The Basic 5 Minute Face with Tips for Real Life Women

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The Basic 5 Minute Face with Tips for Real Life Women

I’m talking the basic 5 minute face for real women here. As I talked about in how I handle stress, putting a little effort into my physical looks help me feel better. Yet, we don’t have to spend tons of time to look good. In fact, I’m also sharing a 1 minute Face at the end!

Quote of the day: “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” John Maxwell

Maybe you’ve read these kinds of posts before, and if you’re like me, there were WAY too many things that were incorporated in them. When I say a 5 minute face, I mean truly five minutes or less! Yet, I also wanted to include some fun hacks for products too.

Part of the idea of a 5 minute face is to look fresh and ready for the day. Truthfully, if it’s a day at home, this is exactly what I do.
My favorite parts are the surprises that have come through mistakes.

How do you make this 5 minute face work for you? You don’t copy what I say, but analyze what you need. I try to give those ideas also because we should all realize that what works for one person, doesn’t always work for all of us.

Insider tip: If you’re not sure if a makeup step even makes a difference for you, then experiment by doing it on the right side of your face and not the left side. Later, when you look in mirror, check and see if you really notice a difference.

Eyebrows are a necessity

Step 1-Eyebrows

If you don’t wear glasses, this could be very important. Especially if your eyebrows have gone grey or disappeared. Our eyebrows are a frame for our eyes, so taking a minute to quickly add to them makes a difference.

These are the two products I use depending on the day. If I’m really in a rush, I use the Brow Extender which used to have fibers in it. It’s gotten old and I should replace it. But it gives a quick splash of color to the area.
The Kabrow has a small brush and is creamy so I can make it look like real eyebrows when I have the time.

Insider tip: Match your eyebrows to your hair. However, if you have white hair, go for a taupe or light grey color. I learned this when my mom had her makeup professionally done.

Is Eye Shadow Necessary?

This is a step you need to evaluate yourself. How even do your eye lids look with nothing on them? For me, I have a tidge of redness. So when I’m putting on my 5 minute face, I only use a light base color to even out the eyelids. While we enjoy the red color on our face in the form of blush or lipstick, it’s not the best choice for the eyelids.

Insider tip: You can also use an eye shadow primer as your base color which tends to be creamier and then won’t settle in the crease. I use this Revlon brand when I “do” my eyes. For my 5 minute face, I skip this step.

I was gifted this RealHer eye shadow a month ago. You can tell I really use it since it’s all messed up. Not only are the colors very nice and pigmented, the names of the shadows are uplifting. For example, this palette is “Driven, Limitless, Invincible, Unshakable….” You get the idea.

Two For One with Mascara

Here’s a tip that I learned by accident. In fact, I use this now for every makeup day. Before I apply my mascara, I take this angled make up brush and use it with mascara as a liner around the lashes for the top AND bottom lashes.
Then I use the mascara for it’s intended purpose.
Why do I use this as liner? Because it stays on all day much better than any shadow or pencil. This is a perfect time to try it on one eye and your usual method on the other to see if it works for you.

Do you need to use liner and mascara? That’s another good aspect to decide by trying it out on each side of your face. For me, my eyes disappear without them, so these quick smudges help.

Insider tip: To prevent TOO dark a line under the eye, I will wipe the brush off on a tissue before I tap in under my eyes.

How to use lipsticks for blush instead

Does This Look Like Blush?

Foundation is something I skip with my 5 minute face, but I definitely use blush. Having that cheeky glow gives us a healthier look. If you look at the photo above and comment that those aren’t blushes, then you are very astute. However, this is what I’ve been using most days.
Why? Because these lipsticks above didn’t work for me as “all day” lipsticks. And I hate to throw them out.

The Dior tint is thin enough that I put a “dot” on the apple of my cheek and blend it with my fingers or a wet makeup sponge. The Stila is thicker so I dab the color on my finger and then water before putting it on my cheeks.

Insider tip: Most make up items can be used for alternative uses if you get creative. I’ve been known to use a brown lipstick for eye shadow too.
Please share if you have another idea!

Stay on lipstick for the 5 minute face

A 5 Minute Face Means All Day Lipstick

The last thing I want to do throughout the day is reapply my lipstick. That’s why I have researched MANY lipsticks to see which ones stay on absolutely all day. Last year I posted about this and since then have tried out even more.

Still, my favorites are these two Maybelline products. The Super Stay Matte Ink is the best for all day and you can’t beat the price at Walmart. The most universal color is LOVER in my opinion. For the darker colors, I have found that blotting it before it dries helps makes it look less dark.
The other Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color will stay most of the day but not quite as long if there is a glitter aspect to the color.

Both lipsticks benefit by adding a “gloss” during the day so they don’t dry out. You can use the “balm” that comes with the Super Stay 24 Color or another clear gloss.

3 Tips to make these stay on even longer:
1-Make sure your lips are dry and clean before applying. I wipe them off with a tissue first and then brush them with a dry toothbrush.
2-After applying, LET IT DRY. Meaning, don’t move your mouth around or talk.
3-Use liquid Vitamin E on your lips at night to keep them hydrated.

If you wonder how to get these all day lipsticks off at night, the answer is any oil. I have used the liquid Vitamin E oil or any oil make up remover.

The 1 Minute Face

If you’re going out and don’t have time, the easiest thing to do is add lipstick. And not just a nude lipstick. Make your lips look alive and healthy with a little color. It’s the concept of having a colorful focal point. For these days, I also put on my sunglasses or at least my colorful glasses too.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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