the matching sweater and boots! It works beautifully! I see all of these looks being perfect for Thanksgiving. Chic and comfy!


  • Wow! Where do I begin? First, that bucket bag of yours is everything! Love your gray cardigan and the color combo of your outfit. Love the pop of burgundy on Nancy’s outfit! That sweater you knit for your mom is beautiful! What a talented group of ladies you are!

    • Thanks Darlene!!!
      This may not be something you wear often in Vegas, but you could almost call this our uniform for the next 6 months!! LOL!!

  • Tina von tinaspinkfriday

    Wow what a wonderful cardigan Jodie. And this bag is amazing 🙂
    I love the idea to match sweater with boots.
    Xo Tina

  • donnanance

    Jodie, there is a lot to love in today’s post! I love the grey sweater and the booties. Great idea to use a tunic or dress under a skirt. Nancy wears burgundy very well…looks great with her hair color. The boots are perfect with it. I am impressed that you knitted your mom’s sweater! Gorgeous…love the print top and how all the colors in her outfit coordinate. Enjoy your day! xoxo

    • Thanks Donna!! I do think these are items that we wear all the time, right? At least those of us in certain areas…ha ha!!

  • Your photos are beautiful Jodie! The settings are perfect with each outfit! I love the idea of matching your top with your shoes! How pretty and fun! Happy Monday!

    • Thanks Cheryl!!!
      I bet you wear sweaters and booties a ton too!!!

  • I am loving your gray cardigan, it’s so beautiful and I love the length! I love all the booties you all wore, so pretty!

    • Thanks Laura!!
      I am so glad I bought this cardigan long ago—and do you know I almost forgot about it??

  • Karen

    All of these looks are winners! I have thought about getting some nude-colored booties but haven’t done it yet. This inspires me to go out and find some, and I love the color of Nancy’s to add some color to an outfit. So far I have gray and black, but do need some variation since we have such a l-o-n-g cold season here in Ohio. As always, I’m inspired by reading your post! And, it just so happens that I have a DSW coupon at home that I have to use this month, so I’m going to pick up some fun booties!

    • Oh….you’re going to have quite the conundrum at DSW with that coupon!!! The last time i was there I was drooling at all of the fun booties!!! There were embroideried ones galore that were calling my name!!!
      And I know what you mean about a long winter season—-the next 6 months will be full of booties and tall boots too!!! Who needs their toenails painted when they are buried under socks and boots??

  • Amy K

    Swooning over that gray cardigan! I love all the sweaters in this post! The question of what color bootie to wear is always one that I dwell on 🙂 Your mom’s boots are the bomb in this! I have debated trying some but not sure I wouldnt fall flat on my face in the tiny heel, but they sure look cool on your mom!

    • I think the kitten heels are pretty darn easy to walk on, Amy!! You’ll have to go to the store and just try it out, because if my mom can do it—then you can too!!!
      Thanks Amy!!!

      • Amy K

        I may have to try them out!

  • mummabstylish

    You’re outfit is very appealing Jodie, the colours go super well together. Jacqui

  • I love the matching looks. Have a great start to your week.

    Gemma x

  • Mes Voyages à Paris

    Amazing looks! The outfits just beautiful!!!
    Mónica Sors

  • Mireille

    Great outfits! You all look wonderful and I love the color combos!