T-Shirt Dress 1 (By Itself)

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T-Shirt Dress for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's.

T-Shirt Dress for the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s: By Itself

Quote of the day: “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” – Casare Pavese

No—you shouldn’t adjust your monitor—you’re not seeing double or triple!! Thanks to my mother and her love of hoarding materials, she found this striped knit material in her stash a couple months ago. Since there was quite a bit of it, and we’re always thinking about the blog, she came up with the idea of t-shirt dresses for the three of us. Thus I bought a pattern that had some variations included, and mom and I crafted the designs so we’d all look somewhat alike yet different.

You may not have a t-shirt dress in your wardrobe right now and you may not feel like it’s something you need for your life. But I’ve been seeing this item all over the younger blogger’s feeds and on Pinterest, so I thought I’d introduce you to the possibility! The way I see it, there are pros & cons to this item. The wonderful thing is everyone loves a t-shirt—the casualness and the comfort, right? So the t-shirt dress shouldn’t be much different?

The disadvantage is that most store bought dresses like these are not very fitted, and the combination of knit material hanging off your body without structure may not be your best friend. Of course this could be remedied by some alterations. In our cases, we were lucky enough to have mom custom make them to fit our body’s specifications—now that’s wonderful service!!

We started out showcasing the dress worn by itself (no layers). Since we’re nearing the end of summer, this could still work for most of us. If you decide this style might be a good fit for you, this could also be a great time to buy the item since it’s the end of the season!

T-Shirt Dress for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's. T-Shirt Dress for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's. T-Shirt Dress for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's. T-Shirt Dress for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's.

Jodie’s (50’s) Outfit: My variations for my t-shirt dress included the cut out neck, sleeveless and above the knee length skirt. We also decided to keep the stripes going horizontally since I don’t care about looking wider. Mom also had this green trim that we used as vertical “pockets”. They were shown in the pattern as a decorative item.

I’ve been a big fan of the small neck scarves lately, so I added in my pink bandanna for a different color scheme!

For some reason, I like a shoe/boot that covers more of the foot when I’m wearing a shorter skirt. That’s why I picked my ankle boots for this outfit.

Dress: Mom made it (similar here in navy/white)~~Boots: Indigo Rd. (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here a little more colorful)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Bandana: (similar here in red or many other colors—just not pink)

T-Shirt Dress for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's. T-Shirt Dress for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's. T-Shirt Dress for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's.

Nancy’s (60’s) Outfit: We decided that Nancy would get the color blocked dress. This green knit material we used for the top half had also been stored away in Mom’s stash with the striped material. We positioned the material so the stripes would be vertical, made the neckline without the cutout, the sleeves short (but not too short) and the length at her knees!

Mom thought that a belt would be essential to differentiate the top and bottom. So I had Nancy put on one for this post. But you’ll see in the next two, she’s not wearing a belt, and I think it looks fine!

Nancy’s dress is not what I’d consider too short; however, I did go with her mules that cover most of her foot. They match her coloring so well, it elongates her legs!

Dress: Mom made it (similar here in different colors)~~Shoes: Franco Sarto (similar here)~~Belt: H&M (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here more elaborate)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

T-Shirt Dress for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's T-Shirt Dress for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's. T-Shirt Dress for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's.

Charlotte’s (70’s) Outfit: Mom saved her t-shirt dress to make for last because she wanted to make it fun and interesting. Thus she had to figure out how to make it work with the pattern we had bought. The smaller striped material was part of this same discovery from her basement. I was so impressed that mom was willing to use it because it’s basically print mixing!! She connected the two materials in a diagonal and changed the length of the sleeves and skirt to be longer!

Of course she has purple ballet flats, so those were her choice of footwear!

Dress: Mom made it (similar here with some differing stripes or here with vertical stripes too)~~Shoes: SO (similar here in a purple suede along with many other colors)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

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There are some cute t-shirt dresses being sold right now:

  • Kathleen McDermott

    Purple and green! Love. All 3 dresses are very cute and flattering, yet very different. I like T-shirt dresses when the fabric is a good quality and the dress is cut well. I agree it is tricky to find a winner i.e., one that doesn’t look like a nightshirt. I just found a cute black and white narrow horizontal stripe short sleeve dress with a wide black border at the hem. It is a good weight knit, fits just right and the length is perfect (a lucky online clearance find at my usual haunt, TJM). I hope to find more as they are so comfy and cute in the summer. Maybe Charlotte will find more fabric in the basement to make another set for the 3 of you!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      It is awfully nice to have a dress made just for our body shape & size!! And you could be right since my mom has plenty of material in her basement—I’ll have to go searching…..

