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The Spice of Life: Variety in my Daily Outfits

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The advantage of taking photos in my daily outfits is the fact that I can make sure they really showcase variety. If you’re anything like me, then you tend to grab the same clothing pieces over and over.
In Arizona, I usually wear more dresses in the summer and jeans in the winter. But now? Now I’m trying to change it up and really shop my closet.

Quote of the day: “Use your life to serve the world, and you will find that it also serves you.” Oprah Winfrey

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By looking at my daily outfits at the end of the week, I see that I only wore a dress/skirt twice. Then again, I wonder how many of you wear skirts and dresses all that much in the winter??

Content of My Daily Outfits
Long Vest and Cropped Pants
Silk Top and Skirt
Lime Green for Fall
Summer Dress and Poncho
White Jeans and Fuzzy Sweater
Upcycled Jeans with UnaBlue
Leggings for Fancy?


Long vest belted for fall

Since I’ve been seeing vests more and more, I decided to pull out the long yellow vest that I’ve had for years.

No, you don’t see me wearing it much. I struggle with it being overwhelming. So today I tried belting it and creating an opening in front (just like I did recently with my puffer vest).

You can see how I usually tie the self-belt of this long vest in the back.

Insider tip: Just because something comes with a self-belt does not mean you have to wear the belt with it. In fact, I like taking it off and hanging it with all of my belts. Sometimes it works better with other outfits.

These grey pants “seem” fall or wintery because of the color yet they are actually lightweight and cropped. I wear them much more here in Arizona than I did in Colorado.

I’m print mixing with my striped top and camo print shoes yet I don’t think it’s an “in your face” print mixing outfit.

BTW, I wouldn’t call this outfit “flattering”. The pockets on the vest stick out and make me look broader in the hips. YET WHY is that bad?? Let’s stop the brainwashing of thinking we have to look thin or tall or anything else!


My daily outfits. Red silk top with embroidered skirt

I had a lot of comments on last week’s daily outfits when I talked about why I dress up every day. Even on those days we just hang around the house.

I thought of that when I grabbed this silky blouse because I’m sure most of us would “save” it for a nice occasion. But as my good friend from high school told me “Every day is special”.

This embroidered skirt is from my Fashom box (you get $20 to spend with my link). I haven’t requested one in ages, but I think it’s time again.

Surprisingly, I love these style boxes EVEN THOUGH I like to shop for myself.

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Let me point out the embroidery in this skirt is burgundy, yet I like the red with it. Remember, you don’t have to MATCH your colors all the time. Red and burgundy are the same hues of red, but different shades and thus should pair nicely together.

My shoes are a VERY old pair of ballet flats. Sure, you don’t see ballet flats much lately, but some things are classic.

The no-show socks are the ultra low-cut version of Sheec Socks. You might think that there’s no way these socks would stay put, but they do!! Trust me, I was a skeptic at first too.
In fact, I recently discussed Sheec’s newest updates in a blog post here.

BTW, bare legs are a thing in November because the temperature is still in the 80’s this week!


My daily outfits with lime green for fall

I’m sure we don’t think of lime green for fall, which is why I paired it with black jeans.

I thrifted this lime green top many summers ago when we styled the color and I found that I didn’t have any.

For this outfit, I layered another blouse under the lime green one. What you don’t see is how the ties of the sheer bow-tie blouse are hanging down the back of the outfit.

The black jeans are a skinny version. While I LOVE the idea of the different silhouettes of jeans being shown, the skinnies can always have a place in your closet.

Thrifted lime green converse sneakers add a touch of whimsy to the overall look.


Lilac and camel colors

This outfit started as wanting to wear a summer dress and winterizing it.

I actually blogged about the steps on how to do this a while back.

This is one of my favorite tricks of styling a dress. Add a sweater (or top) over it and make it look like a skirt.

This is all from my closet. You’ve seen:
1-The dress by itself here.
2-The poncho here
3-The boots here among MANY other times. They are Walking Cradles.
4-The scarf here as a belt
5-Earrings here (they are the lilac ones)

Full disclosure, I shared on my Facebook page the options I tried for accessorizing. The poncho by itself seems like such a wide expanse of material without anything.

So I added a couple of necklaces, a hat, and finally settled on this Gibby’s Scarf (use code Jodie20). I knotted it to make it the length I liked.

To me, this is a perfect example of when print shoes/boots make an outfit fun because another solid wouldn’t be as fun.


Black boots and white jeans

I’ve been wearing white jeans in the winter for so long that it doesn’t seem crazy to me, yet I realize that many women still only wear them in the warmer months.

Why do I like them in fall and winter?? One reason is they brighten up a look especially if you tend to wear darker tops. The original trio of us talked about this years ago.

For some reason, I have this thing with these types of fuzzy sweaters. Of course, I’ve damaged many of them by putting them in the dryer. You’d think I would have learned the first time, but no…

Hopefully, I’m smarter now so this won’t be going in the washer or dryer.

Is it weird to pair black boots with white jeans? I think of it as adding a pop of color with shoes. It’s not much different than how we’ve styled yellow shoes in the summer.

The infinity scarf is a handknitted one out of alpaca yarn from my friend’s alpacas. Keep your eyes peeled to see it in more detail on my Instagram page. I post #Yarnday every Saturday to showcase my knitted items.


Una Blue Jeans upcycling and sustainable

I realize that these jeans won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, my husband said he had a flashback to the ’60s, haha.

Trust me, it’s not something I would have worn 10 years ago, but right now, I’m having fun trying out new things. (I missed out on the hippyish styles growing up)

Anyways, these jeans are the best example of upcycling and sustainability. The company is called UnaBlue jeans and sells some jeans already made. However, the biggest draw is she will take a pair of jeans you already own and create a customized pair for you.

I’m sure I’ll share more later, but it’s such an interesting concept.

BTW, this “jacket” I made into a shrug, just like I did with my leopard jacket in this short video.

The entire outfit is quite sustainable since everything is thrifted except the earrings.


This red top was a recent thrift store purchase and luckily my amazing mother shortened the sleeves for me.

I bought it thinking it was asymmetrical with these long tails (which I thought was super cool). But when I put it on this morning, I wondered if the tails were meant to be tied on the side?

Either way, it will make a wonderful holiday top, especially with the long sleeves.

The leggings are fur-lined (shocking that I need them here in AZ, but the morning was chilly).

I layered two necklaces and used my handy-dandy elastic to keep the longer one pulled together so it didn’t get “caught” on the girls.

The shoes are my Walking Cradles “Samantha” pumps. They don’t have them in red right now, but they are a classic style and are very comfortable with the thicker heel and pillows in the insoles. It may be hard to believe but I am wearing no-show socks with these pumps. They are ultra-low Sheec socks and you’d be amazed that they stay put even though they are so hidden.

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