The Truth About When You Should Match Your Shoes to Your Skirt

The Truth About When You Should Match Your Shoes to Your Skirt

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The Truth About When You Should Match Your Shoes to Your Skirt

The idea to match your shoes to your skirt or pants is Charlotte’s idea of heaven. In fact, if you see her in outfits on this blog where she isn’t matching, it’s probably only because I asked her not to do that, haha!
I realize that many of us have been told that we look taller if we use the idea to match your shoes to the bottom half of our outfit. But I will also say, I’m never going to trick you into believing I’m tall when we meet in person. In fact, all three of us are considered petite. Lesley is 5’0″, Charlotte is 5’3″ and I am 5’2″.

Quote of the day: “The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, it is a reality to be experienced.” Jacobus Johannes Leeuw

I would say that the quote also pertains to our outfits and style. Sure, you can read over and over again what you should and shouldn’t wear, yet you are an unique individual. And you should have many options available that make you feel fabulous.

So when I say “the truth about when you should match your shoes to your skirt”, the truth is subjective. I will give you options because that’s the key.
All three of us are going to be showcasing wonderful cranberry colored shoes from Walking Cradles. While the shoes were gifted, this is not a sponsored post. More details on that below.

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Match Your Shoes to the Bottom Half

Style to match your shoes

Skirt: Investments~~Jacket: Koret~~ Top: Ellen Tracy~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Francesca”~~ Scarf: Mom made it ~~ Bracelet: Chicos ~~ Purse:

The idea to have an uninterrupted line from waist to shoes can be achieved with matching pants and shoes or as my mom is showing with matching hosiery to her skirt and shoes.
Since this isn’t always possible with what you have in your closet, let’s discuss other options that look just as nice and stylish.

1– Wearing skin colored hose with a skirt. Right now the trend is to have them be very sheer so you don’t notice the hose.
2-Another more fun idea is to add in contrast with your tights. Now before you think it’s too crazy, just remember, I bet there is a crazy part of your personality that comes out from time to time. So it can be an option depending on where you are going!

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3– With pants or jeans, the shoes don’t have to match exactly, but be in the same darkness or lightness. For example with white pants, you could wear light grey, light tan or even blush and they would all blend.
4-Last but not least, don’t be afraid to have your shoes be the focus, especially when they are cute!! Wear cranberry colored shoes with your white pants and have them be the star of the show.

Insider tip: I think it’s more important to feel alive in our outfits instead of trying to feel taller. In fact, any kind of “er” can be considered “not good enough” because you’re not embracing your body.

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Outfit for lunch

Consideration of When You Match Your Shoes

Proportion is something I didn’t really understand when I first started this blog. I would hear stylists talk about it quite a bit, but couldn’t quite grasp it in person.
For me, it’s one of those things I notice easier in photos instead of in the mirror. Which is one reason I recommend to take a selfie of every outfit!!

So when you match your shoes to your pants or skirt, it’s also good to take into consideration your top half and how much it encompasses the outfit. For instance, in my belt post recently, I showed how one version without the belt and leaving the top untucked cut me in half.

For my mom’s example here, her white blazer is much longer than the top underneath so it creates a half and half proportion. If she had worn sheer hose then the skirt would be 1/3 and the blazer 2/3 proportion. However, when she takes off the blazer, then the bottom half is 2/3 and the top 1/3.
It’s part of a complex equation and while it can make a difference in our looks, I hope you don’t stress about it too much!

Another Great Scarf Option

Outfit where you match your shoes

We recently showcased over 20 ways to wear a scarf without strangling your neck. And here is another option for a large square scarf. This creates a wonderful decoration especially on the rear side.
Remember what I say about our rear side? Just as many people see it, so give them something fun to look at, LOL!

Cranberry Shoes

Walking Cradles comfortable shoes

These are the Francescas from Walking Cradles. There are 2 varieties of cranberry colored flats in this season’s offerings. These have more of a rounded toe.
The other options are the Rebecca with a pointed toe. Both have studs on the top and, of course, both are crazy comfortable. As we get older, we may not want our heels anymore, but wearing the too flat flats are also not comfortable. So both of these pairs of footwear have a 3/4 inch heel and those tiny pillows in the footbed.

A scarf as a focal point

Facts About this Post

Charlotte was gifted these Walking Cradles shoes as part of their virtual Fall Fashion show, where we took a short video of her wearing them as she would style them.
I am an ambassador for Walking Cradles which means I am here to tell and show you more about this company that I love. What this means to you is if you ever purchase anything from their site, using my link, I receive a small commission.

Walking Cradles is a small business that I discovered over 2 years ago. Since then, I have added many of their shoes to my closet both gifted and purchased with my own money. Why? Because comfort is important and Walking Cradles is showing that style and comfort can be combined. PLUS, they have sizes from 4-13 in narrow to wide wide.

I have a code, JODIE15, that can be used on your first order on the Walking Cradles site. Once you start loving them a much as I do, of course you should sign up for their loyalty points and newsletter. Please, consider always going through my link before ordering any footwear from them, so they know that this type of marketing is working.
They are growing more and more and maybe you’ve noticed them at Macys or Zappos? If you are worried about their sizing, then order your first pair from Macy’s so they are easy to return if need be. In fact, you can read their essential shoe buying tips post which should help.

The only disadvantage is to my overseas friends, they only ship to the USA right now.

Thanksgiving outfit for women over 70

PS…If you are one of those women that just don’t like hosiery, maybe having an interesting pair would make them feel less annoying and more fun? Just something to think about.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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