  • tgchi13

    What pattern did your mom use for your dress?

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I forwarded this comment to my mom, so hopefully she’ll be able to go find the pattern and let you know!!

      • tgchi13

        Thank you Jodie – it’s really difficult to find great T-shirt dresses and I do sew (a little)!

        • Charlotte Miller

          Jodie chose the pattern-I think because it is fitted a little thru the waist and even has a back zipper. It’s a Simplicity co.NEWLOOK S0174 and if you use soft T-shirt knit it’s helpful to put lt.wt. interfacing stripes before installing zipper.

          • tgchi13

            Thank you so much!! 🙂

          • Charlotte Miller

            You’re welcome

  • Keri Roberts

    Cute t-shirt dresses!! I bet they are comfy and just perfect for summer!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Keri—it is so easy to wear!! Now I just need to be smart and see if I can actually wear it into the winter—ha ha!

  • How clever is mum? All three outfits look like they came straight out of a shop! Please pass on my compliment to her Jodie. I love how she has styled the pockets on the front too x

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I’ll definitely tell her Laurie—and she’ll be tickled pink that so many compliments came in from these dresses!!

  • This is so neat! I saw you post this to Instagram and loved the color palette and unique designs perfectly suited to each of you. That’s awesome that it’s the same pattern with slight variations. What a special dress and fun inspiration for a series of posts. Such talented ladies!

    <3 Liz

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks for the encouraging words Liz!!
      My mom is quite the impressive seamstress—(and I get to be the lucky recipient at times!!)

  • Kreativk Net

    All three look amazing, my favourite would be the second one! They can be combined in many ways and look so bright and fun! The booties in the first outfit are super cute as well!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much—they are fun, especially when you see them together, I think!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    What cute dresses! Your mom is so creative. I’m with Sherry on this one too. Often the shape is not flattering or the material is so thin it’s not fun to wear when it gets cooler. But these outfits are flattering and cute. I love the colors. – Amy

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I agree—most of the store bought ones need some shaping or something!!
      Thanks for such a nice sentiment, Amy!!

  • PetiteOver40

    I am so amazed by your mom’s talent! That fabric is fun and modern and what she’s created with it is THE COOLEST! All three dresses are simply fabulous!

    One of the reasons I don’t wear t-shirt dresses often is a lack of shape. A lot of times they’re just columnar with a neckline that is not that flattering (in my opinion). Your mom solved both of those problems by creating dresses with shape, flattering necklines, and unique interest/texture. Maybe she should start her own line of #Over40Fashion!


    • Jodie Filogomo

      What a nice compliment, Sherry!
      That is definitely an advantage to making your own clothes—they should fit better!! I have seen many t-shirt dresses, that are basically a rectangle (never a good look on me at least!!)—but I love the idea that it’s a little dressier than jeans & a tee, yet not as dressy as some dresses!!
      My mom would tell you in reference to her own line of clothing—that that ship has sailed!! She only sews for us loved ones—but it’s a fantastic idea!
      love & hugs!!

  • I just LOVE how talented your mom is!!! The dresses turned out fabulous! I love that they are all so different! And how amazing that your mom went for a little pattern mixing with her own dress!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I know, right? Maybe I am starting to rub off on mom!!!

  • What a great dress! The colors are so unique – I don’t normally wear them together, but in these dresses they look fabulous


    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Michelle—it’s true, you don’t usually see these colors together—maybe that’s a good thing?

  • How wonderfully brilliant of your mother to mix the two patterns and to do so with a diagonal seam. Of course, you all look lovely and very ‘in style’ with the t-shirt dresses made all the more special because they are ‘designer’ originals.


    • Jodie Filogomo

      My mom is quite amazing!! It’s also so nice to have them fitted—many of the ones I’ve seen at the store are quite boxy!!

