The Answer of What to Wear with ANY Color

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Embroidered top

The Answer of What to Wear with ANY Color

I have the answer of what to wear with any color in your closet. The most common question when I would go shopping with friends was always “what do I wear this with?” So here’s a recipe for any of you to use to make your closet seem bigger.

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This idea started when I was putting together some zoom presentations for a senior living community. I wanted to showcase what to wear with anything in your closet. After that, I named it my color recipe and showcased it with a print item.
Yet this color recipe works just as well with solid color items too. So join me as I give you 6 different ideas so you know what to wear with anything in your closet.

This is how I broke it down with my neon pink pants. I figured if I could find 6 things to wear with a crazy color like this, then you can definitely do the same in your closet.
More details about the pants at the bottom of this post. And even though the accompanying tops are usually a print, just concentrate on the “color” of them (except for #5).
I also categorized both the neutrals and colors into dim and bright. I wasn’t sure what to call the opposite of bright, but the dictionary said dim. You could use muted or less bright too.
1-Combine it with a dimmer neutral
2-Pair it with a bright neutral
3-Now use a dim color
4-Find a bright color
5-Style a print
6-Make it monochrome


Everyone loves a neutral. Why? Because they go with everything. And they don’t stand out as much. Which could be why I don’t have as many of these in my closet. Haha.
Needless to say, your neutrals are always a good place to start when you have the question of what to wear with something in your wardrobe.

Insider tip: Neutrals are blacks, whites, browns, and navy. I would also include denim and leopard (because they are a combination of other neutrals).

Neutral tan and pink

Dim Neutral

For the first example, I added in a more muted tan to these pink pants. Again, ignore the fact that the top is a print when you are using my color recipe to figure out what to wear. Just concentrate on the overall color of the top.

Insider tip: Remember metallics or animal prints could be considered a neutral also. A dim gold color would work with this as well as snakeskin or leopard (see my shoes and belt).

Details of the Outfit

This top is quite sheer as you can see from the back. It’s exactly what I need to keep cool in these 100+ temperature days. For reference, I bought it off Poshmark.

Insider tip: If you like preloved pieces, then you will love Poshmark and thredUp. Online thrifting has never been easier. I wrote a post about how to get even better deals on Poshmark.

The earrings are Frannie and Elinor, a small business that I recently showcased in my Saturday Small Business Saturday email. Make sure to use the discount JODIESTOUCH30 (which is good until August 22). I have been wearing these a lot lately (you saw them here too) because they are more subtle when I am combining louder colors.

Pink pants and white

Bright Neutral

A bright white top seems like the summer essential. (Again, ignore that there is blue on the top. Pretend it is just white) Even a brighter black would work for this idea. Any brighter neutral would compliment the bright pants.
Yes, I cheated by adding in a colored shoe, but in my defense, they match the earrings (Pam Neri brand).

Details of the Outfit

This top is a Chico’s top from 3 years ago. It gets worn a lot every summer because I love the embroidery detail.
I added in a pink belt that I’ve had for over 10 years and hardly (if ever) have worn. Maybe it was waiting for these pants?


Now when I talk about colors, I am referring to anything that is NOT a neutral. Or at least the overall vibe of the top is a color if it’s a print.
Once again, I categorized these into dim and bright to give you more options in your closet.
While I chose 2 cool colors for these examples, you can see me wearing these same pants with a bright yellow in this Instagram post. So make sure to try all the colors in your closet.

Insider tip: An easy way to check color combinations is to hold up the what to wear item with EVERYTHING in your closet. You won’t always know until you see them together.

A light color as what to wear with any color

Dim Color

For my not bright color combination I chose a lilac and white top. Even though the pants are casual, a silky blouse is a great way to add in a yin/yang element.
I like calling this “dichotomy in an outfit” and it creates personality along with a modern vibe. Another example is a dress with sneakers or a skirt and graphic tee.

Insider tip: When you pair a dimmer color with a brighter color, the focal point will be the brighter of the two. This is good to remember if you are trying to have the focus be on one thing versus another.

Details of the Outfit

This top is another second hand piece from a Clothes Mentor store in Denver. This is one that has gotten more use here in Arizona because it’s very lightweight. In Denver, I was always cold, and thus didn’t wear this much.

Insider tip: Did you know that Clothes Mentor stores have a stylist free of charge to put together outfits for you?

These shoes are the ones I bought and removed the ankle strap entirely from them because they wouldn’t stay up. You can see them better in this blog post. While most shoes can’t be “altered” per se, there are some things you can change.

Insider tip: Some heels can be shortened at the cobbler’s. And I have changed out the buckle on many of my ankle strap shoes to velcro.

Bright colors with other bright colors

Bright Color

Even if you think a bright with another bright is too visible, I would disagree. At this stage of the game, I hope each and every one of you are working to be more visible, not invisible. Remember you are a valuable woman with experiences that can ultimately help others.

Details of the Outfit

This top is from my latest Fashom box. I had requested polka dots and I love how this top has the ruching and asymmetrical front panel.

Insider tip: I truly believe we can all benefit from another pair of eyes helping us pick out clothing. That’s what the online clothing boxes do. I compared three different companies, and I hope you all try at least one.

Wearing a print with neon pants


Of course when you are searching for what to wear with a solid piece, one option is a print item. There is some of this bright pink in the print top, although it’s not very obvious. Therefore, it could almost join the idea of not matching to a print which we discussed last month.

Details of the Outfit

This top is another from my Fashom box when I requested pieces before we went on our Caribbean cruise.

Insider tip: Another great time to use the online clothing boxes is when the items you want are not in the stores. For example if you live in the Northern hemisphere and are traveling to the Southern hemisphere.

I wore my white sandals to tie in the white from the print top. These studded sandals have been a favorite of mine since I bought them. In fact, they are missing two of their studs, but I doubt anyone but me notices that.
Which may I point out is VERY much like the flaws we obsess about on our own bodies.

Insider tip: PLEASE stop obsessing over what you consider your body’s flaws. If you don’t believe me, at least read Paula’s words.

Bright pink


Personally this is my least favorite of these outfits but only because I rarely style outfits this way. If I want a monochromatic outfit, I tend to wear a dress.
However, if you do like this idea, then go for it. If it’s hard to find the “exact” shade of the color, remember to look for one that is a tad lighter or darker.

Details of the Outfit

I still had to be a rebel and add in the hat that isn’t bright pink. This is one of the items we picked up when we had our scavenger hunt at 3 different Goodwill stores this summer.

Neon Pink Pants

No, I wasn’t looking for neon pink pants. However, when we were on our mini vacation this summer in Sedona, we stopped by a consignment shop. It happened right after I bought these bright pink shoes (that I talked about here), and I figured it was meant to be.

I hope you notice that I also tried to wear these pants with varying cuff lengths. They come with a button attached on the side, but I think my favorite is when I rolled it up even farther.
And yes, these are a tad big on me. But remember it’s over 100 degrees here daily, so the looser fit is well appreciated.

The answer of what to wear with any other color

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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