The Fab Collab Celebrates Christmas at 70 Plus

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 Holiday Collaboration for 4 Generations.

Holiday Styles for 4 Generations From Charlotte’s Perspective

Holiday Collaboration for 4 Generations.

 It’s that time again when Sherry, from Petite Over 40, is joining us in a Fab Collab. This time we’re going to take you back to our holiday memories and the clothing we wore for the occasion. If you missed the earlier versions, you can see Sherry’s (the 40’s model) history here, Jodie’s (the 50’s model) story here, and Nancy’s (the 60’s model) memories here.

Charlotte’s Story about her Christmas Picture Memories

The picture below is from Christmas 1966 in San Mateo, California at my sister-in-law’s house. Jodie was an infant and Joe & I had flown west from Ohio to attend the Rose Bowl. Why, you ask? Because our Alma mater, Purdue, was finally playing in the big game. Not that Joe & I were the hugest football fans, but it was an exciting time for us Purdue alumni. We thought it’d be a fun time to see the parade and visit family.  Jodie’s aunt Nancy (her dad’s sister) hosted this open house since we were staying with her. It was my first time visiting California so we also got to be tourists while we were there.

Holiday Collaboration for 4 Generations.

I had made this dress a couple of years before and it was a very soft light blue wool. It’s really such a classic dress, as I could imagine wearing it today and still being stylish. The thing that I notice about this photo is how dressed up we were. Even though I still enjoy putting on nice clothes, it seems like events are usually more casual!

My in laws always went to California also to spend the holiday with their daughter and her family. The evidence is on the table with all of the Hungarian pastries my mother in law used to make.

Charlotte’s (70’s) Present Day Outfit: I let mom pick out her own outfit for this post. I’ve told you how that blue is her favorite color, right? But it’s also quite appropriate since she was wearing blue in the photo from her past!

Holiday Collaboration for 4 Generations.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but my mother certainly likes her accessories and bling. There’s even some metal detailing on her shoes!!

Holiday Collaboration for 4 Generations.

The large ring is actually an owl that was given to her by our blogette, Jude. Mom put it on so it faces her, so it’s upside down to you & me. But here’s a better photo of it from a different post!

Holiday Collaboration for 4 Generations.

This skirt she’s wearing is a velvet material. It’s such a beautiful print and could certainly be worn casually too!

Holiday Collaboration for 4 Generations.

The gold jacket, mom bought from that online company, Blair. It came as an open front shirt, but mom added the closure on the front which gives it a little interest. I didn’t love this jacket when she bought it…I considered it too old fashioned for her. But she looks wonderful, so what do I know?

Holiday Collaboration for 4 Generations.

Skirt: Moa Moa (similar here not in velvet and here in velvet)~~Jacket: Blair (similar here with sequins and here without)~~Top: Field Manor(similar here)~~Shoes: Jasmin (similar here for a hefty price and here under $100)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Owl Ring: (similar here very blingy)~~Blue Ring: (similar here)

Feel free to share your Christmas outfit memories—it makes my day to hear other people’s stories! 

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Since mom’s favorite color is blue, I rounded up some blue fur items—under $100, of course!

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