  • Alice Warburton Watts

    Wow, I love this post – you 3 all look amazing! I’m so impressed by your mum’s skills. The first thing I thought when I saw the fabric is how awesome that they are in the women’s suffrage colours – purple represents dignity, white represents purity, and green represents hope. What a cool coincidence for 3 wonderful women to wear together. 🙂

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Wow…I had no idea the suffrage colors!! It is a fabulous coincidence!!
      Thanks for the fun fact Alice!!

  • Your mom is a talented lady! I love all of the stripes, especially the t-shirt dress!

    pumps and push-ups

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Brooke!
      It is amazing how you have this material, and then Poof—it’s a dress!!

  • Mother of 3

    So cute! All three of them look lovely.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much!!

  • dan

    My compliments to your mother: she sewed delightful outfits! The striped fabric is very nice and your dress is lovely on you!! The neckscarf and the boots add an extra nice touch …

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Dan!
      It is very convenient to have a piece made for your dimensions—then there’s no extra altering!!

  • I love how all your dresses turned out! makes me want to bust out my sewing machine and see if I can create something neat like you ladies!


    • Jodie Filogomo

      Well you absolutely should!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with Kelsey!!

  • Love this idea Jodie! Your tee dress looks fresh, comfortable and I love the colors. I thought when I first looked that the other ladies were wearing a shirt over the dress, when I remembered you all sew! How sweet, love the booties too!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

    • Jodie Filogomo

      It is a little funny that we basically all have the same dress. We just have to make sure not to wear it at the same times!!

  • Hi Jodie, I love this tee shirt dresses! You can layer them with leggings and a nice sweater and boots for the Fall … that’s what save my heavier ones for. Thanks for sharing with us at #SimplifyWednesdays

    Carla a.k.a Mrs. R @ SimplifyLifeWithMrsR.com

    • Jodie Filogomo

      What a great idea Carla!!

  • So impressed these were made! You all look so great. That pairing of colored stripes is so fun.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Amy!! Mom has such a fun time designing and making clothing!!

  • Stevie Turner

    I’ve got a thing about tassels. I don’t have the figure for a t-shirt dress, but those ankle boots are delightful!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Stevie—-tassels, fringe, pom poms are some of the funnest details right now!! Do you have a pair of shoes with it?

      • Stevie Turner

        No, I’ve never seen any in the shops.

  • I love the T-shirt dress! It never goes out of style!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Lisa!! I think it’s a more dressed up version of the t-shirt, but more casual than some other dresses!!

  • I think Nancy’s colorblocked one is my favorite. I love how they all make 3 completely different outfits!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Right? It’s like we get to be triplets but not really!!
      Thanks for stopping by Laura!

  • Wow what amazing skills your mum has! I love all three dresses you all look amazing!

    Gemma x

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Isn’t it great how you can take this material and make it an actual piece of clothing —that you like and will wear no less?
      Thanks Gemma!!

  • I love how all of these are styled, but I have to say, your booties stole my heart. So cute!!!


    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Laura—I just wore them yesterday out shopping with my mom. She thinks they are silly, because if it’s cold enough to wear boots, why have your toes exposed. But I think they are perfect for the transition weather!!

  • Love how coordinated the three of you are! This striped fabric is so much fun, the colors are fantastic 🙂

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Tara!!

  • You are SO lucky to have such a talented mother! You all look amazing!!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I think I finally appreciate it now Darlene.
      You know when you’re a teenager….you want what the other kids are wearing, so to me it was a detriment then!! Silly, huh?

      • Not silly at all. I totally get where you are coming from, my friend!

  • Judy Gramith

    AMAZING!!! I’m so impressed!!
    All of you look uniquely fabulous! Charlotte is quite an accomplished seamstress but her talents don’t stop there! She has done some very cool design work here!!!
    Featuring the results of your collaborative efforts , that helped Charlotte craft the unique design elements of each dress is a very interesting addition to your blog Jodie. Your mom is quite an asset!!!
    My favorite is Charlotte’s dress. It’s REALLY GREAT! I honestly think this particular design idea would sell easily to women of many ages. It’s an ultimate form of pattern mixing and the way Charlotte executed it is so COOL!!!! I’ll bet Charlotte has more coordinating prints just waiting to be discovered in that basement of hers!!!
    One of my favorite posts!!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      You might be absolutely right Jude—there are treasures in mom’s basement !!
      She’ll be tickled pink about your enthusiasm!!
      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    • Charlotte Miller

      It really is quite a challenge. Jodie is very helpful with designing our new creations.

