The Fab Collab Celebrates Christmas at 40 Plus

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 Holiday Collaboration for 4 Generations.

Holiday Styles for 4 Generations From Sherry’s Perspective

Holiday Collaboration for 4 Generations.

It’s that time again when Sherry, from Petite Over 40, is joining us in a Fab Collab. This time we’re going to take you back to our holiday memories and the clothing we wore for the occasion.

I hope you’ll check in each day to join the party! And be sure to share your own Christmas fashion memories—the good and the bad—in the comments below or on our Facebook pages. Pictures welcome! 🙂

A Preview of Sherry’s Story about her Christmas Picture Memories

We are not a fancy people, my family. We come from coal miners, farmers, and rugged immigrants who got their hands dirty doing jobs and dealing with things I can’t imagine today.

Even though Christmas has always been informal in my family, I don’t think of v-neck sweaters, flannel, or denim when I think about Christmas style. The images that come to my mind are something out of a Bing Crosby movie. (And Sherry doesn’t mean a sequined bathing suit—ha ha)

Holiday Collaboration for 4 Generations.

Make sure to click over to Sherry’s blog to read the whole story and see many more fun photos and the details of her present day outfit! She’s even including her parents in the present day part of the styling!!

Feel free to share your Holiday memories—it makes my day to hear other people’s stories! 

And Sherry would love it if you followed her by subscribing to her emails, on  Bloglovin‘ or on Facebook! She has an interesting spin on interpreting her outfits throughout the decades. Even when we think we’ve come up with a new style or trend, there’s usually a past decade to which it relates!

I see a ton of bloggers wearing red plaid for a holiday look. Is it your go-to at Christmas?

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Since Sherry was wearing a beautiful red, plaid skirt, I thought it’d be fun to find other plaid pieces: Tell me those shoes aren’t to die for (they even have memory foam in them)?

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