Talking about the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado

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the Brown Palace hotel in Denver Colorado

Talking about the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado

The reason I chose this quote for our post about the Brown Palace Hotel Denver, Colorado is because we didn’t have the best experience. If you saw my Instagram video right after the fact, you may remember some of the issues we had.

Quote of the day: “Don’t cry over spilled milk. By this time tomorrow, it’ll be free yogurt.” Stephen Colbert

But I’m not here to slam this hotel, in fact, I’m collaborating with Cindy, because she and her husband have stayed there many times too. In fact, make sure to check out her post also, to see a lot more of the hotel. She’s even stayed in one of the suites and has a whole different perspective. And no this isn’t sponsored. We paid for our rooms and have no relationship with this hotel.

In the elevator at the Brown Palace hotel in Denver Colorado

If you know me, then you know I’m a very fair minded person, and always take into account many factors when giving my opinions. Just like when I talked about our cruise experience to Alaska last fall. It’s my motto that there is always good and bad parts to every thing in life.

Of course this hotel in Denver, Colorado is very iconic both for tourists and Denverites. It has a lot of history and pizzazz at any time of year. If you ever come out to visit Denver, taking a tour of the hotel can be a fabulous activity, even if you don’t stay here. We have yet to take the tour, but it’s on our bucket list.

You can certainly see more photos of the hotel during our photo shoot while we were here.  We were styling our sparkly outfits for New Years .

The Brown Palace Hotel at Christmas

Decor at the Brown Palace hotel in Denver Colorado

Christmas at the Brown Palace hotel is full of gorgeous decor and beautiful surroundings. The only reason that we thought to stay here at this time is because when we took the tour of the Oxford Hotel the guide said that Christmas tends to be less expensive for overnight rooms.

We almost stayed at the Oxford instead, but the Brown Palace was an even better deal and we were planning on Christmas brunch at Ellyingtons. Now your definition of a deal for an overnight stay may be different than ours. When we go traveling, we count on $200 a night for a nice place. At the time we went, it was under $200 until you add in all the taxes and extras. Certainly not Motel 6 prices, but that’s a whole different kind of overnight stay.

We figured since the prices were less at this time of year for the overnight stay, then it wouldn’t be crowded. That’s where we were VERY wrong. Yet it’s nice to see a business busy because you want them to succeed.

The Rooms

Room layout at the Brown Palace hotel in Denver Colorado

I should also add that this was not our fist time staying at this hotel. Rob and I have stayed here about 8 years ago just the two of us for a staycation night. We did enjoy ourselves that time, but since it was before blogging, there are no photos to share.

Considering that we are retired, we try to get the least expensive rooms when we stay overnight. Back in the day, when we were working, we might have upgraded to the larger room, but we would rather spend the money on food and experiences now. Besides, we figure we don’t usually spend that much time in the room. We like to explore the hotel and area around it instead.

We found the rooms at the Brown Palace hotel just as we would expect. Nice, clean, and just what we needed. It’s an old hotel, but the rooms have been refurbished at least once. In fact, the bathroom was very roomy and updated. You can see many more photos in the video Rob put together on Instagram. (You don’t have to be on Instagram to link to it)

There’s even an original blue print of the rooms at the hotel when it was first built that is framed in every room. To me that was super cool because I always love to see how things have changed over time.

The Food and Drinks

Drinks at the Brown Palace

This was part of the issue with our stay this time. While many people only eat to live, my husband is just the opposite. He lives to eat. So when the food plans go awry, it’s definitely a black mark.

Part of the issue is purely our fault. We didn’t call to make reservations for the Christmas Brunch at Ellyington’s until a month beforehand, and were told it was full. However, the real problem was we were told 3 different stories about Christmas Eve and then what we could do for Christmas morning. I won’t go into more details because I’m long winded enough.

Suffice it to say that the food we did have was okay. Not great.

In the Brown Palace’s defense, the four of us have been to the Christmas brunch at Ellyington’s a couple of years ago. And it was amazing because it’s an incredible spread with ice sculptures and live jazz playing. And lots of food. Good quality food.

The hotel is also known for their afternoon tea service. All of us have experienced this event before, just not together. And not on this trip. In Rob’s and my humble opinion. It’s very expensive for what you get. We love afternoon tea and have experienced many in our past. It’s definitely a gorgeous setting, but otherwise, forgettable.

The Spa and Sweet Cheeks

Products at the Brown Palace hotel in Denver Colorado

Personally we did not experience the spa at the Brown Palace. It’s on our bucket list too since it’s something both Rob and I enjoy. So while I can’t comment on the service, I can comment on the products.

My niece who I showcased at her restaurant earlier this year, told me about the Sweet Cheeks products. These products are made by her boyfriend’s mother all by hand. They must be amazing for them to be sold at the Brown Palace. It warms my heart to see locally made and owned companies being showcased.

And researching more about this hotel, I was impressed with their green accommodations that are in place.

So even though our food and some of the communication were below par at the Brown Palace Hotel Denver, Colorado, we did enjoy our time together. There are times that we would write to the establishment about our experience. However, we were sent a survey instead, and filled that out. No reply, yet I’m sure we will be back for the tour, the spa and hopefully more overnight stays. Because we all deserve a second chance.

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