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The Insider Scoop Behind Body Tape for Breasts

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Body tape for breasts is the Cinderella of strapless bras. Who hasn’t complained about their strapless bra being uncomfortable, falling down or a myriad of issues?
But once you try some of the modern solutions to strapless bras including adhesive bras and body tape for breasts, I think you’ll realize that you CAN wear strapless items comfortably.

Quote of the day: “Whoever has the most fun, wins.” James Clear

As we get older, unfortunately we feel limited by what we can wear. That’s why I loved this quote. It’s no secret I like having fun with my style, and summertime is the best for showing off skin.
Whether you feel limited with summer tops because of our perception of what is appropriate for our age or whether it’s because of our bodies changing, either way, it makes me sad.
I’m one of those women who feels the need to rebel. I did it as a young girl when they said that women shouldn’t be dentists.

And I’m doing it again, to stop the idea that I have to be limited to tops that cover my bra straps. I hope you’ll be inspired to quit thinking that you can only wear tops that have wide straps or even worse, that cover our upper arms. Our shoulders are a wonderful part of our body, and showcasing them is very modern and modestly sexy.

Insider information. I have a somewhat larger chest considering how short I am. Depending on the brand of bra, I take a 30D-30DD.

I have written other articles about bras trying to find comfortable options. If it’s a struggle for you too, I hope you check them out.

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What are Adhesive Bras and Body Tape for Breasts

If you have young adult daughters or maybe even grands, you might have heard about these modern options for our traditional strapless bras.

I like to think of them as the “spandex” of denim. Don’t we all LOVE how spandex or stretch is part of most jeans now, and how it makes it so much more comfortable?
These adhesive bras and body tape for breasts are made available because of the newer technologies and they make the traditional strapless bras a thing of the past.

The best part about these newer bras?
1-You can wear backless items too.
2-With body tape for breasts you can individualize it depending on the shape of the top.
3-There is no compression around your ribcage that feels like you’re being squeezed like a sausage.

And just like with any product there are pros and cons as well as brands that work and brands that don’t. I’m sharing the ones that I’ve personally tried and giving my absolutely honest thoughts.
After falling in love with the Gatherall adhesive bra, I decided to see if there were less expensive options available. And here’s what I found.

Gatherall Adhesive Bra

Gatherall is still my favorite “strapless” bra for a couple of reasons. I discussed it last summer and was gaga over how it transformed my way of thinking about strapless bras.
I will admit the sizing chart is different than you think. They’ve recently updated it and I included the chart above so you can see how you order your size.

1-It’s fast to put on
2-It stays put. I’ve worn it in 100+ degree weather and had sweat dripping down my back, and it stayed fabulously.

But it has some limitations:
1-There is a middle band of material so it doesn’t work with every top.
2-This brand is more expensive than the body tape for breasts, but it lasts over 40 wears. SO if you’re going to wear these strapless tops frequently, it could be more budget oriented.

Insider discount: I did sign up to be an ambassador for the company because I LOVE the Gatherall bra. So go through my link and use code Gather10 to get 10% off.

I created a video of how to put on your Gatherall bra, because it took time to figure it out.
The key is you are NOT covering your entire boob most likely (unless you’re small-chested). The underboob will hang below. I thought this was weird at first, but very few of my strapless tops are tight, so you don’t notice.

Body Tape for Breasts

I remember thinking how the Gatherall bra was like taping my girls together. Which then led me down the rabbit hole of finding body tape for breasts. I’ve been using both of these options for over 6 months now, and they each have good and bad points.
But I LOVE this kind of option.

Insider story: The first time I tried the body tape for breasts, I didn’t like it. I used too much, I overlapped it, and it squashed me too much. But after watching more and more videos on YouTube and trying it in different ways, I found the secret for me. All of that is to say, that there is a learning curve.
I’ll share my tips, but remember your body is different and you may need to practice a couple of times. But I’d say, don’t give up. It’s not rocket science.

First the breakdown of these two body tapes for breasts.

