The Real Outfits of the Week: 2.19.21

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Our week cooled back down somewhat so you’ll be seeing sweaters and long sleeves. But it is nice not to have to worry about tights with my dresses.
I even wore black a couple of these days…shocking!!


This was my outfit for the Galentines afternoon party. The dress is from years back with a collaboration with a company that is now out of business.

You can see it styled with no topper here.

The morning was chilly, so I wore one of my handknit sweaters.

I thought the white booties gave it a little more edginess so it wasn’t “too sweet” (not that anything is wrong with too sweet, haha).

And I also switched out the self-belt for this white belt.

You can’t see the earrings, but they were from my bestie and they are an “X” and “O”. Perfect for a love day!!


I am working with Alembika again–this time to showcase these iconic jeans in an Instagram post.

And then they also sent the tee which says “Female Leaders Needed” in Hebrew.

Both are super, duper comfy, as I wore them all day and didn’t even need to change into my “comfy” clothes after dinner.

The jeans have a relaxed fit and are stretchy enough to dance around in. The tee is actually a tunic length, but I tied it up at the side of my waist to shorten the proportions.

Since I needed to add color and extras to the look, I first chose my newest Jambu sneakers. These are the Jenny knit in teal multi-color (don’t worry, they come in solid colors too). My discount is good until May, JTOUCHS22 for 20% off.

The colorful scarf was a recent thrift find, and the fabulous earrings are from a local company called Lobe Love. The best part is even though they are big, they are very lightweight.

Happy Valentine’s Day

This is not what I’m wearing on my hot date tonight, but if you get my emails, you would have seen that in Tuesday’s email. (I share all different kinds of personal and unique things in my emails, so make sure to sign up).

Why in the heck am I wearing a midrift shirt? Truthfully, I didn’t think the jeans were this low when I first put them on, but hey, I’m trying to love my body. Even the tummy.

The pink flats are super old, yet I always love them so much I could never purge them. After getting a bunch of compliments on them in this IG post, I decided to break them out some more.

The gold belt and gold necklace are both handed-down items. I thought they went with the chain jacket perfectly (recently thrifted, as seen in this video).

You can see how the earrings are really hearts from the side in the top photo.


Now here’s the Arizona way to dress for spring. I’m wearing a summery maxi dress for the middle of the day, but I have on a faux leather jacket and booties for the chilly mornings.

This dress was a find from our collaboration with a local thrift shop. It’s a Banana Republic dress this fits perfectly.

I wanted to give it an edgier vibe with the jacket, yet the colors are feminine.

You heard that pearls are going to be big for spring, right?? I just found this huge pearl necklace at a different thrift shop and thought they were fun.
And if you do have a pearl necklace, it’s fun to layer it with other pearl necklaces.

I finished off the outfit with rose gold ankle booties. It’s still too cold (for me) to break out the sandals, and I don’t have my toenails painted yet, haha!
Sneakers would have been a fun option too.


There are times even I struggle with some of my clothing items. Like this yellow tunic sweater. I had it in my “to give away” pile, but wanted to try it again.

Since it’s chillier today, I paired it with floral summer jeans and a velvet shacket.

Insider tip: Print pants make for easy options on what to pair with them. See 4 ways I styled these.

Honestly, this isn’t my favorite look for some reason, but I do think the beret gives it the required “extra” that I look for!

And probably the last time this season that these faux fur earrings come out. They are still available if you want a pair. I think they are the cutest and totally inexpensive too.

Ivory or lighter boots are a great option for our winter footwear. These are from Jambu a couple of seasons ago, but check their sales, because there are other options available. I’m not sure if you can use my discount code, JTOUCHS22 with sales, but it can’t hurt to try.


I know many of you think I’m crazy, and this may be proof, haha! But after coming up with the idea to layer 2 dresses together in my how-to-wear summer dresses in the winter post, I figured I needed to try it again.

The blue dress is one I won from an Instagram giveaway from Coldesigna Designs. You can see the various ways I styled it in this short video.
It’s totally one of those resort dresses, but it hasn’t been worn much, especially in the winter.

Therefore I layered it over a sweatshirt, grey dress, and added blue pumps.

Look closely and you can see a brooch on the opposite shoulder of the strap. Why?? Just for fun and a little extra!


You’ll get the entire outfit soon on the blog, but I wanted to showcase that I really am trying to wear a brooch or pin every week. (So this makes 2 since I wore one on Thursday)

So I challenge you to pull yours out too and see how you can style them. They are easy. And fun. And so versatile.

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