The Bus Tour Edition: Helpful Elements of What to Wear in the City

The Bus Tour Edition: Helpful Elements of What to Wear in the City

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Print top and skirt

The Bus Tour Edition: Helpful Elements of What to Wear in the City

There are so many ideas of what to wear in the city. It all depends on your plans and the season. Since summer can mean lots of different kinds of trips, we decided to give you options. We started with the beach vacation and 3 different events that might happen there. Then we showcased a rustic trip along with those type of activities. Now we are heading out and thinking about what to wear in the city.
Lesley is talking about how she would dress for a bus tour with helpful ideas. This comes after Charlotte dressed for a trip to a Broadway show which would be great for any type of evening activity. A day of walking and exploring was the theme for my outfit.

Quote of the day: “The desire to improve does not have to come from a place of self-loathing.” James Clear

By this stage of the game, we have all been places and packed for these trips. Yet I still think we can always learn more about the essentials to take and how to make it work for us. That doesn’t mean we have been doing it wrong, per se, but if we can make it even better, that’s the goal!
For instance, I never realized how much easier it would be to wear a midi dress on the plane especially when going to the bathroom as I talked about in this blog post.

Waiting for the bus as what to wear in the city

Skort: Cracket Wheat~~Top: Zac & Rachael~~ Shoes: Easy Spirit~~ Sunnies: Yes We Vibe ~~ Purse: Target~~Hat: Angela William

Lesley’s Idea of What to Wear in the City

Lesley wore a favorite type of outfit for this idea of taking a sight seeing bus tour as part of our city vacation. She threw on a skort, print top, and comfy sandals for a summer day. Of course it’s not just about what she’s wearing, but also what she’s carrying along for the day.

Do you ever take those sight seeing bus tours?? Sure, they can be touristy, but it’s also a great way to cover more ground and learn about the sights from a knowledgeable guide. Don’t forget they can be a chance to meet new people and share travel adventures.

Skorts may not be the “trendy” piece of clothing, but they can be such a functional item for so many activities. Since it looks like a skirt it seems a tad dressier. Yet, it’s modest for sitting and climbing on and off the buses.

Summer trip with what to wear in the city

A Print Top

Even if you aren’t a fan of prints most days, they can certainly be advantageous sometimes. It’s not different than my rationale for my print top when horseback riding. It can camouflage any stains along with hiding sweat marks.
Lesley explains that this top would be perfect for what to wear in the city on a bus tour because it’s flutterly (her word, LOL). Because it’s not tight and form fitting, it’s cool yet modest and protects her from the sun when she is outside.

Insider tip: Don’t just grab a print t-shirt. Find a top that has more interest and fun. For instance, Lesley’s has a couple of buttons down the front. I’ve found many in the widget at the bottom of the post.

The Extras

It’s one thing to accessorize for style and fun, but for a day exploring, you need a couple of elements that are functional. One of those things is a large tote. This is something I try to have as part of my airplane outfit, and then it works for days of touring like this. The secret?? Also put your smaller, hands free purse in the tote, so on these sight seeing buses when you get off for a short time, your “valuables” are close by, yet you can leave your tote on the bus.

What’s in Lesley’s tote besides her smaller purse? One thing is her cardigan sweater to fight off the chill when she goes in a restaurant or historic building. It’s also very handy to carry a small umbrella depending on the weather. (I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten caught unprepared in a downpour in NYC).

As for the hat, it can come in handy for many reasons. I recently wrote about 4 tips to make hat wearing easy, if you are still on the fence about them. Heck, you could even find a packable one and throw it in your tote too!

Shoes that are for walking

Shoes Made for Walking

If it’s one thing we have all experienced on vacation, it’s tired feet. That makes the search for comfy shoes even more important. It’s also another great reason to check out the sight seeing bus tours, haha! Yet, even on the bus tours, you don’t want your feet to hurt, so the addition of good walking shoes is so important.

And Lesley is showing off this pair of sandals that have adjustable velcro in case your feet swell. Even many of Walking Cradles sandals have this detail and it’s a smart design especially for the summertime.

What to wear in the city

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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