Things to do in Phoenix for Where Bloggers Live

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Things to do in Phoenix for Where Bloggers Live

There are many things to do in Phoenix and the surrounding areas that are very fun and different.

Quote of the day: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.” Saint Augustine

That being said, I can’t claim to be an expert yet since we have only been here 4 months. But in that 4 months we have explored some fun places. So join me as I review some of the fabulous fun in Phoenix and it’s surrounding areas. If you missed the blog posts about the experience of each area, I’ve linked those posts for your convenience.

And the best part about Phoenix as my husband always says, is you don’t have to shovel sunshine. Yet if you miss the snow, Flagstaff is only short 2-3 hour trip to the mountains where you can get your fill of the white stuff.

1- Scottsdale

Scottsdale for things to do in Phoenix

Scottsdale is on the east side of Phoenix and is widely known for it’s spas, shopping, galleries and golf courses. We visited the area on our first excursion out for the blog and not only enjoyed some shopping but some great eating too.

What I like about the downtown area is the small town feel of it. They have kept this a walking retail spot that was around before the mall experience.

Insider tip: Make sure to visit the Sugar Bowl Ice Cream store. It has been around since 1958 and you can’t miss it because it’s the pink building. It’s claim to fame (besides wonderful ice cream) is that it was featured many times in Bil Keane’s Family Circus comic strip.

2- Frank Lloyd Wright-Taliesin West

Frank Lloyd Wright for things to do in Phoenix

For those of you who enjoy architecture and history, then visiting Taliesin West is right up your alley. Not only do you learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright and his architecture, but also about the Phoenix area and how FLW influenced the area.

The grounds of Taliesin West were Wright’s winter home and maintained almost entirely by him and his apprentices. You can tour the home and area and learn more about what a scoundrel he really was.

Insider tip: Much of the tour is of the grounds so make sure to wear sunscreen and/or take an umbrella for shade.

3- Carefree

Desert Gardens for things to do in Phoenix

This area of town is north of Phoenix and a wonderful area for seeing more about how a desert can be beautiful. We’ve visited it for it’s famous Enchanted Pumpkin Festival, and also went back for the Christmas tree lighting.

Insider tip: The Carefree Sundial at the beginning of the park claims to be the third largest in the Western Hemisphere. Grab a drink and relax among the seating provided to enjoy the view and birds singing.

4- Dwarf Car Museum

Dwarf Car Museum in Maricopa

For any car fanatics out there, this is the place for you. The Dwarf Car Museum is about an hour SE of Phoenix. It’s on a dirt road but well worth the trip.

The owner has built these 3/4 size cars in replica to the original ones. They drive and work perfectly as the owner, Ernie, will show you if you’re nice to him.

Not only is the place filled with these cars, but also all kinds of old memorabilia that people have given him from license plates to old washing machines.

Insider tip: Don’t miss taking a peek in the barber shop where you will see photos of Jay Leno and his crew getting a shave.

5- Wickenburg

Date Creek Ranch

Wickenburg comes up in conversation many times with people in the area. If you’re looking for the unique Western experience, this is the place to go. It is about an hour NE of Phoenix, and is known as the dude ranch capital of Arizona.

We happened to travel out to go apple picking at one of the ranches close by. Not that Arizona is known for their multitude of apple trees, but it was a fun experience.

6- Spring Baseball Training

Spring Training as things to do in Phoenix

Of course for the sports fanatics out there, Phoenix is one of the centers of spring training. In fact, our beloved Colorado Rockies train right here at Talking Stick Stadium.

We plan to tour the stadium at some time, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Insider tip for EVERY PLACE in Phoenix: Remember it’s the desert. Make sure to stay hydrated and bring water with you everywhere you go.

Photo credit: Jodie & Rob Filogomo & Jose Morales for Spring Training

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