Options of what to wear to church

The Truth About What To Wear To Church

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The truth about what to wear to church always brings to mind how my grandma would tsk, tsk all of the young people in church wearing jeans.
And I would comment that at least they were at church. Yet we have preconceived ideas of what to wear to church. So let’s talk!

Quote of the day: “Fashion isn’t meant to cover our imperfections, our brokenness. Fashion is designed to reflect the beauty of your soul, your whole being, from within to without.” Catherine GraceO

First, I have to give you some input about my love of quotes. I always consider them such a great source of inspiration. They are short blurbs that can really hold a lot of information.
That’s why when I see a wonderful quote, I print it and save it to use in my blog posts.

I was searching for a wonderful quote for today’s article and grabbed the one above. As I wrote it out and included the author, I was surprised to see the quote was from my friend, Catherine. Catherine not only has an inspirational website, but she also started a private FB group to give midlife women inspiration and community. I hope you check out both her site and join the FB group (just tell them I sent you when joining).

Now let’s talk about what to wear to church. I even had my husband join in.

I have written many articles about what to wear on certain occasions. Feel free to get inspiration from those posts too.

New and Old Ideas of What to Wear to Church

Depending on where and when you grew up, I’m sure there were parental rules about what you wore to church. Yet as we know, styles and lifestyles change and we as people evolve.

Thus, if you came with Rob and me to our church here in Sun City, Arizona, you would see a huge array of casual, retired people in the same outfits that are worn to the grocery store.

Is that bad? Yes and no.

This is how I see it.

We are visual animals. There is no lack of studies that have proven that. To the degree that we feel better when we look better.

So if you look at the fact, that going to church is not much different than going to the grocery store in that it’s a public place with your community around you. Wearing what everyone else wears is a great way to blend in.

Is it important to blend in? That’s the $64,000 question.

My two cents is going to church is a perfect opportunity to wear those clothing items that you say “but where would I wear this?” Or those things you currently “save” for special occasions. Going to church is a time of reflection and worship, and there is no reason not to style your outside appearance to feel as special as the inside.
Or as I like to point out, life is short. Wear the fabulous clothes you have.

But the absolute truth about what to wear to church is to wear whatever you want.

Since our job is listed as fashion influencers and stylists, we will give you some inspiration below. From pants to dresses, we show it all.

Rob’s Style for What to Wear to Church

Colorful outfit for men with green and brown
Jeans: Goodfellow-Target ~~ Jacket: H&M ~~Shirt: Indigo Palms- Savers~~ T-shirt: Club Room-Macys ~~ Shoes: Aldo

My husband gets complimented about his fashion style almost as much as I do. But trust me, he hasn’t always been so dapper.

When I first met him, his closet consisted of only muted, ugly plaid shirts and tan khakis. He broke out in a sweat anytime I took him shopping. And yet little by little, his style transformed because he kept an open mind, and appreciated my input.
I think the biggest impact of what to wear to church or anywhere is when you get compliments from strangers. It’s a testament that your clothing is making an impact.

I love that Rob isn’t scared of wearing colorful items. These mustard jeans have been worn with all kinds of different color combinations from his closet.

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With these jeans, he wore a green t-shirt, but also added a fantastic print shirt left unbuttoned that we recently discovered at Savers. For his coat, he threw a blazer over it all. The piece de resistance is the footwear.
Time and time again I say that our shoes give the entire look a vibe. And these shoes give Rob a dapper vibe that you wouldn’t get with boring sneakers.

Jacket and jeans for men for what to wear to church

Charlotte-Dress and Jacket

Green dress with orange jacket for what to wear to church
Dress: SSRZ- c/o~~ Jacket: Coldwater Creek- thrifted~~ Shoes: LifeStride ~~ Purse: thrifted-it’s a gum wrapper purse

Of course, my ideas of what to wear to church stem from my DNA which is closely related to my mother’s DNA. Dressing up and looking nice is the message I always heard, and I do think it makes a difference in our attitude, how we are treated, and how we feel about ourselves.

