The Fascinating Fashion Police Made Us Do It & Magnificent 8

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The Fascinating Fashion Police Made Us Do It & Magnificent 8

Who shudders at the idea of the fashion police? In all seriousness, I hope we realize that the fashion police only exist in our minds and the US magazine!
Since the theme for my Magnificent 8 group was inspiration from a magazine I thought we would get creative this time.

Quote of the day: “In a surprising number of cases, the way to solve a problem is to ignore it. Attention is the oxygen of conflict. When you fight a problem, you breathe life into it. When you starve a problem of your attention, you suffocate it.” James Clear

I’m sure even the “stars” don’t love having their outfits judged badly. Yet, maybe it makes us realize how subjective fashion and style really is. I bet these same fashion police would turn up their nose at Iris Apfel’s outfits too, yet Iris is making history at this stage of her life.
Truthfully, any outfit could be good or bad depending on your perspective, life experiences or even just your mood!! So as I always say, let’s have fun and stop obsessing over the rights and wrongs!!

The only reason I decided to have us style outfits that the fashion police deemed bad is because we recently styled outfits from magazine ads/articles. Therefore, I wanted to see how we could take what is considered a “bad outfit” and make it work for us.
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Fashion police inspired style

Why was this Rumer Willis outfit part of the Fashion Police’s spread? It sounds like the editors didn’t like the Laura Ingalls vibe. Granted she was wearing socks with her Birkenstock-like sandals, so maybe that was part of it.
While Charlotte’s dress isn’t a floral print, it sure is very similar in style. Personally, I think my mom looks wonderful.

Let me point out some of the wonderful modern features of Charlotte’s look.
1-Great print mixing with the added flower pin and plaid purse.
2-Chic pearl necklace by Maison de Camille
3-Summer sandals (by Jambu) with no socks, haha!

My mom did confess that she doesn’t wear this dress much, and she was thinking of shortening it because it’s longer than she normally wears.
Yet, I will point out that variety is the spice of life. We all should have dresses of differing lengths in our closet.
FYI, my mom made this dress and matching jacket.

Styled by the fashion police


Fashion police call it wrong

Katy Perry may have some outlandish concert outfits, yet I don’t think this snakeskin dress of hers is over the top. In fact, it reminded me of my snakeskin jumpsuit that I’ve had for years.
Since I tend to need some color in my outfits, I added in red details and thought my overall look came out swimmingly.

Here’s some of the details.
1-The red pin is from a cardigan. I removed the pin and keep with my brooches. The temperature this day was over 100 degrees so wearing a necklace is out of the question.
2-My Couture Planet purse was won in an Instagram giveaway. (Tip: I videoed how to enter these giveaways so you can win too)
3-More color was included by hanging a Gibby’s Scarf from the purse handle.
4-Cute and comfy shoes are Walking Cradles brand because we were going to be standing for at least an hour this night.

Making the snakeskin jumpsuit stylish


Stripes for fashion police

The fashion police called out Doja Cat’s striped outfit for the US magazine layout “When bad clothes happen to good people.” Now I get it. Her look is certainly not something you’d wear to the grocery store. But as a rapper, I’m sure she wants to stand out and not blend in by looking like everyone else.

Yet as I described in our magazine inspiration outfits from earlier this year, it’s not about having to COPY an outfit. It’s about taking a detail or idea and recreating it to fit you and your closet.
Lesley did this by adding in striped pants along with a striped purse to her black and white look. The details:
1-A statement necklace can be a wonderful focus, yet it doesn’t have to overwhelm the outfit.
2-Lesley is also print mixing with the subtle print shoes AND combining the two different striped items.
3-Notice there is one colorful piece in the mix. While Doja did it with her necklace, Lesley used her bracelet.

Lesley did admit that this was a hard challenge for her, because as she shared about her history with black and white recently, she rarely wears only these two colors together.

Making stripes work for the fashion police inspiration

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Magnificent 8

The Magnificent 8 is a collaboration among 8 stylish women, each in a different age bracket, ranging from early 20’s to early 80’s. The mission of this collaboration is to show you just how ageless style is, how we can each dress however we’d like and in ways that make us feel fabulous. There are no age restrictions on style. So wear what you want, when you want, add a smile, and strut your style with confidence. And be sure to check out all of these amazing women!
But not every post goes live at the same time, so if it’s not up when you check them out, I hope that you will check back later!!! It’s hard when we are all in different time zones.

Magnificent 8

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