Tips for Wearing Masks for Pandemic Fashion

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Tips for wearing masks

Tips for Wearing Masks for Pandemic Fashion

The idea of tips for wearing masks at this time was a suggestion by a reader, Laurie. In my previous occupation as a cosmetic dentist, wearing a mask was a daily occurrence, yet when I was talking to people, I always pulled it down so they could hear me better. Personally it seems very impersonal not to see someone’s smile and mouth.

Quote of the day: “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” J.K. Rowling

However, in today’s environment, masks are becoming required and popular. My state of Arizona has mandated wearing masks in public where you can’t keep social distancing. So I thought I’d give some tips from what we have learned including ideas from my friends.
This is not a post about all of the varieties of masks or my opinion about their effectiveness. However I am including a plea for all of us below.

The Mask Style

Since your mask is right on the front of your face, I would suggest finding a color or shade that looks good with your complexion. I realize that a mask’s first concern is functionality; however, with the large selection available, I bet you can find both.
If you have many colors of masks, then why not color coordinate with your outfit?

Why not have fun with the prints too? Wear something that speaks to you like animal print or bright colors. Think of it as a graphic tee for your face.
Another thought is to have matching ones with your friends.

A consideration for hearing aid wearers is to use the masks that tie behind the head. Otherwise the hearing aids can pull out with the ear elastics and get lost.

Makeup Tips for Wearing Masks

The first question is do you even wear lipstick anymore since it’s hidden by the mask. It’s a good question, and I admit that when I was working, I didn’t. But now that I’ve discovered the stay on all day lipsticks (which I reviewed here with some tips), I do apply lipstick in the morning. The best part is how these don’t come off on the inside of the mask.

Insider tip: If your lips seem to dry out with these kinds of lipsticks, I would suggest a lip serum at night. Lately I’ve been using this R & D lip serum that has helped immensely.

The next issue is your foundation rubbing off. You can counteract this with blotting papers, setting sprays or loose powder. Then again, maybe you don’t wear any foundation, or stick to a tinted moisturizer?
As your eyes are going to be the focus now instead of your mouth, it’s good to concentrate on your eye makeup. Or at least have some fun sunnies or glasses!

The last issue for some is acne. Of course washing our cloth masks is important, but if you are dealing with acne, you might switch to a different material of cloth or paper.

Insider tip: Most acne of this type is caused by the breakdown of the skin’s outermost layer by the friction. This is when it can be better to be wearing foundation or at least a good moisturizer.

Jewelry and Hair Tips for Wearing Masks

Laurie, who suggested this post about tips for wearing masks, wears a mask all day as a medical lab technician. Because of this she tends to wear more stud earrings.

It’s true that stud earrings don’t get in the way like hoops or dangle earrings. However, as someone who adores statement earrings, I can’t stay away from the big ones. However, I do steer away from most of my hoops right now. It seems like I do fine with the dangle ones if I’m careful.

Insider tip: NO MATTER WHAT, wear that backing on all earrings during this time. It’s a sad day when an earrings gets lost when removing your mask. If you need more earring backs, they are easily purchased here.

Then again, even with statement earrings, my mask covers up most of them. Therefore you might think of wearing necklaces or scarves around your neck if you’re looking for bling!

Our hair can also get more mussed with some masks. If you have to be wearing the mask all day, you might consider pulling it back into a ponytail or wearing a head scarf. I showed two examples of my favorite ways to wear headscarves.

Insider tip: I always use bobby pins with my head scarves to keep it in place.

Other Options

I have seen a wonderful option from Luxsatin for masks for the hearing impaired. Then if you want to wear a mask while drinking, there is this version for you.

Another idea is wearing a headband with a button to hold the ear elastic of the mask. The mobile vet that came to our house had one of these to take the pressure off the ears. Of course, the disadvantage is you have to wear a headband. OR, there is a baseball cap with the buttons on the side.

Insider tip: Either the headband or baseball cap could be DIYed by sewing a button on what you already have in your closet.

One reader commented that she puts a pipe cleaner in the nose portion of the masks she makes so it doesn’t fog up her glasses.

Love and Kindness

Our world needs more love and kindness right now. There isn’t a day I don’t see a post criticizing others about not wearing masks. I would ask that instead of passing judgement on others, that we practice kindness.

Quote from Kuel Life: “Judgement is a form of mental violence.”

I am not here to preach or rant, yet the thought about walking a mile in someones shoes should be paramount. While many people wear masks with no issues, think about those humans with breathing issues or claustrophobia.
I would suggest that instead of getting upset at others for not wearing masks, you could place yourself physically farther away from them instead.

Insider tip: Remember that negative thoughts are a detriment to your health. Try to practice gratitude instead.

Tips for masks

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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