My mom put on a dress that was gifted years back. She first styled it with matching shoes and no topper, but I asked her to add contrasting shoes and so she also wore the peach-colored jacket.

Insider tip: One easy trick to take AWAY the frump factor is to wear a totally different color pair of shoes.

See the dress styled years ago:
How wearing accessories can add a punch to a print item


Not only did my mom wear a contrasting color for her shoes and jacket, but she also added a multicolored purse that took the look from boring to sassy.

Insider tip: Don’t be afraid to carry a purse that is whimsical and fun. In fact, we find many of our most treasured purses at secondhand stores.

Another great detail of Charlotte’s look is how she wore her multi-strand pearl necklace and pearl earrings. There is just no reason to “save” our pearls for what we consider a special occasion. Because in all reality, every day on this planet is special.

Woman over 80 in heels

Kimono and Shift Dress

Shirt dress with belt and kimono for what to wear to church
Kimono: Chicos~~Dress: Chicos ~~Shoes: City Classified- Bealls~~ Purse: Steinmart

Lesley also put on a dress as her outfit for what to wear to church. If you haven’t worn a dress lately, then you’re really missing out. A dress can be such an easy option for any occasion because even though Lesley did wear a topper with her dress, you don’t have to.
Dresses are one-and-done because you don’t have to worry about the top going with the bottom. It’s already put together for you.

This is also the best reason to have a t-shirt dress in your closet. It’s casual enough for every day, but can also be dressed up for other occasions.

A third piece like this kimono is something that adds a ton of style to any solid outfit. If you think kimonos are too boho for you, I would think again. They are really wonderful, lightweight items that can transform your wardrobe.

Statement Details

Sure, the dress is an easy outfit piece, and even though the kimono makes such a statement, the details are fantastic too.

What I love is how Lesley embraces wearing a belt even though she will tell you that her body shape is a zucchini. Yet it creates the visual resemblance of a waist and adds an intentional detail to the look.

It’s also wonderful to see the addition of yellow sandals instead of matching blue ones. Plus the beautiful purse ties it all together.

Kimono style for grown women

Non-Boring Pants as What to Wear to Church

What to wear to church to be comfy and stylish
Coat: Lanjian c/o~~ Pants: A New Day- Target~~ Cardigan: The Limited~~ Top: Elodie- Nordstrom Rack~~ Shoes: Via Spiga-thrifted ~~ Necklace: thrifted~~ Earrings: Target~~ Purse: from my stepmom from Italy~~Glasses: Glasses Shop-use code GSHOT35

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I wear dresses to church. In fact, you see my Daily Outfit posts every week if you check my blog on Saturdays, and whatever I was wearing either on Saturday or Sunday is what I wear to church.
However, I knew my mother would wear a dress, so for this article, I wanted to put together an outfit that included pants.

But. Not. Black. Pants.

Because black pants are the most common thing I see in our community, and like I talked about earlier, blending in isn’t my idea of fun.
Yet I tried not to be too crazy that you couldn’t see yourself trying out my look. Instead of black pants, I opted for black and white ones.

What you don’t see as well in these photos is that I’m print mixing with these gingham pants. The yellow top (also seen worn in an outfit for a family reunion) is a very subtle yellow and white print which makes it perfect for print mixing.

I added a classic green cardigan with an argyle pattern as a pop of color, yet since the weather was chilly I wore the pink jacket, covering much of the cardigan.
But this is real life, as I always say. And many times I do wear a coat to church because of the air-conditioning.


The original outfit was styling the yellow and green on top, so my thought was to add in another color with the pink necklaces (noticed I am layering two short necklaces) and pink shoes.

The pink coat pulls it all together, but it still looks fabulous without it. I meant to take the coat off and show you, but I forgot.

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Pink coat on grown woman

I’d love to hear your thoughts about what to wear to church in your area, and what you put on for the occasion.

What to wear to church for grown women

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The truth about what to wear to church

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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