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The Magic Lightweight Summer Vest: Hide Your Belly

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Woman over 80 wearing a lightweight summer vest

The Magic Lightweight Summer Vest: Hide Your Belly

A lightweight summer vest can be a great resource if you are trying to hide your belly. Not that I want to push the idea that you NEED to cover up any part of your body. Yet it was a suggestion by Janet, and I think a vest is always a great option, whether to cover your middle or not.

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Even though vests were one of the items that millennials consider frumpy (as I shared in a post comparing viewpoints by midlifers and millennials), I think it’s a combination of the entire outfit that makes it frumpy or not, not just one piece.
And I don’t in any way consider Charlotte’s outfit frumpy.

Make sure to see some practical reasons why you should think about a vest in the summer, along with a different definition of the term vest.

Colorful outfit for woman over 80

Capris: Disney from Kohls~~ Vest: Bette & Court-thrifted~~ Top: Mode made it ~~ Shoes: Seychelles ~~ Necklace: ~~ Bracelet: Audra Style c/o~~ Earrings: Audra Style c/o ~~ Purse: thrifted and decorated

Lightweight Summer Vest

My mom admits that she doesn’t think to wear vests that often because she’s more concerned with covering her upper arms. Yet if you are trying to camouflage the thicker middle, you can see how a lightweight summer vest can fit the bill.

This vest hits Charlotte right at her hip area. By leaving it open like this, you have that vertical column down the front with the top underneath it. Thus you are basically hiding your belly because it’s somewhat covered and the focus is the vertical line.

Green and pink outfit

Color, Color Everywhere

What I’d like to point out is how the top’s color isn’t anywhere in the print of the capris. I know this is hard for the matchy matchy personalities. Yet if you liken this idea to a garden of flowers, you might be more apt to try it. When you admire a beautiful flower garden, you see all kinds of different colors playing nicely together.
Considering that Charlotte’s capri pants are a flower garden, then why not incorporate a totally different color with the top?

Let me give my reasons why this works.
1-There is red in the pants, and pink is a lighter shade of red.
2-Charlotte pulls in more pink with her bracelet and earrings.
3-The other colors of the pants are represented in the rest of the outfit. Green in the vest, red in the sandals, and orange in the purse.

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Extras on the Extras

This orange straw purse was a thrifted find a while back. Charlotte decided to add some flowers to give it a little decoration. You could hand sew the flowers or just superglue them.

Insider tip: Adding decoration to your purse this way would be a wonderful way to cover up a snag, stain, or any other such detail.

Have you seen the snap jewelry? It’s interchangeable so you can “match” to what you are wearing. My mom has the ring above and you can find these gadgets on Amazon. Then there are all kinds of snap jewelry charms that you can switch out. No surprise that Charlotte has many of these and even one with an owl on it. I’ll make sure to point it out, next time she wears it.

Outfit with lightweight summer vest

More Capris

There are just some styles that we wear over and over again in the hotter months and capri pants are one of them.
Whether you cringe at the thought that these might make you look frumpy or find joy in the in between length of shorts and pants, we should wear what we want.

In fact, earlier this summer we countered the frump of capris in 3 different ways.
1-Bright colors
2-A wow piece
3-Baring other body parts

Personally, I LOVE this pair of capris my mom is wearing. They are a collaboration between Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and Kohls. In fact, I would wear them myself because I think they are whimsical and fun.
I found a pair in size 6, a size 4, size 14, and size 8 on Poshmark (and there’s more) if you’re interested.
This is exactly when checking Poshmark can be so helpful. Just search for Disney Capri pants and you have a boatload of options.

Insider tip: Need help figuring out how to shop on Poshmark? I wrote a post with all kinds of tips and tricks.

Floral capris style

The Strap Between the Toe

Who else out there tends to stay away from sandals with the strap between the toe? I know I would rarely buy those kinds of shoes in the past. Yet I find I have more of them now. And it makes me wonder if they’ve gotten more comfortable, or if I’ve gotten used to them?

My mom also never bought these kinds of shoes, so I was surprised when she found these. Luckily, she had given them a chance in the store and tried them on, because they worked.

Hide the belly with a lightweight summer vest
Lightweight summer vest style

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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