The One Size Fits All Gift Guide for Acquaintances

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I realized that the hardest people to buy for are those we don’t know as well. That’s why I thought that I would try to help out with a gift guide for acquaintances.

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Quote of the day: “It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants. What are you industrious about?” Henry David Thoreau

This holiday of gift-giving can be stressful because we have this expectation that we need to find the perfect gift for everyone. I have been lucky because my family decided a while back that we would rather spend time together for the holidays instead of giving gifts (because in all reality, we don’t NEED anything)
That’s one of the reasons, I don’t concentrate on gift guides. Yet it just hit me as I was going to get together with some women I had just met, that a gift guide for acquaintances would be helpful.

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What Is a Perfect Gift?

If you think about the perfect gift, it’s something that the receiver really wants. And one step beyond that is something they want but would never really buy for themselves.
Now that’s a lot of pressure to come up with those ideas.

As for a gift guide for acquaintances, these are people you don’t know as well. You might not realize they have an aversion to birds, or that their hobby is photography.
You know these people superficially, yet might feel the need to exchange gifts because you are getting together around the holidays.

SO here’s my idea. If you can’t actually find something they really like because you don’t know what they really like, then try this. When you give them your gift, include a short reason why you thought of them when you bought it.
For instance, “This book really made me feel good, so I thought it would work for you too.”
It goes along the line of “it’s the thought that counts”. It may not be what they wanted, but the fact that you made it personal makes it special.

Small Business Love

My other point would be to try to support the small, local businesses with your gift buying as much as possible.
The perfect gift is one that not only makes the receiver happy but also has made a difference using your purchasing power.

Insider tip: Buying from the big box stores can be supporting a small business if you go through my links. Getting a small commission from your sales is one way I keep this site going. I appreciate your support!

One of the reasons I like to promote small businesses is that I have been (and still am) a small business. It’s one of the hardest jobs around because everything lands on your shoulders.
So while I will give you some links to big box stores in this gift guide for acquaintances, I will also suggest some fabulous items from some of my favorite smaller shops.

In fact, last time around this year, I wrote an article about how to support small businesses and listed 9 shops on Etsy of people I personally know and love. Let me give you a quick rundown in alphabetical order:
1-Frannie & Elinor– Minimalistic jewelry. The gift that fits every woman
2-Hena Tayeb Photography– Photographs from around the world
3-Joanne Katherine Jewelry– Statement Jewelry
4-Moonsilver Designs– Jewelry inspired by nature
5-Sand Dollar Girl– Gifts from the sea, as well as handmade totes
6-Serendipity by Tracey– Wreaths, door hangers, and Hummels
7-Sweet Basil Avenue– Handmade children’s things from repurposed items.
8-Theresa Rose Designs– Personalized gifts and birthstone jewelry
9-Vintage by Suzanne– Vintage clothing including jewelry plus homewares

With today’s gift guide for acquaintances, I thought I’d break it into categories that are one-size-fits-all. Even if the examples aren’t ones that float your boat, maybe it will be an idea that you can find through another small business.


Books are definitely a one-size-fits-all and would work as part of a gift guide for acquaintances whether they be male or female.

1-Like a Roaring Lion– My husband’s journey Into Spiritual Warfare
2-Gratitude Journal– Faith-based with stickers from Just Be Youtiful use code Jtouch15
3-Invincible Joy– Chasing God’s Dreams For Your Life


Socks may seem weird as part of a gift guide for acquaintances, but there are such fun ones that I had to include them. It’s not a perfect one-size-fits-all, but usually, you can get it right.

1-Socks– Southern Soul Collectives use code Jodie10
2-Sheec socks– the fleece and wool ones are perfect for winter, use code JODIE for first timers
3-Happy socks– Fun socks for every foot


I remember the first time I celebrated Christmas with Rob’s family, and his nephew (who was only 25 at the time), bought me a matching scarf and beanie. It was such a fabulous gift and I think it works for many other women.

1-Southern Soul Collectives-large variety of scarves, gloves, and beanies, code Jodie10
2-Hats-Just Be Youtiful. Lots of different hats on the site. Code Jtouch15
3-Pashmina– Available in 40 different colors and inexpensive. I consider these essential items, especially for travel.


Graphic tees can be funny or seasonal and you can always get an oversized one for an acquaintance to wear around the house. What I like is how this works for men and women too.

1-Lilicloth– Has a collection of men’s and women’s shirts with great messages. I wore one here (it’s no longer available). Code BFAFF20 until Nov. 30
2-Southern Soul Collectives– Graphic tees for sizes XS to 2XL. Code Jodie10 for first-timers.
3-Just Be Youtiful– Graphic tees including some faith-based ones. Use code Jtouch15


This idea may only be good for women acquaintances, but there are such universally fun ones that I couldn’t resist including them.

1-Ideas Valyen– gold heart earrings but there are necklaces, other earrings, and bracelets on the site.
2-Loads of jewelry options: from Souther Soul Collectives used code Jodie10
3-Sally Hoffman Designs-handmade pieces by my friend in Tucson with an emphasis on turquoise.
4-SG Sparkle-My friend, Gurmeet sells many Indian-inspired pieces on Etsy.

Skincare/Bath Sets

Even if you don’t know someone well, most people take showers and use some kind of skincare, so the idea of these sets as part of a gift guide for acquaintances had to be included.

1-Scrub Studios Soaps-all non-toxic soaps and scrubs
2-Simple Beauty Minerals-all non-toxic makeup and skincare use code Jtouchofstyle
3-De-Stressed skin kit-Versed clean skincare

Misc. Items for Gift Guide for Acquaintances

1-Julie’s Etsy site has a ton of Christmas pieces made with treasured jewelry.
2-Kuel Life is a collective of women, many of who have wonderful things to sell.
3-Sherri’s Etsy site has a beltless belt that I love, but also artwork.

gift guide for acquaintances

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