The Daily Looks: Finding Fun in My Old Age

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Just because I’m getting older doesn’t mean I can’t wear fun items. I have talked about that my past was all about being serious and professional in my style, but now that I’m retired, I feel like I can change it up. That’s why I have so much fun posting these daily looks.

Daily Looks for November and December
Saturday-White dress in Fall?
Sunday-Casual but a sparkly sweatshirt
Monday-Sweater and leggings
Tuesday– Layering with a sleeveless dress
Wednesday– Tartan skirt and cowboy boots
Thursday-Plaid pants inspired by Cathie
Friday-Fur sweater and gold skirt

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You’ll see this look in more detail on the blog and extra credit if you can guess the theme!!

We were heading out to shop for Small Business Saturday, so I needed comfortable shoes for all of the walking and standing. That’s why I chose these Walking Cradles loafers.
You saw these in more detail when all three of us showcased different loafers from Walking Cradles.

I did wear my ultra-low Sheec socks with them, and considering I tried on many pairs of thrifted shoes, they always stay in place.

Insider tip: If you worry about secondhand shoes, I wrote a blog post about them.

This utility jacket is the Peach brand (use my link to get $10 off your first order and make sure to add Jodie Filogomo to the referral option). I like that the jacket is longer and lightweight.

Let’s talk about this fabulous jewelry. This is what Sally Hoffman (check out her website here) gifted me when we met up the week before. The necklace is absolutely perfect because it’s multi-colored and will go with everything. Plus I love it because it’s whimsical and fun.
There is a matching bracelet and turquoise earrings that are all her designs also.

Because the jewelry was so colorful, I decided to wear my colorful glasses from Voogue Me. I know they seem a tad crazy, but I always say, that I’m a tad crazy too.


We ended up going to church last night, so today was a casual day.

I wore this lipstick, sequin sweatshirt that I found thrifting once. Grey isn’t usually my best color, so I experimented with what I could layer under it.

I found this pink, velvet, cowl top from Peach (see the link on Saturday for a discount). These two pieces have never been layered together before, and I think they worked. Sometimes you just have to try it out before you’ll know.

You can see the pink top by itself when I wore it for an idea of boho dichotomy.

Distressed jeans may not be on your radar, but these Flying Monkey (that’s the brand) jeans are so comfy. And the distressing actually makes me feel younger.
Does it look like I’m trying too hard? I never understood that saying. When I was growing up, trying too hard was a good thing.

I started with black booties with the outfit but decided it was too expected. So I grabbed these silver painted “Converse” dupes (you can see them in more detail in this DIY post).
The only way I can wear sneakers like these is with my Soul Insoles (found on Amazon here) because otherwise they are too flat and aren’t comfy.

And a velvet hat should be in everyone’s closet, right?


I recently won this sweater in an Instagram giveaway from Wooden Ships. Sorry, it’s backward, but it says, Angel.

When I “won” they didn’t say which sweater I would get. They just sent me this one. Yet it’s absolutely perfect because the first song my husband wrote for me was called “Angel Girl” (on YouTube here).

I paired it with a pink plaid collared shirt under it, because most times, I like something under my crew neck sweaters.

Then I added in the camo leggings as I just LOVE green and pink together (it must be from my preppy high school days).

My olive green sneakers are Walking Cradles “Orleans” which I have in 6 different prints/colors. They are that comfy and functional.

Insider tip: A friend and I once showcased this same style of shoe worn from the gym to dinner (post found here).

And look, I kept my accessories minimal today with just pink earrings.


I have this green velvet dress that I bought when we visited Seattle. In fact, you can see what it looks like by itself here. Don’t you wonder why there are winter dresses without sleeves? I mean, I’m all about layering, but sometimes it makes it so challenging.

You’ll laugh because I thought moving out here to Arizona, I could wear my sleeveless things in the winter. Yet, I shared that the winters here are not what you think.

Therefore, I have tried this dress with a Halftee shirt under it. Don’t know what halftees are ?? I have a summer post and a winter post about them.

Anyways, on our recent thrifting haul, I found this cropped sweater that gives off those ballet sweater vibes (or is that just me?).
And I took a stab at layering it OVER the dress. I’m not sure I love it this way, but I might like it over a different dress better.

Insider tip: REMEMBER, there is no disadvantage to trying to layer clothes this way. If you don’t like it, just take it off and try it another way.

BTW, I took photos of this dress with a couple of other options too, so keep your eyes peeled.

I did wear a pair of OTK boots to keep my legs warm, and my socks?? My compression socks for the win.


I should save this outfit for St. Paddy’s day, haha!

This skirt has a history. It was originally a pleated Scottish skirt that was given to me by the mom of the kid I used to babysit—-in high school.

I did wear it a couple of times as it was, but in college, I gained over 30 pounds and it didn’t fit. So I had my amazing mother redesign it.
She ironed out all of the pleats and made it into an asymmetrical skirt. Want to see it styled another way??

Anyways, with my hanger trick, I noticed I hadn’t worn it in 2 years so I pulled it out. For once I decided to do a little matching with the green, long cardigan and my newly thrifted green cowboy boots.

Here’s how I’ve worn this cardigan 5 other ways. AND in case you missed the post about thrifting footwear, I have all kinds of tips and tricks.

Of course, I had to add in an entirely different color with the top, so I wore this mustard gold shirt. The shirt is meant to hang outside because of the wrap detail, but I tucked it in.


Today’s outfit was inspired by my friend, Cathie. You’ll actually meet her again in two weeks on the blog. I saw her photo on Instagram wearing these plaid leggings and black, patent shoes, and it reminded me I had those 2 things in my closet.

My pants are from Banana Republic Factory 2 years ago and the shoes are a thrifted pair that I styled 5 different ways here.

I switched out the black shirt of Cathie’s outfit to a white one. This sweatshirt looks like snowflakes to me. I’ve had it for over 4 years and wear it every winter season!!

It’s no surprise that I grabbed a scarf (which is reversible too. It’s navy polka dots on the other side, but Rob preferred the plaid today). And these earrings?? Both my mom and stepmom (and friend MK) have a pair because I think they are the funnest winter earrings ever.
You can find a similar pair on Amazon here, and trust me, you’ll get a ton of compliments on them.


I pulled out this outfit for an upcoming blog post, so I won’t go into all of the specifics.

The sweater was one of my first purchases from Zara, and that fur on the pockets came that way. But it’s also an interesting concept for a DIY if you like that sort of thing.

Both the skirt and the boots were found thrifting last weekend.

And I wore these shoulder scraping earrings made by my friend, Judy.

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