  • Tessy Onyia

    Wow! sincerely. these dresses are all amazing! I love them all..


    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Tessy!!

  • Suzanne Dennis

    What a creative genius your mom is, Jodie! All three dresses are beautiful and perfect for each of you!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Isn’t it amazing, how some people can take this fabric and make these great fitting garments?
      Thanks for the nice compliment Suzanne!!

  • Oh, all three of these are great dresses! I really like the variation on the theme and how well they fit each of you. I do have one t-shirt dress I wear quite often, and it is a bit more fitted than the ones I have traditionally seen in stores. Love those fringe booties!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Jennie—I really like the idea of the t-shirt dress. Maybe because it’s dressier than just a t-shirt, yet casual enough for everyday wear!!

  • Lorena Lorena

    A hefty seamstress ! Wow, I had no idea your mom could sew. This post only proves that imagination is endless… you three ladies look superb.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Lorena–my mom is quite talented, isn’t she??

  • I’m so impressed with your Mom’s creative abilities and sewing skills! If that were my Mom I’d be exploiting her talents daily! LOL

    I think that Nancy’s outfit is my favourite here.


    • Jodie Filogomo

      I have to admit, as a kid I hated it that mom sewed. First of all, she never wanted to buy the name brands because she could always make it for less . And then she was constantly looking at the clothing items from the inside to figure out how they made it—can you say embarrassing (at that age)?
      But I have grown to appreciate her talent!!
      The problem is both she & I hardly need another piece of clothing in our closets (maybe I should take a lesson from you and sell our items?)

  • Queen of Rods

    Wow, I love all three looks. The green/purple stripes are awesome. You are right about Nancy’s nude shoes elongating her legs. I’ll have to try that. Your mom really outdid herself with a very stylish and flattering creation. Where did she get all of that talent?

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks for the nice sentiments Janet!!
      My mom has been sewing for ages–and has taken many classes!! To her, it’s an extremely fun & creative outlet!!

  • Your mum is amazing!
    What a whizz with the machine.
    I love everything about this post…
    All three of you are super-cute!
    The styling.
    The colours.
    The modern-looking fabric.
    The best bit is that your mum made the most unusual design for herself!!
    Go Charlotte!!!
    You look beautiful.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      It is fun to be able to just “sew up” whatever you want!! Although I do wish mom would have made her stripes go diagonal, now that I see them all done.—but sometimes there is the aspect of the material and how it stretches?
      Mom has been busily sewing up a storm lately….she says she’s trying to use up all the fabric in her basement before she kicks the bucket—isn’t she hilarious!!???

    • Charlotte Miller

      Thanks for all the lovely comments Samantha. ,I don’t know if Jodie mentioned I was a Home Economics teacher and after retiring from that I worked professional alterations. Now I limit my sewing to family.

      • I didn’t know that Charlotte. Jodie is a lucky girl! I wish you had been my Home Economics teacher.
        Mine was scary…
        She looked (and sounded) like a (very large) angry man in full drag and she used to regularly “lose” her false nails in various baking projects!
        Hilarious now but terrifying at the time. :oP

        • Jodie Filogomo

          It is a little funny now Samantha—but it’s amazing how you remember those bad things no matter what!

        • Charlotte Miller

          From my experience–students either loved or hated their Home Ec. teachers. And don’t laugh but I also lost an acrylic nail in the Thanksgiving turkey but luckily my son-in-law found it before the other guests arrived and he was nice enough not to mention it. Thankfully this was after retiring from teaching.

  • Laura

    These are all so cute! I love all the variations with each dress. They look so different! I am a huge fan of a t-shirt dress, especially with stripes! You can do so much with them! I am looking forward to seeing how you style these!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Laura!
      I think one of the nice things about these dresses, are they are innately casual, yet somewhat dressier than jeans!!