The Secrets to Wearing Non Flattering Colors and Not Look Washed Out

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Ways to make an off the shoulder top stay put

The Secrets to Wearing Non Flattering Colors and Not Look Washed Out

Granted we know we should wear flattering colors near our face, yet there are times we like an item that isn’t “our” color. Lesley showed an entirely different way to make this work, and now I’m sharing my thoughts.

Quote of the day: “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” Frances Hodgson Burnett

Some of these secrets I’ve learned from other women, while others have been gleamed by taking photos over and over for this blog.

Insider tip: It may seem silly, but taking a photo of your outfit EVERY day, gives you a much different perspective of how you look. There is a scientific reason why our brains see our reflection differently than the camera.
SO just take a quick photo of yourself in the mirror daily. I do this and post it on my Instagram stories. And trust me, I’ve gone back in the closet and changed after seeing some of them.

As for the secrets to wearing any non flattering colors? It all boils down to two words: Focal point.

How to wear non flattering colors near your face

Shorts: Just Black through Fashom~~ Top: Chicos c\o ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~ Bracelet: Target ~~ Earrings: Charming Charlies~~ Purse: Charming Charlies~~Hat: thrifted

Let’s Talk Focal Point

What exactly is a focal point? It’s what your eyes will end up targeting. As visual animals, this happens without you even thinking about it. Most of the time when we talk to someone, we focus on that person’s eyes and expressions.
However, when you first meet someone, or see people from afar, the focus will be different.

Color is the easiest way to create a focal point. Or something different and unique.
In my outfit, the focal point would be the hat, purse and shoes. When talking to someone, it would be the glasses.

Insider tip: Glasses can be used to your advantage almost daily. While most women think they look better without glasses, these wonderful items can add a complimentary color to any look AND hide the bags under your eyes.
Even if you don’t need glasses to see, did you know that you can buy fashion pairs with no prescription in the lenses?
I’ve shared many online companies I’ve used as a way to get prescription glasses inexpensively.

Making the hat the focal point to counteract non flattering color choices

My Flattering Colors

What I have learned is with my pale complexion, black is too harsh for me. This is the case for many older women because of how our coloring changes as we age. I discussed this in more detail in Lesley’s post.
Therefore, I rarely purchase black tops anymore even though they go with everything. It’s not always easy because many retailers offer everything in black because women buy black…ugh!

What are my colors? The best way to describe the colors that look the best on me are warmer hues and somewhat bright. While I can wear lighter warm colors, they don’t always seem “me.” There is an interesting color theory by which the basis for your colors is on your personality called Dressing Your Truth. I haven’t checked it out in detail yet, but it makes sense.
Truthfully, I had the hardest time telling the difference between warm and cool shades of colors at first. But it’s like anything. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Insider tip: If you have a hard time finding the colors that you like at retail shops, you can usually find them easier at second hand stores.

Other Secrets

You can still wear non flattering colors on the top half of your body and not look washed out. The ways to do this are as follows:
1-Try to keep the non flattering color as far from your face as possible. I’m doing this with an off the shoulder top.
2-Add your better colors in with items that are near your face. This is where the colorful hat, earrings and lipstick came into play.
3– Another trick is to cover your top with a better color jacket, cardigan or kimono. The color nearest your face is what people notice.
4-Lesley talked about scarves in her post, and they are magical for this.

When you're not wearing flattering colors

Staying Modern with an OFS Top

When the off the shoulder tops started being popular again, I decided I didn’t need to wear this trend. It would require a strapless bra and those have NEVER been comfortable to me.
However, when we had our Chico’s girlfriend event, this was the top I chose. And since then, I’ve decided that wearing the modern pieces can be FUN. Besides our shoulders and back tend to stay looking nice as we get older, so why not show them off?

Insider tip: I am researching over 10 different strapless bras for a post that I will publish next spring. While many women say there is no such thing, I have already found at least one. If you need one before that post is ready to go live, just email me, and I’ll tell you what I know so far.

If you’ve ever worn an off the shoulder top, then you may realize the material doesn’t’ always stay off the shoulder. This is the tip that makes them stay in place. I used it for this evening and it worked!
By the way, many off the shoulder tops CAN be worn as a normal top too. You can see how this top looks that way in an older post.

Pink Walking Cradles shoes

Comfy Sandals

My sandal collection has grown exponentially since moving to Arizona. It doesn’t hurt that I get to wear them for much longer than I did in Denver.
This pair is from Walking Cradles and is called the “Lynn”. You’ve seen them time and time again because they are comfortable (and I have them in brown too).
These are a 2.5″ wedge, but there is the same style in a lower heel called the “Kerry.”

Insider tip: Walking Cradles claim to fame is they have sizes 4-12 in narrow to wide wide. ALONG with the fact that they are built for comfort with their tiny pillows in the soles. Use my code, JODIE15, to get 15% off your first purchase on their website.

Non flattering colors in an outfit

Flattering Pieces

Since we’ve been talking about flattering colors, let’s touch on flattering shapes also. Many articles and women get too caught up in the word flattering in my opinion.
For example, this top on me is not shaped or helping my figure in any way, shape or form. Yet it’s cute and fashionable. And may I also point out it hides the sweat dripping down my body due to the over 100 degree temperature.

Insider tip: Statement sleeves can help to change the focal point of an item because it’s that unique detail. And if you’re worried they will get in your food while you eat, bring along two extra hair elastics to keep them in place.

Wearing non flattering colors 2 different ways
Wearing non flattering colors

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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