Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit

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Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit

I always have many tips for accessorizing an outfit. My first suggestion is to choose pieces that you really love and can benefit you.

Quote of the day: “Success consists of doing the common things of life uncommonly well.” Anonymous

This is a sponsored post with Birdsong Designs Jewelry. Not only am I including the facts about what that means below, I’m also including details about the company and our specific items over these next three posts. Make sure to visit each post because there is different parts of the company’s history and information in each one. My mom showcased a beautiful blue set of jewelry and included in her post were the values of this company.
I hope you’ll all welcome the Birdsong family to your home and possibly as gifts for any upcoming occasion. These designs are not only affordable but have meaning too. PLUS you get a 30% discount with my link or use the code JTOS30. And individualization can be requested for my readers at no extra charge. See below for details.

As someone who loves accessories, I can say without a doubt that accessories are the way anyone can add interest to even the most basic outfit. It takes any outfit up a notch and allows you to individualize an outfit even more. There are many more properties that gemstones have in Lesley’s outfit too.

Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit

So before I showcase these items from Birdsong design, let me give you my 3 favorite tips for accessorizing an outfit.
1– Have at least one piece that stands out and is a focal point. In my example today, that would be the necklace since the silver heart really pops against the purple top.
2– Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals and/or colors. For instance, with the two bracelets I’m wearing, one is green and one is purple.
3– There is no right and wrong. Stop worrying about the rules. Especially that one rule that says to take off one piece before you leave the house. Our lives are much more than about playing it safe. I think we would be better off ADDING an extra piece because it’s way more interesting that way.

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Woman over 50 and tips for accessorizing an outfit

Pants: ~~ Cardigan: ~~ Top: ~~ Boots: ~~ Necklace: Birdsong Designs c/o ~~ Bracelets: Birdsong Designs c/o & here ~~ Earrings: Birdsong Designs c/o ~~ Purse: Alison + Aubrey c/o

Wearing and using tips for accessorizing an outfit

Why I Chose These Items

I started out by choosing the heart locket necklace. Do you know I’ve never had a locket before? Of course, I’m going to put a photo inside it soon, but I wanted to showcase it to you without my photo so you can see how it looks.
Since a heart symbolizes love, I thought this would be so meaningful to have in my life.

Solid Sister Necklace and Earrings
 Agate
 Shell
 Healing for anxiety & overall mental health
 Spiritual & emotional healing
 Helps stabilize energy
 Protects & grounds
 Raises intuition & spirituality

“After reflecting on the deep inner strength that we as women have, I wanted to make a green healing stone line that represented how powerful & beautiful we are as women. We constantly give of ourselves & radiate love to those around us. I chose agate and shell as the gemstones for this collection because they are healing stones that increase inner strength and courage and heal emotional & mental strain. Once the collection came together, the name was crystal clear. This is for all you ladies out there, my rock Solid Sisters.”

Layering Bracelets

Since I am wearing two different bracelets, and they are from two different collections, I will shorten the descriptions to include only the gemstones found in the two. However, if you would like to know the healing properties and how each collection got it’s name, you can see it on the website.

The green bracelet is from the Gentle Forest Copper Collection with the gemstones Aventurine and Serpentine. The purple bracelet is from the Balanced Beauty Collection made with the gemstone Sodalite.

Insider tip: Make sure to double check the measurements of any bracelets when you are ordering them. While I usually tout that jewelry has no size, this is one exception. Then again, you can ask for the bracelet larger or smaller as discussed in the Individualization box below.

Jodie’s Input About These Pieces

I love that the necklace is as long as it is. In fact, I plan to try the layering technique with it next time I wear it. And since I love to wear color much of the time, the silver heart will pop against the bright colors I choose.
Even though I adore statement earrings, I still wear smaller ones like these many days. For example, when I’m wearing a scarf, many times I will keep my earrings smaller like in this Instagram post. The other time is when I’m wearing a hat.

The only con about the two bracelets I picked is they aren’t super easy to get on by myself. These have a “s” clasp closure as opposed to a lobster clasp. If you have another pair of hands, it’s easy enough. Yet it’s something to think about when ordering.

Print mixing with a purse

History of Birdsong Designs

Knowing how a company was started and who is working in the company can be the personal details that make us feel more connected. Just like with this blog, Birdsong Designs is a mix of mother, daughter and friend, which makes the collaboration extra special since that’s what we are on the blog.

In the words of Rhonda, the owner.

It all started with playing dress up. Yep. It’s that simple. A little girl who would put on her Nanny & Grandmama’s shoes & dresses, searching for the right strand of pearls , the right brooch & clip on earrings to make the pretend outfit just glamorous.
So, yes, jewelry has always been an important part of our lives. Rhonda would often find herself coming home after a girl’s shopping day and would sometimes “see” images of jewelry pieces or shoes that she would make, if she could.
Back then, she just laughed at it and dismissed at a shopping overload!

But….she has always had a very strong & super active creative energy side. From being involved in music at church for years, to needlepoint, to scrapbooking, knitting, and –well you get the picture. 
Fast forward to 2017 & add the discovery of yoga & meditation & their deep impacts on her life led her to become a Reiki healer. 
By 2018, the creative “floodgates” had flung wide open!
After attending a Phish concert in Hampton with her husband, she was so inspired by everything she experienced & saw that she started joking around saying that she could could make jewelry that helped
people. The joke quickly became a reality when people started asking where they could buy her jewelry pieces.

Starting a Business

So, she took this as a loud sign from the universe and turned her hobby into a business.  She named the business BirdSong Designs in honor of the birds that always seemed  to be singing quite loudly outside of the window whenever she would meditate.
Well, and maybe a little bit in honor of her deep love for music & the inspiration from an amazing Phish show!

In 2019, her family relocated to central GA & that’s when BirdSong Designs really came to life.
Rhonda’s best friend Molly came on board & helps with display designs, sales, and a lot of behind the scenes stuff that tend to overwhelms our artsy owner! 
Molly always brings everything back to the customer’s viewpoint & shopping experience.

Rhonda’s daughter, Katie, helps out part time as well. She helps with sales at shows & manages BirdSong social media post, & models for most of our collection photos.
She has helped BirdSong Designs broaden our audience & customer base to include women of all ages.
Together, they are your girl boss team for sure!”

Cardigan for spring

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


This is a sponsored post by Birdsong Designs. This means they sent us the jewelry we fell in love with to showcase and review plus I was paid to write these posts. I always appreciate it when small companies support my blog, and they appreciate your support. It’s truly a win/win for everyone. Besides you benefit with a 30% off code to use for your purchase: JTOS30 . And how else would you find out about these wonderful small companies otherwise?


Rhonda, the owner of Birdsong Designs also said: “If anyone wants a different clasp, or a piece made longer or shorter or with different colored stones, I am totally able to do that for them at no extra charge.”
How would you do this? Just write me a note or message in their cart during checkout. If that doesn’t work for some reason, you can always email Rhonda at birdsongjewelrydesigns@gmail.com.

Thank you

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