Risque Body Tape

A. This comes in one width only, but it’s also available in pre-cut strips. For first-timers, you might like having the strips the best. I’ve never used them, but I have been cutting my roll into strips lately.
B. It is VERY sticky. This means it’s great if you need to reposition it, it will still work most of the time.
C. Because of #B, the girls are in place and locked and loaded. They hardly jiggle when I jump up and down.
D. It is like pulling off a bandaid. No, it doesn’t hurt, but it reddens my skin slightly for a minute. Sometimes I use the nipple covers, but not always.

Insider discount: I signed up to be an ambassador because I love this product. In fact, I’ve purchased 2 boxes now and will order them again. Go through my link and use code JTOUCHOFSTYLE for a discount.

Naked Rebellion

A. This comes in a small or large width. I suggest the large one. Then you have less overlapping (or no overlapping)
B. This is not as sticky. Meaning you don’t have a second chance to reposition it. Once you pull it off, you have to throw it out.
C. Because of #B, the girls jiggle a little more. Not terribly but more than Rique’s body tape for breasts.
D. It pulls off much easier. And you get a nice exfoliation of dead skin…haha. If you have a dark tape, you can see it.

Insider discount: I won this tape in an IG giveaway, and was sent the black tape. They don’t have an affiliate program yet, but I reached out to the company, and they will give 20% off with code AGELESS.

Here is an example of a larger-chested woman using Naked Rebellion body tape for breasts. You can see she overlaps it.
The difference in how I do it as talked about in #3 below, is I put the tape farther below the breast and try to only use one piece of tape.

Tips for Using Body Tape for Breasts

Of course, you should watch some videos first. And spend at least 10-20 minutes playing with it. I know you think it’s a waste of product, but it’s the only way you’ll get comfortable using it and then you’ll be able to put it on lickety-split when you get dressed.

1How to apply. Only remove about half an inch of the backing when you start putting it in place. Then as you pull it across, pull off the rest of the backing as you go.
2-If you can, only use one piece of tape. When you overlap the tape, it’s not as smooth, and sometimes you can see it.
3-Position. My favorite way to wear it is to use a strip of body tape for breasts vertically. I start the tape about an inch below my breast and gently pull it up over the middle of my breast as I lift my boob with the other hand. (My failure at first was squishing it down too hard). Then I cut off the tape where it works for my top.
Repeat on the other side.
4-Alternative position. If I can’t go vertical with the tape, then I basically create a Gatherall bra across my two breasts. It’s not something they show on the videos, but it’s what works for me. I could never get a great look by using the body tape for breasts around each breast individually and horizontally.
5-Nipple Covers. If you have sensitive nipples, use the nipple covers that come with it. If you don’t have sensitive nipples, don’t use them when you’re first experimenting because it’s an extra step.

Insider info: I do not worry about washing and drying my breasts before applying any of the above tape or adhesive bra. They stick no matter what.

Body Moons

Body moons adhesive bra

I bought this Body Moons invisible sticky bra when a couple of my influencer friends were promoting it. It was less expensive than my Gatherall bra and I thought they would be easier to use.

However, I’m not a fan. They don’t stick and stay in place like the Gatherall bra and body tape for breasts.
The only time it works for me is if my top is fitted or has shaping so the Body Moons don’t move.
Otherwise, I call this a failure.

Adhesive Bras on Amazon

Adhesive bras on Amazon

I see many younger influencers promoting these inexpensive adhesive bras from Amazon. So I had to check it out myself and bought the ones above.

Fail. Big time. First off I bought it for my size, and the edges pull up when you’re wearing it. So I decided to cut it to be shaped like my Gatherall bra. Which was better but it still did not stick as well.
I understand they are much less expensive, but I wouldn’t waste your money. I even had another reader tell me she had the same experience with these Amazon adhesive bras.

My recommendation.
Either try the Gatherall bra or the body tape for breasts.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out ( and I will try to help as much as possible. While I consider myself knowledgeable, I certainly haven’t tried every brand and option out there.

Comparing body tape for breasts

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